“Can you hear me, Mother?  I’m going to make you proud.  I’m going to hurt you.  I’m going to hurt everyone who was ever born.  I know where to go and what to do.  The foolish woman is going to make her move, but I know where she is and how to stop her.  I know that there is a single root that holds all the others.  I’m going to take it, Mother.  I’m going to make you, them, everything, mine.”

The groups of warriors had vanquished her plans only for a delayed moment in time.  She had done much in secret, but the interruption she expected the most had arrived.  “Your element does not work here,” She called as he approached: the power prepared readying to launch.

“Neither will yours,” He shot back.

“You want this!  You’ve wanted this since the beginning!  Will you live with yourself knowing you lost it?”

“… No, I probably won’t… but better my happiness shatter than the countless lives you put in jeopardy.”

The battle ignited.  Neither used the energies they could.  They relied on combat prowess for the first hour, but as desperation neared, only one’s temperament was rising critical.  She rose her weapon and channeled the element of existence.  Within the second, all that once was…

… all that should have been…

…was being usurped.

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~Please refrain from foul language (Oh my God, F-bombs, etc.)

~Demonic-based characters or anything along the lines of “Aha, but I have this realm outside of existence so I win” isn’t allowed here.

~Understand that powers may be weakened or strengthened depending on the situation in the roleplay

~Strict Script Style: There's a definite goal in this roleplay.  Please try to stay on track.


Your town, your plane, your house, wherever.  All that is noticeable is the strange silver storm in the sky.  To your left comes a flying figure in grey.  He wears purple and has large lens-like eyes with pale-yellow egg-shaped hands.  He calls out to you while fixing his crown upon his head.



A grey hedgehog with a black trench coat was looking out his window from his apartment. He was questioning the figure and the sky. "Hmmm," he thought to himself. "Perhaps the weather called for snowfall or an overcast tonight?"

He had also noticed the figure again, this time with closer detail. "What is he even doing on the road..." he asked himself.

The short man suddenly appeared inside of the building. "Great danger!"

The hedgehog yelped and fell backwards along with the chair, his right leg deciding to twitch afterwards. He groaned and tilted his head up to the finger. "What danger? That I almost had a heart attack?"

"Everything!  We must depart!" He grabbed for Asonja's hand.

"Uh...alright? But I haven't had my breakfast yet..." He says, but insists on going along with the figure.

The short man teleported the both of them outside.  Around the entire area were buildings and people, fading out of existence.  To the far distance stood a brown wolf.  He was running toward them.

"Uhh...I hope that thing won't hurt me..." Asonja nervously pointed to the wolf.

"A thing?" Urd glanced over to the wolf.  "Ah!  Haste!"

"MOVE!" The wolf waved.  "MOVE NOW!"

Asonja yelped and did as he was told, as he moved sharply to the left. "Is this good?!" He called out to the wolf.

The expression on the wolf's face implied not as just before the entire area vanished, a rectangular shadow lunged at Asonja, the short man holding out to block the strike.  Then, everything turned to a white emptiness.

Asonja had winced and shut his eyes prior to the attack, but opened his eyes a bit to find the white void. "Uhh...what happened...? Where am I?" He asked himself, looking around for anyone in particular to talk to.

Chapter One: From the Void

Silence save for the wind.  In front of him lay the egg-shaped pale yellow hand that once belonged to the short man.

"Geh!" Asonja jumped back upon seeing the hand. "Okay, I'm glad I didn't eat anything today because I would be throwing ever single particle of it after seeing that..." He says as he looks away and begins to pale. He walked around, away from the hand, to examine the situation he is in.

No matter how far he walked, he didn't seem to go anywhere.  It was all white, and the further he went from the hand, the more he found his own body begin to fade.

Asonja yelped again and went back to the hand. "W-what is happening?!" He looked at himself and then to the hand again. "This is freaking me out so hard right now..."

As he got closer, he found his body reforming.  The hand had power.  The hand was tangible.

He had noticed this, as he had picked up the hand nervously. "Please don't come to life and strangle me...I've already had enough horror movie nightmares..." He was entirely grossed-out by the fact that he was even holding the hand, but looked at it anyway.

Perhaps he could effect them.

He tensed at the new energy increase, and looked at the statue. He clenched his right hand, where the new hand had formed into him as he walked to the pieces. "Hmm...could I...?" He wondered as he tried to lift a piece of it with his right hand.

The statue didn't move, but it did glow for a very short moment.

Additional powers include the ability to create some structures from the ground, and some redesigning of matter, but only to the extent of changing something to a different version of itself.

In the near distance next to the statues is the body of a wolf mobian.  He isn't moving.

Asonja just now notices the wolf and had walked over to inspect the body. A lot of questions were in his mind, but remained quiet. He then looked at the statue again, as if he was wondering what he could do with it, if he could turn it into anything that is.

The wolf groaned slightly but before he could wake,a scream came from the far left.  A hedgehog... or something like one, grey with red eyes.

Asonja, the other hedgehog, shot up and looked at the grey hedgehog. He seemed to go in front of the wolf as if to protect him for a while. With enough courage, Asonja spoke, "Could you tell me what's going on?" He was speaking to the wolf.

The wolf didn't appear conscious enough to respond, but the hedgehog-like creature was charging toward Asonja.

Asonja flinched a bit at this and looked at the statue pieces. He then thought of building a wall in front of him to protect him from the what-seems-to-be-dangerous hedgehog charging at him. He held out his right hand to the statue pieces and tried to manipulate a wall.

The ground began shifting, a wall of the strange sand-like ground forming upward but puffing into a pile as the hedgehog collided, sliding across the ground with a growl.

Asonja yelped and accidentally tripped over the wolf when he backed up. Now that he knew what his new hand does, he took it into consideration, but he figured he wouldn't live to study it more.

The hedgehog quickly recovered. "Wretches still CLAIMING the right of tol- FLANDER- graps!" His head shook wildly as he swiped at Asonja, his body seeming to be deteriorating.

Asonja was shocked, scared, and confused as he crawled away from the hedgehog. He was screaming a bit himself.

The hedgehog reached out, his hand stretching to impale the side of Asonja's chest.

He rolled to dodge the attack, and grabbed the hedgehog's arm with his right hand. He made sure to clench it as hard as he could so the hedgehog wouldn't attack.

The hedgehog jerked back at the grabbing, but his arm detached from it, dissolving.  His remaining arm glowed as he prepared to fire something toward Asonja.

Asonja tried to think fast, and what came into mind was another wall in front of him, but this time he attempted to make it out iron or steel. "I may not be a fighter, but this is all I come up with..." He muttered to himself. "Perhaps I should take this time to think of a strategy..."

The wall formed again, turning slowly to a metallic structure just as the hedgehog fired.  A scream came then silence.

Asonja jumped a bit at his success and the scream. He slowly approached the wall and looked around the corner, very slowly as well.

A gasping head and part of a chest remained from the hedgehog, shaking slightly before vanishing entirely.

"Jeez..." Asonja muttered as he looked quite disgusted. He looked at the wall he created and tapped on it, as if verifying that the wall was complete iron. "It's completely packed with all the contents of steel...this is incredible." He looked at his right hand, that had all the power. "I can create anything from existing matter and make it into something else..." He clenched his hand for a moment before looking up back at the wolf.

The wolf remained, but suddenly he could see three doorways.  Two of them were unstable, broken, but the first was glowing and steady, a red and purple glow at the center.

Asonja was confused at these new doorways that had just materialized. He went to the one that glowed, obviously the only choice available.

He could faintly see the image of a pale tan area, dust settling everywhere, and objects floating in a sky.  At least it was somewhere to go.

Asonja studied his surroundings and looked up. He couldn't see exactly the top, but was curious to know. The first thing that came to mind was to build a staircase up to the closest object in the sky. He tried to image a wooden staircase going up to the first, large object that could sustain his weight. He was already having second thoughts as he was very afraid of heights, but decided on making the staircase anyway.

The staircase appeared as he stepped through the doorway but could not be sustained on the other side.  Thankfully, he found himself floating upward and downward repeatedly in a slow motion, back and forth in a range of three or four stories.

The air was hot, and large flat and crusted surfaces distinguished themselves from the clear floating circular areas, larger than a city's distance, to his far front.

Welcome to Faretess


"Amazing..." Asonja says, putting his hand over his eyes to get a slightly better view. "Perhaps there's some lifeforms here? I could answer that myself, but how do I get across over there?"

Pieces of rock floated about the air, going up and down with Asonja.  There were definitive pathways seen in the far distance near the closest city building, but nearby was a sideways floating transport of sorts.  It was shaped like a trapezoid with a long clear visor.

"Hmm..." Asonja thought to himself as he began to make his way to the nearest pathway as carefully and quickly as he could. He didn't want to look down, as his heart rate increased just thinking about the thought of suddenly falling to his doom.

He was able to move slowly there though it would take at least ten minutes.

Upon calculating that time in his head, though being slightly off a few times, he grumbled and stopped. He crossed his arms as he tried to think of a faster way to get to the city. He had the vision of boosters on his feet, but he shook his head at the thought as he assumes it's too dangerous and could knock him off the edge.

He could travel to the transport in lesser minutes, or attempt to use the sand clouds around him to form something.

(I'm replying between new videos I'm watching because I'm also drawing something.) (Alright)

Upon contemplation, Asonja nods to himself as he used the sand clouds to form what appears to be a black hoverboard with a Gyroscope inside to reduce the motion so he wouldn't get sick. He steps on the board and kicks off to the city at a much faster pace.

It didn't take long for him to near it.  He could see a field blocking the top unclosed area, barely revealing the inner-city .  There must be a doorway on the sides, near the pathways themselves.

Asonja studied this fact quietly as he reverted his path toward the sides. He finds the pathway and decides to take it, increasing his speed a bit.

A pad formed as he arrived.  A doorway formed at one of the paths.  A voice called out in what seemed to be a Chinese dialect, but the words were different. They repeated in different languages before finally going to "Welcome to District Fo."

Asonja came to a stop slowly, jumped off his board and kicked it up so he carried it under his shoulder. "This is nuts..." He says to himself as he walked and looked around the city that was known as District Fo.

Inside were various mobians, but only a semi-hundred in total.  The gigantic citadel of a city held various metallic stations that seemed to be planets.  Plots of green land in squares were about with trees, and everyone had red and purple markings.

(Tha's all I can do for tonight.  Neck's hurting.) (Aight. Night)

"Jeez..." Asonja said to himself, looking around and taking notes in his head. "Is this what it feels like to be a foreigner?" He asked himself quietly. He kept his board tightly under his shoulder, and he was thankful that it was light.

Some of the people glanced over to him as he made his way about.  "Hello," One greeted.

"Hello there." Asonja greeted back, giving the greeter a nod as well. He looked back in front of him to walk and looked around some more. "I could get used to this too..."

"You aren't carrying anything with you, are you from here?" The greeter asked, this being a purple lizard female.

He looked at the purple lizard for a moment before looking back ahead of him. "Well, not really. All I have is my hoverboard. I quite like the scenery, though. I might just live here."

"Oh?" She pointed toward the center pillar of the city.  "You'll want to go inside if you want to register a house then."

"Alright, thanks a lot!" Asonja nods and smiles a bit, politely. "What's your name by the way, if you don't mind telling me?"

"Mastrin," She answered.  "You?"

"Asonja." He held out his free hand for her to shake. "Pleasure to meet you, miss."

"Pleasure as well," She shook his hand with a smile.

"Well, I'll be taking my leave. I hope we'll meet again someday, Mastrin." And with that, he waves, gets on his hoverboard and made his way to the center pillar at a comfortable speed.

Soon he was inside.  Various stone art was about for support beams along the walls.  He saw many booths along the inner walls with people talking with what appeared to be staff members.

He didn't seem to say anything at first as he nervously gripped his hoverboard until he politely asked, "E-Excuse you know where I could live around here? I just arrived here from a different location..."

"Oh my..." The teller leaned forward, peering at Asonja.  "You have no markings.  You must be from a different zone aren't you?  Fascinating... You want a house here?"

He nods. "Yes please." He was slightly nervous since he wasn't like everyone else, but he remained calm regardless.

"Alright, you'll need to fill this out," He handed him a sheet, but the sheet fell to the ground.

"Oh...uh...okay." He went down to pick up the sheet of paper.

As he rose up again with the paper, he found that with the sound of a husk's faint gasp, the teller was gone.

"Uhh...where'd you go...?" He says quietly before sighing and looking at the paper.

The paper was no longer in his hands.  No one else seemed to have vanished.

Asonja sighed and walked to someone else to ask the same question, "Excuse me, do you know where I could live around here?"

"In the city?  You should speak with a teller," he pointed to one of the booths.

"I thought I did earlier, but they disappeared." Asonja responds. "Including the paper."

The man chuckled.  "What?  Where?"

Asonja sighed again and said, "I'll just talk to the ones at the booth."

"Alright then," The man rose an eyebrow before walking onward.

He goes up to the booth, and politely asked, for the third time, "Do you know where I could live in this city? I recently just came here from...elsewhere."

"Do you want a house or a motel?" the teller asked.

He thought about it, but then decided the least expensive. "A motel?"

"Alright, you'll need to fill out this form," He held out a form.

"I hope it won't vanish on me..." I muttered very quietly to myself as I looked at the form to fill it out normally.

Unfortunately the writing was in some foreign language.

"Geeh..." Asonja looked at the form, already having a headache. "Is there an English version of the form?" He flipped the form over on the back to see if it changed.

Further writing in the foreign language was on the other side.

"Here," The teller stepped back, going through something on the side before pulling out another form.  He handed it over to Asonja.  It required information on his origin zone, format of travel, and contact information for family and/or friends.

He filled out as much as he could, but left the contact information blank. "Alright. I think this'll do."

The teller took the form, glancing it over.  "Alright, take this," He handed him a metal plate.  A screen was on the front showing various housing areas.

(Drawing something.  Once finished, I'll head on minecraft.) (Understood)

He took the plate and looked it over. "Sweet. When and where do I need to pay?"

"Payment isn't required," The teller shook his head.  "But you should pick a spot."

"Oh. Hmm..." He studied it for a moment, and picked on that looked similar to the one he had originally. "Right here."

"... Alright," he reached over, pulling off a piece of the screen and handing it to Asonja.  "You can find the building with this."

He took the screen questionably, but with no argument. He did ask, "How does it work?"

"Put it in one of the tunnel transports, and it'll drive you to it."

"Alright. Thanks." He bowed a little bit, though it probably wasn't necessary, and he walked out to search for a tunnel transport.

Transport doorways could be seen at the four outside corners, various people walking through.

He used his hoverboard to go to the closest one. He got off his hoverboard once getting there, and held up his screen piece a bit, wondering where to put it in

The doorway opened up to what seemed to be an elevator.  Some seats appeared in the walls.

He walked into the elevator-like contraption, and sat down in an empty seat in the back. He kept his hoverboard close to him like it was his most prized possession.

The plate lit up for a moment.  "Is this your destination?" A voice called.

He looked at the plate for a moment, before nodding. He didn't want to look like an idiot for being a foreigner.

The voice repeated the question, not able to hear his nodding. (X{D)

(Yup, that's why I put that) "Eh? Uh, yeah. It is." He grumbled a little bit to himself.

Soon the transport was on its way.  The voice offered selections of music, scenery, and window mode.

He looked through and chose some rock music, and a twilight area with some storms in the background. "There we go."

The time it would take for the area to be reached would appear every thirty seconds, passing through the environment, but while the screen remained in the twilight scenery, and the music played, the time informant was no longer there.  For some minutes it wasn't there.

"Uhhh..." Asonja looked confused. "Anything happening?" He mutters.

No response came.

He was confused, very confused at this. He decided to wait more.

Minutes continued to pass.  The time still didn't come.  The more it lasted, he noticed it didn't feel like he was moving anymore.

He got up and noticed that. "Huh...I thought I was moving a second ago..."

The exit door was available.

Asonja walked out of the door, keeping his screen and hoverboard with him. "Is this the place?"

He was in the middle of an open flat plain.  Houses, and other buildings, were nearby but... half...there.

He sighed and scratched his head. "Well, I guess I'll look around for the right building." He mutters to himself and goes onto his hoverboard to look around for his motel.

He neared the buildings.  He heard nothing at first but voices started up as he got further in the city area.  Footsteps, conversations, people sipping drinks but no one in sight.  One voice seemed to be greeting him for a moment as it passed by, quite close to his person.

He had jumped a bit. "Uhh...Hi." He responded back, only because it was polite. He had no idea if he was invisible, or just everyone else was. He couldn't wrap his mind around that. (Fixed it, sorry)

Something bumped against his hoverboard for a moment.  He saw a tiny bit of clothing, walking past, like something had blotched from touching the hoverboard.  Something affected by it.

Asonja had thought about that for a moment and looked at the clothing to see if he could remember anyone wearing it. He then looked at his hoverboard to see if any mark was left before he would come up with a plan to fully expose the person.

The hoverboard remained unchanged.

Asonja looked confused, but since he doesn't like to socialize that much with people, he continued on his way to find his motel. He didn't want to cause a scene or anything, despite the fact he wasn't invisible like everyone else.

As he continued,the buildings seemed to be slowly vanishing, as if the entire area was turning into the white void of before.  He started to see through the floor, into the sand cloud planet surrounding the city.

"GAH!" Asonja yelped and hopped on his hoverboard. "This is freaky! What am I supposed to do!?"

Use the power

(Remember, he has the power to change something into a different version of itself, such as turning it back and forth from what it was)

(I was thinking about that, but I didn't think that was possible. But now I know that it is. I apologize if I don't understand much of this, it's a bit confusing here and there.)

(It's all good.  The first part is meant to be confusing.  Things will be more explained later on.  If you could have him trying to change something in the city itself, that'd be appreciated though.)

(I'll see what I can do)

Asonja, after through some careful contemplation, decided to change the structure of a house by giving it a black coating of paint, colored glass windows, and a wooden door to make it look like a Gothic building. At least, that was his thought.

The house vibrated against the changing.  At the same time, something else was trying to resist it: two different forces, one from the house, and one from elsewhere.  Asonja could feel a faint link from part of the wall of the house that had yet to be changed either way, that could be salvaged and reformed to a previous version.  It needed to be remade.

He moved a bit to get a better view of the wall, and once he caught the link, he tried to reform that part of the wall with obvious signs of confusion; he was just doing what the voice in his head was telling him.

The metallic white shell began to spread from the original wall, pressing against one of the forces as the first began to help.  The white emptiness began to push against the reforming houses, pushing against Asonja's grip.

Asonja only pushed harder, groaning a bit as well. He held up both of his hands and maintained his posture and grip.

His hands began to glow as, like a cork popping off a bottle, the change rocketed over the house, turning it back to the appearance of the previous ones he had seen.  It began to spread further over the area, reforming over the ground, and the people about.  The mobians walked about, talked about, but did not appear to notice the change at all as they were saved.

Asonja panted heavily, his hands lowering and he falls to his knees. He gripped his chest, trying to catch his breath. "Phew...that was...close..."

"Are you quite well?" Someone asked from behind him.

He took deep breaths and got up, along with his hoverboard next to him. "Yes...I am fine, thank you for asking. Just out of breath."

"Alright," Mid sentence a screech came out, the area rippling as a purple and black matter was beginning to spread over people in the distance.  "Have a good one," the mobian said before walking onward, completely oblivious.

Asonja jumped a bit on the screech, and didn't question why no one notices this. He saw the matter, but didn't know whether it was a good idea to run or not.

As the matter began to spread over the people, they started to change, their skin and fur becoming a murky dark purple, their eyes a bright green.  They started to make their way toward Asonja.

He grimaced a bit, got on his hoverboard and made his way away from them. "Jeez, they're just like zombies! And I hate zombies!"

He could feel them around him, spreading around.  He could feel where they were coming from.  He was going to be surrounded unless he found the source, which by the sensation was coming from the very top of this floating city.

He stopped his hoverboard and got up, only to feel the source. He takes a deep breath, grabs his hoverboard and uses as much core energy as he could to jump as high as possible. At his maximum height, he got back on the hoverboard and blasted off as fast as the device could go.

(Going straight up?)

(He's going at a narrow angle, but he'll be going straight up once he gets up to the building or whatever that is there. Like a curve. Sorry, I meant to put that.)

(It's all good)

Figures of these unmade mobians began chasing after him, those unable to fly jumping out windows after him.

As he was climbing up the building and grabbing the side of the board tightly. He dodged, weaved, and swayed to dodge the mobians; he had no intention of hurting/slicing/killing them despite them wanting to kill him or they were falling to their presumed "death"

He was at the top of the floating city now, a large aura of the energy surrounding it.  Despite being the smallest of them, it was still large enough to fit a wide neighborhood.  There didn't appear to be any outside entrances.  He would have to find an alternative way in, or break though.

Of course, not wanting to waste time, he decided to break through by creating a cut and spreading the cut so he could get in. Straightening his board and himself, he put his left hand over his right arm and attempted to turn it into a sharp black blade.

The metal was incredibly durable but slowly grading away.

Once he made the cut, he pushed apart the large aura just enough for him to fit through. He tried to pull himself up as well as push away the aura. He had to use his core for more strength.

The walls opened up, alarms starting with wires sparking upon his entrance to the floor of a long dim--but easily visible--hallway.  Red ceiling, dark purple walls, grey floor; couches next to each set of doors.  No one in sight.

He makes contact with the floor, putting his hoverboard under his arm again. "This seems suspicious...this is too easy." He muttered.

He could feel the aura further down the hall to the left.

Asonja slowly and carefully followed the aura. He had his eyes narrowed and his glasses close to his face. "I gotta keep my guard up regardless..." He muttered again.

As he went, he saw purple and red designed doors at the end.  Before he could make his way toward him, a spike of the signal started up around him, and soon, he felt himself slipping to the left.  The building was tipping.  The city was falling.

He stabilized a bit by stabbing his arm-sword into the wall a bit. "What the...?!"

It was swaying back and forth, thankfully not tipping enough to go topside.  He needed to get past those doors.

He growled, with the objective clear in his mind. He balanced himself while he put his hand to the door and twisted the handle.

The door flung open.  Inside was a large open room, windows lining the high high ceiling.  At the far back was a red glowing orb encased in a series of containers.  In front of it was a figure, with the aura slowly beginning to form over it.  It was red with various markings,  She was not conscious of her surroundings at the moment, for the moment.

Asonja slowly approached, putting his hoverboard behind him to spawn a strap to carry it. Now he was able to use both his hands to approach. He had some impressions that he knew her, but was just having a slight hunch. He shook it off and continued.

Sparks kept trying to go into the glowing orb from the body, stopped by the aura.

"Hey..." Asonja said sternly with bits of anxiety and fear. "What're you doing...?" He stood at a good distance away from her, trying to keep an intimidating look.

The figure wasn't moving, but the aura was spreading.

"C-could you uh...stop doing whatever you're doing? Everyone's turning into, uhh...purple and black zombies." Asonja stated, obviously not knowing what he's doing.

The figure did not appear to be conscious at the moment.

He walked up to her and poked her shoulder, before realizing that she wasn't conscious. "Huh. Guess I was talking to a brick wall." He grumbled before looking at the orb. "Maybe her lack of consciousness has something to do with this...?"

The strange aura was moving toward the orb, trying to get at it.

"Hmm...what if I...?" He reached for the orb, attempting to grab it so he could move it away from the aura.

Immediately as he touched the casing around the orb, a blast of heat shot him back some feet to the floor.  A wailing scream started up as murky bleeding dark purple eyes forming around the figure.

He groaned in pain from the blast backward, but managed to get back up to see the figure again. He wasn't as stable as before because of the blast knocking the wind off him. "Now that's...just a horror show..." Asonja said quietly, trying to catch his breath again.

Bone-like murky purple wings sprang out from the back of the figure as they tore upward to the ceiling, heat and fire forming around them.


The entity didn't appear to be at full power.  It fired a concentrated beam of fire toward Asonja.

He quickly moved out of the way, and changed his hoverboard to two black shortswords. "As much as I hate fighting," Asonja says, tightly gripping the hilts of his swords. "I got no way of getting out of this via negotiation."

The Unmade Farensai continued to spread the concentrated fire toward him while flying toward him, a clawed arm readying to strike.

Asonja moved around constantly, preparing to block the beam and the claw if necessary.

The claw slammed down at him as the entity circled him rapidly.

Due to his lack of combat skill, he couldn't block it correctly. The claw struck down his chest, creating a rather deep gash.

The force seemed to spin him back as the figure crouched to the ground, seeming to pant as the heat faded a bit.  The entity was drained partially.

He was partially uncomfortable for a moment before taking his sword to the figure's head to be as intimidating as possible. "Mind telling me what's going on here?"

The hand of the entity took hold of the sword to crush it.  It seemed the entity wouldn't be able to respond in the current state.  The core was unguarded.

He looked at the orb, taking his guard off the figure on the ground in front of him. He was analyzing his surroundings for a while.

The orb still remained unguarded in its container, but with the lack of action, the entity had recovered, sending out a burst of fire.

It was until Asonja noticed the fire as he moved to the side, closer to the orb. However, his arm got hit with the fire, as it made him wince while he made his way to the orb to shatter it somehow. Though, he didn't exactly plan how to do it.

The entity snatched at the back of Asonja's head to throw him away from the orb.

He grunted and took off his trench coat to continue going for the orb. He thought on how to break out the orb. (Sorry, I missed that before)

The entity rushed around him, creating a ring of fire to block the orb, a vibrating hand sending sparks of fire throughout.

Asonja backed away from it, grumbling again. "Dang it...I have to distract her somehow..."

A spread of flame began to fill the floor as the entity paused to recover again.

"Gyah!" Asonja began to bounce around, trying to avoid the fire. He still remained fairly close to the orb. "Drat! I can hardly focus like this!"

He needed to break the orb out and purify the infection going after it.

He brought out his sword and swatted as hard as he could to break the barrier around the orb. He just prayed that it would work.

The barrier cracked, but it wasn't damaged enough quite yet.  The entity recovered, the floor returning to normal though still quite hot.  Beams of fire began appearing throughout the room at random.

His clothing started to get a bit drenched from the fire as he blocked himself with his other sword so he could bash at the barrier some more.

The container cracked once more.  The pillars of fire began to swarm Asonja as the entity sent him crashing upward through the ceiling and on to the roof.  The building was still falling, swaying, but there were some footholds around.

He flailed about in the air in a major panic. He grabbed on to the edge of the roof to get himself back up. "Grah! Come on!" He yelled as he brought himself back to his feet, only to slide back to where he was shot up from the pillar of fire. "How am I going to get back down to that room...I don't even remember what floor I was in..."

The ceiling bursted open again, some feet from him, with the entity rocketing out with a pair of massive wings, circling him with a trail of fire.  The hole was quite large, large enough to get through.

"Well, I have no chance of beating this figure like this..." Asonja muttered. "Guess I gotta break through and fall down that hole..." He charged through the fire, wincing as he didn't expect to fall so soon.

The entity chased after him, sending a burst of heat to shoot him back out.

He used his swords to block the impact, and attempted to deflect it to the right.

Immediately the heat began to build up on his sword as another burst started to close in on him from the opposite direction.

He turned around and tried to block that one, but he was a bit too late as the heat hit him hard in the chest, knocking him downwards.

The mix of pressure sent him to the side before he fell back inside, next to the core.

He groaned in pain as he limped back up. He saw the core in his sights, and gripped the hilt of his only available sword. "One more should do it..." he growled before swinging the sword one last time, as hard as his body could let him.

He smashed the container just as the entity landed.  It was slowing for a moment, needing to recover.  He needed to purify the orb.

He thought of a way to try to purify it, so he tried to absorb whatever was in the orb into himself. Though, he was already having second thoughts as he seemed to have paused to think.

Immediately the matter being pulled into him began pushing back, burning at him.

He winced a bit. He focused on the link, and tried to reform it back to its normal empty form as hard as he could.

The entity paused as he did this, beginning to vibrate, clutching their head, screaming.  The aura began to scream out as it faded.  A burst of heat shot out as it finally dispersed, the red orb remaining as the entity collapsed, the corrupted wings fading away.

Asonja panted a bit and went to the figure to check her pulse. "I hope she's not dead...what was that anyway...?"

The core slammed into the body of the entity suddenly as a fire expanded outward slowly.

Asonja backed up quickly. "Shoot...this isn't good..." He muttered. "I gotta find a way to fix this."

The body stood up, red and dark red scales forming on the body of the figure.  She opened her eyes, clear symbolic pupils looking about as the fire subsided.  She glanced to Asonja, now in the full appearance of some kind of black and red lizard.

Asonja seemed a bit more calm, but still a bit uneasy. He just glared back, with obvious bits of fear. His trench coat was singed on the floor, as well as his regular clothes was damaged. He did not dare speak a word until the atmosphere lessened in tension. "Who...are you?"

"... Mysl Farensai," She answered before stepping toward the container that held her core previously.  "... No," immediately she rushed through the wall to the left, outside.

"H-hey! Get back here! I still got a few more questions to ask!" Asonja ran out the door to try to follow her.

Outside flew some kind of figure carrying a similar orb, this one a light pure purple.  Mysl disregarded Asonja's call, jumping off to fly after them, though the speed she attempted was significantly lesser than before.

Asonja took a few deep breaths, ran to a window and busted out of it. He turned his sword into a hoverboard, got on it, and attempted to catch up to her. He tried to use as much energy as he could within him now; he was afraid to use all of his core.

Mysl tried to shoot a burst of fire toward the figure, but from the lack of energy, she was too slow.  The figure was getting further away with the other core.  In the far distance was some kind of portal.

He met up beside her and said, "So let me guess; this thing possessed you or something?"

She turned to him with a look of fury for a split second before bursting forward again, still trying to catch up to the escaping figure.

He sighed and picked up the speed. "Guess I'll have to ask later..." He muttered to himself while he sped past Mysl and tried to stop the escaping figure in its tracks. Though, he wasn't exactly sure how to do so.

As he slowly started getting closer to the figure, it clung to the core, beginning to form pillars of stone to launch back at him.

"Gah!" He had to slow down to dodge the pillars, and once he did, he growled and attempted to get back to the figure.

It was nearly at the portal at this point.

"Dang it, we're not going to make it time..." Asonja grumbled as he tried one last thing; strike the figure down, or at least try with his spare sword (Sorry, I forgot to place that detail.)

The collision of the sword and the figure's backside caused it to stagger, dropping and slowly for a short moment.

"Gotcha now!" Asonja did another swipe, making sure it would cover a lot of the figure's surface area.

The figure circled around, his hands full.  He was forced to toss the orb in the air while charging to swipe at Asonja in retaliation.

The Unmade 3

He wasn't expecting for the figure to fight back, so he almost stumbled off his hoverboard, but managed to hold onto it while hanging off of a high altitude.

The Unmade swung its bound arm down at Asonja as the purple orb was descending toward them both.

He grimaced as he turned off the board and fell away from the attack, only to get back on the hoverboard to shoot back up to the figure. He noticed the orb and went to catch it; he thought that the orb was important to the figure, but he wanted to know why.

The figure was preoccupied with attacking Asonja, and missed the orb.  Upon contact of it, Asonja could feel the earth around him.  The stone air froze around them instantly.

This made him go still for a moment, staring at the orb. He was completely speechless, as he couldn't seem to wrap his mind around the orb's function, or purpose.

The metallic cuffs of the figure were coming down at Asonja's head just as a burst of fire launched it back into the portal.

This made Asonja jump and look behind him to notice the figure going into the portal. He still gripped the orb tightly around his right fist. "What the heck was that thing..." he finally managed to say.

Mysl slowed as she arrived before directing the both of them to a nearby floating piece of land.  "I do not know.  If it took our cores, it must be after the others," The purple orb ripped from Asonja's hands, floating away back to the first building.

He watched it float off, seeming to blink a few times. He hasn't said a word for a while, until he spoke up. "What're we going to do, then? I can't even defeat that thing, to my knowledge."

"You were able to delay it at least..." She noted, seeming half in thought.  "Where do you come here from?"

"Well, not from around here." Asonja rubbed the back of his head. "Let's just say I'm practically the only Mobian in my world who knows what a core is. Aside from a few exceptions..."


A cracking noise started as stone began to become pulled around.  More and more pathways were designed around as the area was being reformed.  Asonja could feel himself being called back to the original location, the void area where the statues once were.

"Well, this isn't good..." Asonja said to himself. "I gotta find a link somewhere yet again for the third flippin' time."

"Come with me," Mysl directed, making her way back toward the citadel-like structure.

Asonja nods and flies along at the same speed as her with his hoverboard. I don't understand... Asonja thought to himself. How did I get into this mess? Why me, out of all people? I don't even know how to defend myself, for crying out loud; yet, I make myself into someone worth noticing. I don't get how people think... He sighed audibly and continued flying along with her.

"We have portals between the different worlds of this zone," She explained as they arrived.  A set of gigantic glowing doorways were seen.  One white, but the others crumbled.  Mysl paused at this.  "These are... not meant to be like this."

"Shoot..." Asonja grumbled. "Does that mean I have no way of getting out of here if I wanted to?"

"Well there is the undamaged one," She noted.

"True, true." Asonja went up to that door. "It was like this when I got there." He paused and spoke again. "So, this the last time I'll be here?"

"If you were able to get in here before, you can get back probably," She noted.  "I have to make sure things are stable here.  We should discuss... everything, once I'm certain the danger is over."

"Alright. I'll see you later then." Asonja says as he opened the door.

He soon found himself travelling through a hallway of light.  A vision played in his head as he went.

A decisive slice into the black-road armor sent yet another challenging would-be-conqueror to the ground.  His name was Arktaxi, and he thought he was very important.  He received a grim reminder as his body split apart, and the last moments of his consciousness fell on the cold, indifferent, stare of the black and red reptile.  She looked up from his dead body, to the army of heavily-armored followers: having previously been thrusting their overly-sized weaponry at the air with cries of battle and enthusiasm.  One could taste the aftershock of their sudden silence.

“You…” She rattled at them.  “you are all going to stay, and you are all going to fix this.”

One charged at her.  A burst of concentrated heat blasted him into the atmosphere: hitting the precise areas to dislocate as much of his armor as possible.  His towering shoulder-pads clanged against the desert ground.  The reptile pointed a hissing finger to the army.  “For every sign of resistance, four of you will be dissolved.  For every act of defiance, ten.  Make no mistake in thinking you will be treated as people for your crimes.  Now… go.”

Raids and attacks on different cities had been strategized every time the two Servers—Mysl Farensai and her companion, Revten Tess—would leave to Mobius Prime Alpha to meet and talk with the other Servers: discussing matters of multiversal and universal dangers.  This most recent army, calling themselves “The Rector” which meant “Changer”, had recently taken a life in the absence of the Servers to protect the area.

A grey rodent with tall spines—appearing most alien—with purple markings, surfed over to his partner’s location.  He had full view as the attackers were now performing slave labor in reconstructing the fallen town.

“You killed some of them,” He noted, gesturing to the charred armor.

“And they killed twenty,” She immediately hissed back.  “I have already spoken with the families and friends of those connected to the dead… the ones that weren’t killed along with their family and friends.”

“… Are you going to kill them after they’re finished?”

“The army? … I very much want to.  Don’t tell me they don’t deserve it.”

“Do you know why they did it?”

“Power, spiting us, it doesn’t matter.  I know it was unprovoked and that is reason enough for m- gh-“ she crouched to the ground, clutching her chest.

“Mysl?” He rushed to her side. 

Her eyes were wide and glowing.    “The… core…  The planet core.”

“Still?”  Immediately the stone Server ripped open the ground, taking them both down miles into the planet.  Once close enough, he began converting the elements below into a glaze to see through.  “I can feel it,” He noted.  They looked on as the planet’s core spasmed, crushing the ground above and dissolving matter throughout.

“It keeps happening,” Mysl shook her head.  “I’ve restored it so many times.  It’s as if the planet has been pre-programmed to revert to a specific form.”

“… Maybe it’s the sun?” Revten shrugged.

“I’ve already investigated that,” she sighed.  “…What did those Overlords do to this place?”

“I arrived here after they were long into power,” Revten sighed.  “We could go ask Takris to find out.”

“We would have to find him first, and even then he hasn’t used his power for this sort of thing in months.”

“… If the corrosion continues, I’ll set up aerial platforms above the surface of the planet.  They won’t be affected by the core.”

Months passed.  Earthquakes began appearing all throughout the planet.  Cities were damaged, or outright destroyed.  Revten used his power to lift the civilizations to the air, and Mysl used hers to help construct self-levitating power-sources as they continued to push the core back into place.

They constructed their own main building, a temple almost, circular and long.  From there, the two looked on as the ground below continued to corrode.  Sand clouds were over the area at all times.

“They’re asking if we’ll lead them,” Revten informed.

“… Expected.”

“I take it that you’re excited?”

“Why do you say that?”

“Because of the Dragon Kingdom.  You’ve wanted to rule, even after leaving Mobius Prime Alpha.”

“And if you recall, I was dethroned and humiliated.”

“… Well, we are the main power-source.  Many people want our help.  I’m not going to deny the ones that actually ask.”

He stepped out to the outdoors of their citadel.  He parted the clouds and formed them into a long metallic road.  From below rose a floating rock, covered in ferns.  “We have the resources… we will keep the planet alive.  It’ll be like a sky civilization.”

“Sounds like a fairy tale.”

“We ARE fairy tales…”

“… What would you have it be called then?”

The vision ended as he arrived in the void area.  Two of the statues were changing, transforming.

Mysl Statue Gif
Reven Statue Gif

Asonja had stopped to contemplate over the vision he had received, assuming that it was the beginning of this civilization. "So...these must be the two that I had seen." He muttered to himself. He stayed tense, though. "So that's what's been happening all this time...but yet, I don't know why I'm even involved in this catastrophe."

To the left, the wolf was standing up, waking up.

"Oh, finally you decided to get up." Asonja walked over to the wolf. "Need help getting up?"

"I... I should be able to..." He stretched a bit.  "Where are we?"

"Well, I don't know exactly, but while you've been sleeping, I managed to find the portal to get to the sky civilization nearby." Asonja crossed his arms. "I also had a vision when I walked through here, so I'm assuming I just saw the creation of the city and the statues here, I think, are the Servers."

"... Servers?" He looked at the statues.  "These?"

"Yup." He points to the red and black statue. "Revten." Then points to the Purple and black. "Mysl. I just met her a while ago too."

"... Yes... and you are? I- I'm Shamus by the way."

"Greetings Shamus. I am Asonja." He greets himself. "Or call me whatever easier for you to remember."

"Asonja sounds easy enough," He nodded.  He held up his hands.  A faint glow, like the one from the previous hand, was starting up.

"Wait a minute..." Asonja looked at his right hand for a moment, before looking back at the wolf. "Strange question...but did you loose a hand or something?"

"No but you seem to have the same energy in you."

He put his hands up like the wolf was. "Like this? I'm not sure exactly what we're doing."

"Just noticing something," He shrugged, walking over to the statues.  "... What happened?  What do you remember?"

"Well, from what I can remember, these two Servers were noticing the Planet's core was shifting, so they had to bring the city up to avoid destruction. Also, I think a War was happening at one point."

"... That... Servers..." He scratched his head before approaching one of the fallen doors.  "... maybe we can fix this one?"

"We can try. Maybe it'll be better if two people were to fix it instead of one."

"Well... um..." He charged up the energy around himself, concentrating on one of the doors.  The remains flickered a bit.  "... Alright... on three?"

Asonja nods, but concentrated on a lesser scale. "Sure. You count."

"Okay, one, two, three," He pressed harder on the concentrated energy, sparks forming around the edges.

Asonja growled and concentrated more. He pressed as hard as could.

The doorways lifted upward, glowing and reforming till a large thoom sounded their reform.  A green and pink doorway stood to the right, and a gold to the left.

Asonja panted a bit, actually low on his core energy. He had stumbled onto his knees after that, but he got up on his own. "I guess we go through one or the other."

"I suppose so."

Before either could act, a red tint formed over Asonja's body for a brief moment, followed by a purple one.  A set of fiery wings appeared in front of him.  You have unlocked Mysl's wings.  They allow you to charge into the air for flight and hovering.  A ax-like scythe appeared, purple gemstone.  You have unlocked Revten's Scythe.  It allows you to create stone structures in the ground to help travel.

You can take one of any Server to come with you for each new area along with Shamus.

Asonja stood there, contemplating over the two choices. He seemed to be thinking heavily over it before he looked to the wolf. "Are you alright with taking the Scythe?"


"Uhh...nevermind..." Asonja grumbled quietly as he chose Mysl's wings.

"Which do we go into?"

"I don't know, but let us assume that we will make it out in one piece."

"Well... of course..." He decided to go into the gold doorway.

Asonja sighed and followed him shortly behind. He was worried about what would happen, as well as still questioning himself why he's even here. (Fixed it, sorry again.)

(It's alright.  I didn't make it entirely clear.)

Welcome to Drafinity

The sky is orange. A  long green grassland covers the entire area.  Lines of wide-spaced houses are seen about with strips of light in the ground going toward something in the far distance center.


"We need to restore the Servers before any of this progresses," Shamus informed. "Otherwise the Multiverse will be consumed."

"And none of us are not going to let that happen," Asonja stated, but looked hesitant at first. "Are we...?"

"Of course not," Shamus flashed him a brief smile, patting him on the shoulder.  "That," He gestured to the center building.  "that should be where we're heading," He started toward the building.

Asonja didn't seem to smile back, but nodded. He followed him at a distance.

It was quite silent but at least they were on solid ground again.  As they go closer, however, a large glowing wall began materializing, blocking the path some half-mile ahead.

Asonja stopped, and looked at the wall. "Well, this looks like trouble..." He says out loud.

"I don't see any civilians," Shamus noted.  "There should be-"

A spasm of the gold energy shot up from the ground for a moment.  A couple of trees flashed in the distance, reappearing and vanishing entirely.  "Is... that how it was last time for you?"

"Nope. There was citizens in the other door, but this is a whole other Saga." Asonja shrugged. He honestly looked like he didn't care, but was actually strictly worried.

"Maybe once we're at the wall there will be a toll?" He kept walking.

"Perhaps. But I have no money or anything for this." Asonja sighed and continued along.

As they went, the two found themselves in a rather open area of this open area, where none of the houses were aligned.  This puzzle didn't last long to an extent as they crashed headfirst into something invisible: something that felt like bark.

Asonja stumbled back, falling backwards on his back, rubbing his head. "What the heck...?"

Shamus immediately slammed his hand against the invisible matter.  He tensed.  "... It's not going away... It's..." He waved his hand about.  "It's a tree."

Asonja stroked his hand on the invisible matter. "How can this be possible? For something to have matter, it shouldn't be touched. Matter can't even be created anyway! It must be mirrors wrapped around an actual tree..."

"... Did you see something like this happen before?" He looked to Asonja.

"Well, I did see it once in the previous area I was in." Asonja started to circle around the invisible tree as much as he could to measure the diameter and circumference. "I didn't think it was possible at first, but it seems to be. When I was there, I saw people and buildings vanishing. Have any idea what that means?"

"... Maybe we could bring it back?  I mean, visually.  If- wha-" He fell forward.  The matter was slowly diminishing.

Asonja got around and caught the wolf before he fell. "Careful. Don't want to get hurt. Conserve the energy in case danger approaches." He brought the wolf back to his feet and wiped some dust off his clothing. He then stood a distance away from the wolf like last time. "Alright, shall we continue going?"

"...I suppose, but... we should at least try to restore this."

"Ah, yes, of course." Asonja nodded, but his eyes seemed to droop. "Though, after my little adventure in the previous land, I can hardly even focus; I've used up too much of my core energy to even stay awake."

"... Core energy?"

Steps were heard in the distance.

"Nevermind that, we currently got company." Asonja looked in the distance of the steps, hoping to see at least someone or something.

Flickers of murky purple zipped about in the distance, out of sight.  Growlings came about everywhere as a short spasm of light from below revealed, just for a moment, a distorted, unmade individual, coming for them.

"... Hm..." Shamus placed a hand on the vanishing tree, channeling into it.  The tree slowly began to reappear as he began pulling out a long staff.

Asonja spawned his black short-swords from turning his hoverboard he had into sand, and reform into the two swords. "I don't really fight, but it seems necessary here."

"What are we up against here?" He kept looking about as the figure kept vanishing, circling them.

"I've seen them before. They're infected with some sort of corrupted matter." Asonja tried to explain. "This doesn't seem to help our current situation, though..."

"We have to grab the- wait, corrupt?  ... Is that a person?!"

A cracking noise came from behind them.  One of the branches of the tree was flying toward them.

Asonja noticed, ran to the center and made a criss-cross with his swords to cut through the branch. "Yes. They're people. Innocents."

The branch cracked against the blades, falling in front of him.  "Grab them," Shamus called before jabbing his staff to the ground.  He sent a burst of the purifying energy throughout.  For a few seconds, the unmade could be seen... there were five, circling them.

"The branch or the people?" Asonja asked, gripping his swords tightly in anxiety. "Because, one, I don't want to get any splinters. Secondly, I don't want to touch the people as I might get infected too...and I don't want that to happen."

"Got a better plan to... exorcise them?" He asked, back to Asonja's.

"...Point taken...I clearly don't have any other idea." Asonja shrugged, sighing.

"When one of them strikes, we pin it down an-" As Shamus was saying this, two darted toward them immediately.

"Oi!" Asonja dashed and knocked the two figures away with the blunt side of his swords. "Don't interrupt! What were you saying?"

One of the figures slid under the sword to uppercut him from below as the other took the hit, grabbing hold of the blades.  Shamus immediately jabbed his staff at the sliding Unmade to knock them back down.  "Pin them and fix them!"

"I can do one of those things, but how do I fix them?!" Asonja said as he kicked the second one down. Though, he was sure he was pinning one down.

The others began charging.  Shamus swung his staff around to ward some away.  "I dunno, do what we did to the door and the tree!"

He sighed, to focus a bit and looked at the one he was pinning down to concentrate. "Like...this?"

"You tell me!" Shamus kicked away at one of them as another jumped down at them from above.

"I can hardly concentrate to begin with!" Asonja looked up, and had to move out of the way to avoid becoming a cushion for their falls.

"Well do you have anything else you can use against them?  You said something about a scythe!" Shamus quickly rolled out of the way as two others chased him.

"Well, I don't have a scythe." Asonja says, running along side him. "I may have something else of use, but I'm not exactly sure how to bring them out." He was concentrating to himself, mainly to his back. "There's gotta be some way to bring them out..." he muttered to himself.

He could feel the elements and the weapons waiting to be used.  All he needed was to call one.  Perhaps he could call one of the people he met in Faretess as well.

He seemed to stop for a moment, thinking over the thought of it. "Alright then...let's give this a shot." Asonja put his swords away behind him and called, "Revten!" He then held up his right hand.

The scythe appeared, and with a burst of metal surrounding the two, the alien-like hedgehog Server formed next to him.

Revten smaller
Asonja brought his right hand back down to his side, and examined the Server. "Howdy. Think you could give us a hand, Revten?"

"... You're the hedgehog Mysl mentioned right?" He looked around at the unmade. outside the walls.  "Yeah, we're dealing with these I take it?"

"Yes to both." Asonja nods and took out his swords.

A screaming came from outside the metal barrier as light spasms started going about.  The unmade mobians blasted upward, charged up with the light energy, before rushing down toward them.

"That's Trixin's power," Revten identified.  He slammed the barrier upward, turning it into a flat horizontal structure.  He then began to vibrate it upward repeatedly.  Two of the unmade were disruptive, but three managed to phase through in time.

"Where is Trixin?!" Shamus asked, spinning to the side to dodge the unmade.  Revten didn't reply at the moment, trying to concentrate.

"We'll have to track down and find Trixin so we could stop this. Perhaps that might work." Asonja was just moving away from the unmade; he didn't even lay a single hit on them.

They began shooting small bolts of light at the group.  Revten lifted them all upward before launching their platform toward the light wall.

Of course, Asonja didn't fight back from the bolts. "Should the wolf and I check around the area for Trixin?"

"Did you really just call me 'The Wolf'?" Shamus asked.

"She'd be behind this wall," Revten noted as they landed.  Other Unmades were still coming after them.  "We need to get the wall down."

"How're we going to do that?" Asonja asked. Then he turned to Shamus. "Sorry, I couldn't remember your name at the heat of the moment..."

Revten slammed against the wall but it remained intact.  

"... You cover me, I'll try to deal with the wall," Shamus stepped over to the wall, charing up the energy.

Asonja nods at this and stood beside Revten. "Well then...we'll try to cover you all we can."

"If I actually had full power, these would be done with already," Revten sighed.  He rose up a thin wall of stone in front of him before moving it back at the Unmade.

"Full Power?" Asonja looked at him shockingly. "I'm already at my Full Power...and it obviously isn't very strong."

(Apologies.  Can't reply at the moment.  Neck is killing me.) (Is all good)

"Don't get discouraged yet," Revten turned barely in time to react to an Unmade darting at the two, launching a spear of solid light at them.

"¡Oye!" Asonja yelled in Spanish as he roundhouse-kicked the Unmade back. "Apologies for my rudeness, but there's no time to be distracted. We have to cover for Shamus."

"Let me..." Revten began forming a sand over the ground, hardening it over the Unmade's approaching to slow them.  The remaining ones went airborne, firing repeatedly at the two.

"Look out!" Asonja yelled as he tried to dodge most of them.

"I can take these hits more.  Make sure they aren't getting Shamus," He continued chasing after the escapees with the sand as others circled around to blast Shamus.

Asonja took deep breaths as he went further from Shamus and into the densest part of the battle. His heart was pounding heavily as he has never gotten further deeper into a battle.

"Whe- Hey!" Revten called.  He quickly sent a thin wall to defend Shamus, his attention still on Asonja.

Asonja took his swords and threw them like boomerangs at some of the Unmade figures, hoping to do some damage.

Some began chasing after him as he ran off.

He yelped as he caught his swords and ran back. "I'm NOT going in the frontlines anymore!"

The wall began to glitch out.  "GET OVER HERE!  IT'S WORKING!" Shamus called.

Asonja beckoned for Revten and he went over to Shamus. "Need some help or do you have everything?"

"I've got this," He nodded.  "Just get through."

A hole was forming out as Shamus pulled open the wall.

"Alright, let's go!" Asonja went through the hole. He waited for Revten and Shamus.

Immediately once the three were through, the wall began to grow out toward them, light tendrils and strange yellow matter reaching out.  The center building was a half mile away.

"RUN, GO!" Shamus darted for the building.

Asonja nods, spawns his hoverboard, and blasts toward the building.

Revten circled them as they went, rising and tossing stone pillars and walls to block the attacks.  The door was open for them to jump inside.  Two pillars of light seemed to be powering the building, or maybe the building powered everything else.

Whatever the purpose of the building was, Asonja shot inside, and got off his hoverboard. He almost tripped because inertia still affected him heavily, but managed to stay up straight. He waited for everyone else.

While Shamus was with him, Revten was no longer in sight.  Despite this, a clearly female voice called out "You are not allowed here" as a black and red sand began swirling into view in front of them.

Asonja was tense, but it made him stop and get off the hoverboard. That hoverboard turned into sand and changed form into his two black swords on his sides.

A long staff and a striped attire dress, red and green and black, with a gold helmet-like crown: technological gauntlets gloves, furious eyes, and a crooked grin.  The woman rose her staff upward, and cords of electricity swirled around.

Remnant: Iron Queen

Regina Ferrum the Iron Queen

"This won't be easy..." Asonja muttered, clenching his hands and taking a few steps back. As a highly unskilled fighter yet has decent fighting equipment, he felt like he was an Anti-Hero, lacking qualities of motivation to take a step forward and take one for the team. He visibly shook, but it was very faint.

An energy field seemed to have formed behind the Iron Queen.  She was stepping away from it as she raised up her staff to send various metal at the two of them.

Asonja barely reacted once he dived out of the way. He mutters to himself, "couldn't tell if that was Iron, Titanium, or Platinum...either way, those pack heavy punches..."

"Alright... that's... not possible," Shamus shook his head.  "Where's Revten?"

Asonja got up to look. "I don't see him. I guess the summoning was only temporary. You got a plan?"

Metal beings began to appear... robots forming as the Queen jabbed her staff at Asonja.  

"She's human.  Just beat her down," He winced at the statement as he ran over to block the hit.

Asonja backed off, sighed, took his swords and swung at the Queen. Though, he looked like he was holding back quite a bit as the moment he swung, missing in the process, he backed away. (Ignore I said that)

Shamus grabbed hold of the staff for a moment, shoving the Queen back to give them room between her and the robots slicing at them.  As her foot hit the wall, she screamed, pulling her foot back as it vibrated.

"... That's a pl- WHOA!" Shamus quickly span out of the path of a robot.

Asonja dodged the robots as well, seeming to bring his swords back to his waist. He was analyzing what to do with the Queen after seeing that her foot vibrated. He thought, Perhaps if we knock her head to the wall, would that also vibrate? Or is it just her feet and not her entire body?

"Let's see," Shamus kicked a robot at the queen, but she easily dodged out of the way, rising up a set of cords to whip at the two.

Asonja was too busy in thought, and wasn't watching what he was doing; a major flaw in the law of combat. His instincts took over, but were a bit too slow as the cord lashed the side of his stomach. He groaned in pain as he covered the wound to keep it from bleeding.

"Shamus, I have a plan." Asonja said. "I'll find a way to keep her still. While I do that, kick a robot to her and I'll move just at the moment the robot hits her and propels her to the wall. I'll give you the call. Or, if that doesn't work, we'll work on a Plan B."

"I can hear you," The Iron Queen said as she darted to get to the opposite side of the wall.  Shamus dove to stop her, but a robot rammed into him.

"Perhaps I should've thought about that sooner..." Asonja rubbed his head. "Works in shows, from what I've seen..." He then ran to Shamus to help him up before he would chase after the Queen.

The robots dove to dog-pile them.  "Okay, let- OH MY-" A beginning wave of metal started growing out from the ground toward them.

Asonja struggled to get out, but managed to find an opening in the dog-pile, prying himself and Shamus away to almost narrowly dodge the metal. "That was take care of the robots and I'll go after the Queen. Deal?"

Shamus nodded.  "Try bending the environment.  Maybe we can push her with the floor," He yanked Asonja aside as a blast of electricity went toward them.  "Use one of of the Tools you got!"

"Tools..." Asonja muttered before nodding. "Tools! Got it! Good luck, bud. I don't want to see you dead when I come back." Asonja ran off in the direction to the Queen, before muttering, "If I survive that is...I have to think of something, and fast."

The Queen formed out a metallic spike to impale Asonja as he neared.

He moved out of the way, touched the side of it to try to turn it into something else. He was still not used to the idea of it; he just need a bit more practice.

The spike stilled for a moment as she launched another at him.

Asonja barely dodged that one as it whisked inches from his hair. He growled a bit to himself as he thought hard and quickly to himself. "Bend the environment...what does that even mean...?" He muttered to himself.

(Tools = Server Tools = The Ones he was told he could summon to use)

She jabbed at fist at Asonja to knock him off balance as Shamus attempted to bring the wall closer to the Queen.

(Sorry, sometimes the point doesn't come through directly XD)

Asonja saw Shamus bringing the wall over to them. He recoiled back from the punch, getting a bruise on his face. He came around and gave the Queen a Full-Nelson to keep her still.

She jabbed her staff toward his side, kicking down and sending the both of them flying forward.

He growled, wincing a bit at the pain in his side. "Mysl! I could use some assistance!" He shouted, trying not to sound like he was injured.

No one else was appearing, but as they flew forward, Shamus launched a piece of debris forward, sending both of them toward the wall.

Asonja let go of the Queen and tried to move out of the way as quickly as possible.

She slammed into the wall, vanishing along with her robots. The wall vanished, showing a stairway behind it.

Asonja got back up onto his feet, and brushed off the dust and other dirty materials from his clothes. "Excellent work, Shamus. Though, it would've been better if you warned me before hand, but we would've been found out, so...yeah. Thanks for helping out."

"You're okay?" Shamus looked him over.  "Nothing broken?"

"Everything's fine except my vanity is still broken." Asonja stated. "Nothing to worry about, though. So, now what do we do?"

"Up the stairs I suppose... Maybe we should try summoning another Server?"

"I got the perfect one in mind." Asonja says before calling out Mysl, just like he did to the previous Server with the same posture and voice level.

Despite calling her, she didn't seem to appear.  "... That... maybe there's something keeping them from entering?" Shamus theorized.  "Guess we have to find what's blocking them," He started up the stairs.

Asonja nods and follows him. "I probably just made a fool out of myself as well."

"No one's here to really point that out," Shamus replied as they went up further.

They arrived in a long hallway.  Portraits were about the walls with drawings and pictures of some of the Servers.  There was Mysl, and some paintings down there was Revten.  A green echidna with red stripes, a pale cat with long gold hair, a rabbit with brown and pink fur, a hedgehog--white--with blue markings... and a fox, pale orange, with silver stripes, and completely white eyes.

There was a final painting far at the end of the hall.

Asonja looked confused at the paintings. He liked how they looked. He then went to the picture at the end of the hall.

The picture was... covered, by a cloth.  A name was at the bottom but it was written in some foreign language.

"Hmm...if only I could read." Asonja shrugged. "What's this room, Shamus?"

"It probably... holds monuments to the other Servers."

The hall split at the end into two others.

"Other servers? You mean there was more to Revten and Mysl? That's crazy..." Asonja turned around to see the two forks. "...Were those there before?"

"Light... illusive barriers I suppose," Shamus theorized.  "Which do we take?"

"Hmmm...only one way to solve this predicament." He goes into his pocket, pulls out his half-cent penny from the 1800's, and flips the coin. "Heads for left, tails for right."

It landed on heads. He puts the coin back in his pocket. "Welp, you heard the $100 half-cent penny. We shall go left."

Shamus turned to the left, walking forward.  The entrance vanished as the two entered it.

"...I'm not sure whether I should be concerned or not." Asonja said. "Because I do believe that we cannot advance very far from this point."

"Except for further on," Shamus replied, walking down the hall.

Asonja sighed, rubbing his arms in discomfort. He grumbled and followed along Shamus with quite a bit of footing like Asonja had a disease and didn't want to accidentally infect Shamus with it.

Eventually they arrived at a doorway.  Upon walking through it, the two found themselves in a vast room, very open, and incredibly bright.  Across it was a floating still figure of light, and behind this an encapsulated glowing yellow orb.

Asonja winced a bit, not exactly used to bright lights as of now. "...What is this place? It's hurting my eyes."

Solid light trees and structures grew out from the ground as they neared the figure.

Asonja was quite nervous upon approaching the figure, not knowing what exactly to expect. He still wasn't sure what he was doing in this alternate realm of sorts and wondering why it had to be him instead of someone else.

"So... you've done this part right?  That's how you got... Mysl and Revten?" Shamus asked.

"I....think so?" Asonja said. He took notice of the orb and went up to it. "Perhaps this orb correlates to this situation."

"... What about..." He looked to the figure.  "This seems too easy... Wait," He placed a hand to the figure, but was forced back.  A brief flash could be seen on the figure, a tendril merging with it, corrupting the figure.

Asonja had turned to look at it. " was a trap the whole time...Are you alright Shamus, by the way?"

"Yeah, I think so," He nodded.  "We should try to purify this."

"Agreed." Asonja said as he looked back at the orb. He figured he could find the link of the corruption in the orb, but wasn't exactly sure.

"Well, c'mon," His hands began to glow as he started to spread the energy at the figure.

Asonja nods, stands next to Shamus, and his hands began to glow as well to help fix the corruption.

As they went, a metallic whip suddenly appeared on their waists, yanking them across the room.

Asonja winced and tried to fight against it, but his core energy was still substantially low as well as his strength, so he couldn't do much against it. "What the heck...?!"

The Iron Queen appeared behind them once again, black tendrils about her as the figure began vibrating.  Pillars of light shot up around them as the corrupted figure floated to the center.

You are fighting Corrupted Luminai

"Well, this is just great..." Asonja sighed. "Welp, I guess I'm dead."

The corrupted figure began rapidly shooting about the area in lines of light as the Iron Queen dove over both of them, toward the core.

"Oi...!" Asonja grimaced from the light and tried to chase after the Queen to prevent her from getting to the core.

A wall of light came down toward Asonja.  Thankfully he had help with this fight, as Shamus launched his staff into the wall, causing it to explode.

"Thanks Shamus...I owe ya one." He says, as he continued the chase after the Queen to reach out toward the orb.

The Queen turned to him, sending a tendril to stop him as she stood in front of the orb.

It was a successful hit on his shoulder. It stopped him and he grimaced a bit. "Darn it, I didn't see that coming..."

"You are vastly outmatched, foreigner," The queen peered, raising her materializing staff to slam down at him.

Asonja managed to dodge the staff, holding his shoulder to stop the bleeding. He had no weapon to attack back. (Sorry bout dat)

(Just noting again, he can summon Server weapons for himself to use).  The Queen attempted to strike at him again, but both were blasted away as the corrupted Luminai slammed down between them with a blast of light.

(I keep forgetting, sorry) Asonja skidded to a halt, his shoes screeching from the friction. His eyes closed from the shine of light, and he groaned as he rubbed them back to see normally again. "Alright then...guess I have no choice but to actually fight back..." He brought out his hands and tried to summon Revten's own weapon, though he thought it was a bit of a stretch to begin with.

(I forgot to reply, so we're even. X{D)

As the corrupted Luminai zipped over to attack Asonja again while the Queen recovered, a sudden blast of metal shooting around in a glowing purple swarming the two, swatting them upward as the swirls of metal slammed into the floor with a crack: the ax-scythe clicking into form next to the hedgehog.

"...Oh dear." Asonja said as he grabbed the scythe with a bit of care. He was right handed, so he was using his right hand as the main leverage for the weapon. "I probably won't know how to use this...but it wouldn't hurt to give it a quick shot." With that said, Asonja got into a stiff position with the scythe at the ready.

He could feel an energy swarming in his arms from the tool: a tension inside like a pile of boulders, incredibly heavy and yet easily liftable.  With the Queen and the corrupted entity focused on him, a somewhat tattered Shamus was making his way toward the core.

The light entity charged at Asonja.

The hedgehog gripped the scythe and swung at the entity, making a horizontal crescent slice.

Upon making contact, the light entity was shot back, a stream of stone rapidly shooting out after her. The queen slid over to trip Asonja.

Asonja jumped, and used the axe-scythe to hold his stance to dodge the attempted swipe, as he was doing a one-handed handstand with the scythe planted on the ground. He jumps back off, and made an upward strike with the scythe as he returned the weapon back to normal posture.

The light entity reappeared behind him, sending a blast of solid light at him.

He got pushed back from it and got carried for quite a long distance. He used the weapon to slow himself down and swing around. He began to glow a faint purple and began to run back with the ax-scythe in his tight grip.

The Light Entity rushed over to strike at Shamus as he was trying to fend off the Queen now.

"Shamus!" Asonja shouted as he rushed over and swiped at the light entity to knock it away.

The Entity was too quickly to sidestep his attack, but he gained the attention of the Queen in time for Shamus to knock her back.

This time, Asonja stayed by Shamus to come up with a plan. "So, you want to go after the Queen and I go after the Light Entity? If we're going to do that, we have to make sure we have each other's back covered, got it? I'd hate to sound like the leader of this situation, though, I don't know anything about being a leader."

"The core is being protected by some kind of fiel- MOVE!" He tackled Asonja down as the Light Entity charged at them, causing her to destroy the barrier of the core.  "That's... one wa- what you said, GO!" Shamus charged at the Queen.  "Fix the core!"

"Right!" Asonja veered away from the battlefield to make his way to the core. Unfortunately, first rule of combat: never turn your back on your opponents

The Light Entity appeared stunned by the sudden collision, and Shamus was dealing with the Queen.

Looks like I got my chance... Asonja said in his mind, as he reached out to the core to purify it.

A scream came from both the entity and the queen as he did so.  He got some progress before the barrier filled back up, sending him back.

Shamus growled at this.  "Alright, let's get the Queen first!  Less to deal with!"

Asonja growled as well, rubbed his head and got up again to wield his weapon. "Got it!" Asonja decided to go straight for the Queen, making a downward motion with his scythe and into the floor/ground.

Before the queen could send a countering attack to the both of them, a blast of shards flew up from the ground as Asonja hit it, stabbing through her entirely.

Asonja pulled it out, with a bit of trouble at first, and put the weapon on his shoulders with a smug smirk on his face. "Nice. I do believe that's one down. Shamus, how are you doing over there with the other one?"

The both of them were grabbed by two constructs of light, blasted through the roof before Shamus could reply.

Asonja had yelped at the sudden grip around him and he began to struggle. "This just keeps getting worse..."

They were sent further up until finally released: the Corrupted Luminai zipping ahead of them while preparing to slam them back down.

Asonja pulled out the scythe in front of him, to try to block the impact from the entity, slightly bracing.

As she connected to the ax-scythe, an implosion of light and crystal sent both of them back, though increasing the speed at which Asonja was falling.

He braced for impact, painfully hitting the ground with the weapon laying beside him a few meters. He was in so much pain at that point, he was temporarily paralyzed for about a few seconds.

Something was beginning to form to the far left, plates of metal shooting into the air.

Asonja quickly tried to react, as he struggled to get up. He began to glow a faint royal purple color to get himself up quicker and he grabbed his scythe to prepare for what was occurring.

A metallic Chinese Dragon formed out.  "I'm going to crush you!" It roared in the voice of the Queen.  The barrier was down.

"We'll see about that..." Asonja says, before breaking into a full sprint to the uncovered core, holding out his hand to find the link as soon as possible.

As the Queen charged at him during the purification, Shamus finally landed, smashing into her.

Asonja looked behind him to see Shamus doing this act. He gave a thumbs up with his other hand. "Thanks, Shamus. Mind covering for me while I do this? I'll help once you need it."

"I'll- yeah," He paused as the Light Entity floated downward, sending waves of light at them.

Asonja quickly moved, almost getting hit. "Drat...this is getting annoying now..." Asonja gripped his weapon and slashed a few times at the entity.

A dense black rock hit the light, remaining dense enough to keep it from travelling through as the Queen Dragon slithered over, surrounding them.  The Entity landed in front, beginning to circle them both in a cyclone of light.

"Hmm..." Asonja looked around, and then at the rock. Perhaps I could move that rock around...? He thought.

Shamus stabbed his staff into the floor, causing it to slow revert below them, but it didn't seem to be effecting the enemy.

Asonja decided to try and take control of the massive rock to wave it about at the enemies.

The Dragon grabbed at the rock as the light field began narrowing in.

"...Welp, I got nothing else after that." Asonja gripped his weapon, trying to figure out weakpoints or a strategy.

Shamus jumped at the Dragon, grabbing hold of it.  "This thing's rock you know!"

"I thought it was metal..." Asonja sighed, facepalming at his mistake. He pointed his scythe to the dragon, to try and manipulate the form a little bit to move at his will. "Let's see if this'll work."

Immediately the dragon was pulled toward him, tearing open.

Asonja smirked a bit at this, seeing his chance. He rose the scythe, and quickly motioned it back down to the ground to break it into pieces.

The shards of metal flew everywhere, but strangely circled and avoided Asonja.  The Light Entity was not prepared, and was knocked back.  Shamus dove for the core, beginning the last bit of purification, but the corrupted entity was about to charge at him.

Asonja tried to focus all of the pieces to move away from him and aim at the Light entity and shoot piece by piece to slow it down. Though, it was a huge hassle for Asonja as his energy levels were decreasing pretty quickly; he's been low on energy since the very beginning as well.

The Entity quickly moved away from each hit, nearing Asonja before suddenly coming to a toppling halt.  The core began spasming with energy about.

Asonja grimaced a bit, and backed up, in case something fatal were to happen. Shamus must've completed the purification process, which was his thought.

The core settled as the entity vanished... then with a THOOM she began to reappear, vanishing and arriving within seconds, and charging with each one.  She was rapidly appearing and jabbing hard at Asonja, with only short instances left to predict, and counter: purify.

Asonja was having a rough time trying to find the pattern, as well as being bounced around everywhere. He tried to focus all that he could to get himself out of this mess and finish purifying.

He felt something grab his foot, but most of the light was coming from directly behind him.

Asonja stumbled a bit and looked behind him, without obviously twisting his ankle. He winced a bit from the light, and tried to remove his foot from the grip. "Let go of me!" He shouts, not having much dialogue after a while.

He felt himself start to be spun about before something sent both him and the Entity into the air before stopping.  An explosion went off as Asonja was left to drop to the ground.  Thankfully Shamus was waiting to catch him.

Asonja fell into his arms, coughing a little bit. "Argh...thanks for that save, Shamus..." He says with a raspy breath. "What happened...? Where's my weapon?"

"I don't know," He sat Asonja down.  "Probably vanished when you let go?"

A blast of light filled the the area as the building was repaired.  A figure lay still on the floor, unconscious: a pale pink cat with long golden hair and yellow markings.

Asonja looks at Shamus for a moment in confusion before walking to the figure in confusion. He lightly poked her nose, to validate if she's alive. "Hello? Are you alive, miss?"

Slowly she began to stand, looking around before focusing on the two of them.  "... What happened?"

"I'm not sure, exactly...Shamus here and I, Asonja by the way, defeated an Iron Queen...I think...and some sort of corrupted light entity..." Asonja sounded highly unsure, and mainly looked to Shamus for verification.

"... I... that was probably, me doing that..." She looked back for a moment before turning to them.  The core was gone.  "Who are you?"

"I just said my name, didn't I?" Asonja answered with another question. "Besides, I don't have quite a lot of time to describe myself in detail that would be understood in all languages, so..." He shrugged. "Are you hurt in anyway?"

She held up a hand, as if to say to wait.  She blinked a few times, still glancing around as if still fully  absorbing the circumstances.  "... You said Asonja?  And Shamus?"

"I'm Asonja, and he's Shamus." He pointed behind so she could see him. He was actually quite patient.

"... I-" She cluthed her head as some stray sparks shot around.  "... Oh... that's... happening..." She took a breath, standing straight now as she composed herself.  "I am Trixin Luminai.  That... I don't exactly know what it was, but it ambushed this entire planet... you seemed to have fixed it.  You have my thanks."

Asonja bowed a bit. "We are honored to have your thanks."

"Are there any other Servers here?" Shamus asked.

"I am the only one as far as I know," Trixin informed.

"... We should get back to finding the others then," Shamus turned to the left, a portal forming.

"You can come back at any point if you want," Trixin assured.  "I'll be looking for the others as well."

Asonja nods and followed Shamus. "We'll keep that in mind. Stay safe, Trixin."

"Likewise," She started down the stairs.

One of the statues cracks back into place, floating with a yellow glow.

Trixin Statue Gif

You have unlocked Trixin’s batons.  They allow you to move faster, create walls of light, and implode objects attacked.

You can now summon Trixin Luminai in worlds.

Asonja sighed in relief and pure exhaustion. Though he used a lot of his core energy, they were starting to recharge. Very slowly. "So, Shamus...I believe that's another one down. Who's next?"

"Well there's only one door left..." Shamus noted.

"Oh yeah...I forgot that was there." Asonja looked at it and then back to Shamus. "Shall we, then?"

Welcome to Mobius Prime Alpha

The Prime Zone of all Mobius... or at least the original.  Before the time of the Multiverse Error, this was the home of the heroes of past: a blue hedgehog and his companions.  Today it is very different.

The entire area is nearly covered in various plants, mostly grass, with some buildings sticking out in the distance.  Castle walls can be seen along a long path, leading to the original kingdom of Mercia.

"Whoa...this is interesting." Asonja muttered quietly. "Where is this exactly?"

"Prime Zone," Shamus informed.

"...It's sorta giving me chills. I don't understand why." Asonja shrugged.

"No one else is here... like that other place... too many plants," Shamus started walking forward.

Asonja walked shortly behind, shaking a bit. He moved his shaking to his hands, so it just looks like he was 'ready to fight'

The gates to the castle kingdom were overgrown. "Maybe we should call in one of the other Servers?  They might be able to help us.  At the very least, they should know some facts about it."

"Sure." Asonja agreed. "Which one, though?"

He shrugged.  "Wouldn't they all know about this place?"

"True...we haven't called Mysl yet. Want to call her?"

Shamus shrugged.  "Guess it would help with the plants."

"Alright then." Asonja brought his hand into the air and called for Mysl like he did to Revton.

A burst of blue and white appeared in a large steaming hiss before it faded into a red tint.  The black and red-scaled reptile stepped into view.

"Greetings." Asonja says politely. "Do you have a moment to tell us about this place?" He waved his arms to the environment.

"... It's Mercia," She informed.

"Never heard of it." Asonja scratched his head for a moment. "I'm not very intelligent as you can see..."

"Was that sarcasm?"

"No I'm being serious." Asonja said, with the most serious face he had. He wasn't sarcastic at all.

"... Aside from the obvious," She stated, moving past the comment while gesturing to the vines, "is there another reason you wanted me specifically?"

Asonja thought for a moment. "Perhaps get a better view of the area? For more surveillance?"

"... That is... not a task someone of my leve- I'm going to burn away these vines now," She walked forward to the entrance, smoke forming at the plants immediately.

"That... was a strange... thing..." Shamus rose an eyebrow.

"You can obviously tell I'm not good at conversations." Asonja said, looking at Shamus again before looking ahead. "Lack of communication for 6 years maximum can be...quite excruciating."

"Something gives me the feeling it may have been less than that..."

(Gonna have to continue when I have my notes for this... which are at home... The semester is evil.)

As the gates were pushed open, the interior of the kingdom was... mostly untouched.  It was silent, but unchanged from what would consider an appropriate medieval city.  Stories of buildings with underpasses and a still fountain in the middle.  No one was heard or seen at first, but occasionally there was a vine seen grown through a doorway here and there.

Asonja whistled a bit. "Looks like one of those Dark Ages sculptures."

"I'm not sensing any Servers," Shamus noted as they entered.

"Worse, neither am I," Mysl informed.

"This could be a major issue." Asonja says, crossing his arms in thought as he continued to walk and look around. "Perhaps we're not looking hard enough?"

Shamus walked over to one of the vines entering the doors,following it inside.

Asonja just follows along with a silent tone with his hands in his pockets. He looked around the environment some more, just taking it all in.

Mysl floated upward a bit, going to the higher levels.  "The main castle is further down-"

"Hold on," Shamus made his way behind a table in the dark building where the vines stopped.  It was attached to a limp mobian body.

Asonja had just noticed this almost after Shamus did. He didn't go near the body, as he did not like dead bodies for some reason.

"... This..." Shamus placed a hand to just below the chin of the mobian, another hand to the chest.  "They're still alive... but... asleep?"

Asonja turned back around and walked toward Shamus. "Well, as long as they're not dead that's fine..." He seemed to be hiding something with that statement, like he was referring to himself while saying that.

"This isn't fine," The wolf walked out.  "Mysl!  Where are these vines coming from?"

"I'm finding out now," She replied out of sight.  Shamus walked back inside.  "We... we can't just leave him here..."

"I can't carry him. I can hardly even lift 5 pounds. I would, but I can't." Asonja looked around more as well as getting a closer look at the vines. "These look natural, but I think they're growing at an unnatural speed. This place didn't develop hundreds of years ago, but probably in the last week or so."

Suddenly, a rather tight grip yanked Asonja back over.  Shamus did not look angry, but certainly he wasn't smiling.  "You see that?  It's a body.  I don't know what you've been through, but I'm tired of whatever reason you make these excuses up.  I was at pity before, but that just left when you said you couldn't help this man.  Now, help, me."

He held his hands up to his chest, not above his head, and said, "Alright alright, fine I'll help! Just don't hurt me, alright?"

Shamus let go, turning to the man.  "Okay... we need to sever this somehow..." He closed in, moving his hand around the vine and the body.  "... It doesn't look like it's fused, just... touching."

"Maybe the vine has something to do with the unconsciousness." Asonja theorized. "I wouldn't suggest touching it if it implies the same symptoms as being in a coma. Or maybe someone or something else did it?"

"... Then we use something else to pull it off," He looked around before finding a wooden ladle.  He hooked it around before beginning to pull.

Asonja was at the other end, trying to figure out how he could manage to do this without touching the vine, of course, overthinking it quite a bit.

Shamus grunted a bit.  "It's not too stiff, but... find something else to help pull."

He decided to look around his surroundings a little bit to help pull the vine. "I'll look over here, then. Probably look for something similar to a ladle." He says, crossing his arms.

Soon a potato masher could be found, along with some knives, spoons, and similar appliances.

Of course, he goes for something he's more familiar with; the knives. "Oh, here are the knives." He says as he walks back with one knife. He was gripping it oddly tight, and he seemed to gradually look...sickened.

(How Chara'cteristic) (Shhhhhhut up)

"Let's avoid cu-... you know what, let's just get it off," Shamus started pulling again.

He eyed the body, his right eye twitching for a moment before cutting away at the vines.

The vines were thick, barely denting to the slice.

He groaned and tossed the knife behind him. "Well, I guess the knife won' was about to say a pun and I hate making my own puns."

"Well don't let that s- ugh!" Shamus fell back as the vine gave way, knocking his back into a counter.

Asonja jumped back from that, picking up the knife that was near him for quick protection. "Shamus, you okay?" He asked, a bit startled. He tried to run up to Shamus without interfering with the vines.

"Yeah..." He shook his head a bit, getting up.  The vine was limp, but the body was beginning to gasp for air.

Asonja helped keep Shamus steady while he then ran for the body. "Hey. Are you alright there?"

The mobian groggily looked up.  "What... is happening?"

"I'd like to say the same thing, honestly..." Asonja leaned back up and away from the body for a moment, to take a breather from all the running he did. It wasn't even much of a run and yet he was tired... "Listen, let's just say that some vines went around you and probably induced a venom that put you in a coma, I guess."

"You... took out the plant?" He looked over.

"Well, he took out the plant." He pointed over to Shamus. "It was mainly his doing more than mine. I tried helping but it didn't work as well as I had planned..."

"Put... put it b-" The man suddenly stiffened, his eyes bulging with teeth barred.

" back?! Uhhh, Shamus! Bring the vine back here!" Asonja tried to go to the side and connect the nearest vine back onto the man.

The vine pressed against the man but did nothing.  It was withering, and the man was turning to a black shade.

Asonja stepped back, with his hands up. "Oh dear...this isn't looking good at all..."

Shamus grabbed Asonja, darting out the door.

"Gah!" Asonja yelped, getting out of Shamus' grip to get a more comfortable running speed. "What's happening?! And could you give me a warning next time?"

Shamus's hand slammed over Asonja's mouth, a stern look as he stepped aside.  "He's turning into one of those... things," He whispered forcefully.  "Don't, make, a sound."

Asonja followed those orders, but with a stubborn yet confused face. He had no idea what he meant by that, neither did he want to know as it seemed serious.

A swarm of black and yellow charged out of the building: the vines around it turning to the same color as they began tearing at the area around them.

Asonja ducked a bit in cover, putting his hands over his head. "What the heck is going on?!"

The swarm began entering different sections.  Mysl floated down to them.  "I f- what happened?!"

"We saw a body in there wrapped around vines. Once we got them off, he...turned into that!" Asonja pointed at the destruction.

"Go, the castle!" She ordered, a wall of fire going behind them.

He nods and he sprints toward the said castle.

(Can't just jump-cut to at the location X{D) (Whoopsies. I was tired during that time XD)

Shamus followed alongas the swarm continued breaking down the area.  It seemed to be ignoring them for the moment, but one of the higher platforms fell down, smashing in front of them in their way.

Asonja skidded to stop himself, but only slipped and made contact to the ground on his face. "Ow...curse my ruined shoes..."

"We have to get rid of this," Shamus placed a hand to the barrier, slowly molding it to the side.

"How're we going to that?" Asonja asked, trying to help him out with his plan. "Isn't there an easier way to get rid of this?"

"Mysl is busy.  You have something to deal with stone?"

"...Perhaps." Asonja muttered a bit. He just remember something vitally important, and thus he called for Revton's weapon.

(What's he doing?) (I have no clue what I'm doing.)

(Something that can control stone)

(Also the other thing is ready) (I will get to it soon)

The Ax-Scythe appeared once again.

He grips it like he did before, and attempted to manipulate some of the remains and debris to make a dense stronghold wall with it.

The debris formed behind and around him.

"... Okay that... was something, but we need to get into the castle," Shamus pointed to the area still blocking their path.

"I know. I was buying us more time. More time, the better." Asonja says as he sliced his own door, and kicked it down. "Man, I actually love this thing."

the debris corroded to the touch of the scythe, giving them a clear path ahead... but... behind it they could now clearly see dozens of the Unmades, as if they were patrolling.  

"Shoot." Asonja says, thinking for a moment. "How're we gonna get passed this?"  

"They haven't seen us yet..." Shamus grew out another staff.

Mysl appeared next to the two in a burst of flame.  "... We could simply charge through them..."

"True..." Asonja huffed. "But that's too boring." He says as he charges in anyway, swinging the weapon at the Unmades.

Shamus followed at his side as Mysl went behind them, a trail of fire lining their sides.  While some Unmades attacked at their sides, soon others were forming a barricade ahead of them.

"Looks like it's time to go at it again." Asonja says as he dashes ahead to attempt to break the barricade with his weapon.

A blast of stone shot at the barricade but the Unmade began to mutate, joining together into strong vines that shot back at them.

Asonja jumped back a bit, attempting to dodge some of the vines. He also tried to cut them as well, if any got too close.

The vines simply burned away as they neared Mysl, who spewed fire with a roar at the Unmades.  Shamus jumped upward, attempting to scale over the vine barricade.

Asonja helped him past, by giving him a boost with the bottom-end of his weapon. "I apologize if that hurt!" He called.

Shamus was over the vines too fast to respond.  "Get down," Mysl ordered, a blue tint forming at her hands.

Asonja ducked, following her instruction.

A massive series of sparks flew about, bringing down the area around them, as well as the vine barrier.  "Go after Shamus."

He nods, and runs to Shamus' location. "Thank you for your help, Mysl. And Revton and the rest. I don't recall names very well, so I apologize for that."

Mysl was too busy spreading the offensive to respond but far ahead, Shamus was dealing with lines of Unmades as he neared the doors of the castle.

He rushed to Shamus' side, and swiped at the Unmades. "How much more is there to deal with?"

"Just get the door open and we'll be safe... I hope," Shamus ducked as a vine went after them, stabbing his pole against the vine, causing it to implode outward.

Asonja rushes to the door, and swung his scythe at it to get it open.

The swarm circled around to stop him but Shamus was well on his way to meet it, giving Asonja enough time to hack the door down.

"Thanks Shamus!" He calls, before swinging the Scythe in different directions in quick succession at the door.

(To hit the attackers?) (No, attacking the door. Sorry, I wasn't specific.)

The door cracked down: the inner-castle revealed... but as if waiting for them, the Unmade--the Leading Unmade--stood once again in their path, the wide crazed eyes locked on Asonja.

His eyes narrowed back at the Unmade, looking slightly tough. He had the scythe on his shoulders, staring back. Althought, he didn't think much that he would get this far, so he was hiding back some hesitation. What would happen if he messes up just once?

The chained hands of the creature began to shake, sparks of energy before slamming into the ground, cracking it open.

Asonja had jumped back a bit, getting his weapon ready. Oh boy...This doesn't look good..

Not intent on simply watching, as Shamus was able to get to the door, he immediately charged at the Unmade.

"Shamus hold on a second!" Asonja rushed after him.

The ground gave way beneath them, blowing open for yards as the castle immediately began to collapse, a yellow energy pouring into the core.

(So, there's a bottomless pit where the ground is giving way and everyone's falling?)

(Basically) (Alrighty)

Asonja yelped, falling for a few meters before Mysl's wings had sprouted out from his back, just when he was about to call. He hovered where he was, looking for Shamus so he could bring him back up.

(I fixed it)

Shamus fixed his staff beneath himself to hold but magma was quickly spewing up.  Shamus darted up to get out of the way.

Using Mysl's wings, he dashed to Shamus, grabbing his staff and himself, and pulled him out of the way from the magma as fast as he could.

The entire area was shaking as they exited.  Mysl was waiting outside with the Unmades fleeing.

Asonja flew out, seeming to have nice, stable control with the wings. He would normally be flailing about uncomfortably, trying to balance, but he actually had good stability.

The ground continued tearing open, the entire castle and kingdom sinking in as gigantic vines blasted out around the area.

"This is getting crazy by the second. It's like its own doomsday..." Asonja muttered to himself, keeping Shamus by him. "Where'd that leader go? I think he escaped..." He looked around for a moment.

While the Unmade was nowhere in sight, some kind of green echidna was at the center of the planet.  They only had a second to see this before the entire continent was sent skyward, all of Mercia blasting through the atmosphere and into space.  The planet was fracturing.

"Yup...definitely a doomsday..." Asonja says, still holding Shamus and his staff weapon. "Though...who was the Echidna?"

Shamus was simply wincing from the pressure as they were now in the floating space.  He slowly inched toward the edge of the piece of debris they landed upon, looking down.  "...Have... to get down there..."

Asonja started to feel the pressure too, and winced himself. He gripped Shamus tightly, and darted off the continent and down to the planet. He avoided going too fast, to the point where he would be burning from the friction of entering the atmosphere. He went fast enough to avoid becoming a fire-ball, essentially.

Asonja found that the scattered remains of the continent seemed to still be somewhat connected somehow.  The gravity was not as extreme, and the air was still stable.  Platforms below were quickly being broken apart by massive vines shooting about.

He finds this somewhat illogical, but he shrugged it off as he knew fully well that anywhere the laws of physics just don't apply. He sometimes uses the fragments to make him sharply turn in directions to avoid the vines by going at different speeds for different sized fragments. He knew that the bigger the fragments, the more extreme the gravity was.

(Logical assessment, but in current situation... never mind.)

Shockwaves passed, tearing open the various platforms with shrapnel and debris flying upward at the two as they lowered: getting more intense the closer they got.

Asonja tried his best to be used as a meat-shield to protect Shamus, as well as dodging and weaving most of the debris. He was getting cuts left and right, serious burns, and bruises in every part of his body. They healed slowly, too slowly to catch up on the action.

Shamus stabbed his staff into a platform, flattening it into a larger shield.  "Don't need to kill yourself over this, not that I don't appreciate it."

"I know..." Asonja winced a bit, staying a constant speed. "Just needed a quick shield."

Two hands grabbed hold of them, rocketing back down.  "Could call out for me and make it easier to find you," Mysl noted.

"Oh, yeah...!" Asonja laughed awkwardly. "I'm sorry! I thought I had it under control. Thanks for the help."

They were nearing the core of the planet: the tendrils of the echidna clearly seen.  He was flailing about wildly, as if in pain as a green core was being slowly covered up by the vines.

You are fighting Corrupted Heren

"Oh boy..." Asonja actually looked more shocked than ever this time. "We gotta get those vines away somehow!"

"I... will not be of help in this situation," Mysl growled.  "Servers are not able to affect each other.  I'll protect you both as best as I can, but the vines are up to you."

Shamus spread out a spiked top to his shield, diving down toward the echidna.

"Shamus hold on a second!" Asonja shouts. "You dunno what that's gonna do!"

It was too late.  The wolf was already sliding down the ways of a vine, his staff tearing at the sides to slow his fall.  Spores began flying out with circling plant-life whipping around at the group.

Asonja blocked himself a little bit, wincing a bit. "Come on...there's gotta be something that I could do to help this out, but I have no clue exactly what to do. I'll have to jump in later to think of something, but I have to do it fast."

Mysl floated over.  "The core isn't exposed yet."

"Should the core be exposed?" Asonja asked. "I could make that happen with Revton's Scythe, perhaps."

"You need to do something.  Your friend isn't going to last long down there."

"That is true. I'm going in." Asonja brought himself down, and dug the scythe into one of the thickest vines he could find so he could balance himself as he tried to find the smallest displacement to Shamus' location.

Shockwaves made balance nearly impossible.  Shamus was grounding himself with one staff while warding off vines with the other.  

Blasts of repeating stone shot in and out of the vines,causing the rippling to get far more violent.

Whenever stones would fly to Asonja, he would jump to another vine, or slice the stones. In case he were to lose his balance, he stuck the scythe into the vine that would be thick enough to hold it until he would jump back on. He continued to make his way to Shamus

Shamus turned to Asonja as the stones covered one of the vines.  "The core!"

"What about you?!" Asonja shouted as he made his way to the core, but also to Shamus at the same time, basically going in a diagonal direction.

"I'll be fine," The bulge was noticable in the ground.  Shamus was warding off as much of the vines as he could to keep an opening.

Asonja helped him, but at a different side. He started cutting vines, and vines that he thought were coming at him. He tried his hardest, probably not his best either, to get to the core.

Shamus spread his staff around, creating a thin circle around them to ward off the vines, giving Asonja a clear shot.

He could see this shot, and went for it by making a clean vertical slice with the scythe.

The vines cracked open from the impact, revealing the core.  It pulsed repeatedly, like a bulging eye.

This made Asonja jumped back slightly, looking a bit green from that. "Eugh...that reminded me of disgusting memories..."

The vines were starting to pull back over it.

He cut those vines again, and this time concentrated on the core. "Come on...there's gotta be something I could pull..."

There were traces still remaining. It didn't seem as corrupted as the others.

He attempts to purify the core as his hands glowed possibly brighter than they have ever before and tugged at it to purify it.

(Okay, I get ya know, let me start that over.)

(Take 2 X{D) (2 is the magic number)

The core slammed out from the vines, beaming with energy.

"Good! That should do it!" Asonja said, but kept his guard up incase anything would happen.

As the core was lifted out, the body of the echidna was slowly pulling out as well.  Then... large feet slammed down in front of them.  The Unmade.

Asonja got his weapon ready, and also tried to find Shamus if he was still around.

Shamus immediately noticed the Unmade, but was trying to ward off the vines still.

"Guess it's all me..." Asonja says as he jumped up and went head on into the Unmade, swinging his scythe at them.

(I forgot to post the mini-story for the Trixin section so I'll do it when this one is done.)

The Unmade caught the Scythe, the metal flying out of it diverted to the sides as it slammed its fist at Asonja's skull.

Asonja was knocked back far from the hit, and slid on the ground. The blow created a cut on his forehead, which started to bleed. "What...why didn't it work...?"

A pink aura formed over the Unmade as it began to lift Asonja into the air, poising to strike him against the vines.

He tried to break free, struggling from it. He was straining himself a bit just by doing this.

Shamus rammed his weapon against the back of the Unmade, propelling it forward, and breaking the concentration.

Asonja managed to get down to his feet. He tried to spawn Revton's scythe again, as he rushed toward the Unmade. "Thanks Shamus!"

The Unmade charged at Asonja at the same time.  Shamus turned to aid, but noticed the echidna slowly being dragged back in, and began pulling him out.

Asonja, wishing that he could help out Shamus, was instead focused on destroying the Unmade. He got his scythe ready and began to swing at them.

The Unmade dove forward, charging at Asonja's stomach to outrun the swing.

As a result, he missed and was launched back from the blow. His weapon vanished again, as he rolled to his side and clenched his stomach in pain, temporarily vulnerable.

The Unmade started toward Asonja, but was blown forward past him as the entire area was shaking and exploding.

"We have to get out!" Shamus called over.

Asonja got up shaking a bit. "But what about that echidna earlier?" He called back, trying to stand his ground.

"He's out!  That's why we have to-" Pink energy was starting to blast open around the area.  The core was gone.

Asonja had already began running, and covered his eyes for a moment; however his back was open.

Shamus grabbed him from behind as the two were blasted up toward the floating platforms above.

Asonja coughed a bit from impact on his chest. " that the first time you've saved my life? I lost count..."

The plants began to relax.  The echidna was being tugged behind Shamus as a pink rabbit was forming at the center of the area.

"Thanks, by the way." Asonja got up, rubbing his head. He looked at the echidna and the pink rabbit, confused.

"... Get... her... back..." The echidna slowly called out from next to Shamus.

"...The rabbit there?" Asonja pointed to the pink rabbit in the distance, looking to the echidna for confirmation.

The rabbit began to vanish... into the air- no wait... the Unmade, it was pulling the rabbit up.

"Oi!" Asonja ran up, jumped and tried to bring the rabbit back down.

As he touched her, the three were rushed upward: vanishing into some kind of different realm... Everything was pink and black.  They were in the mindscape.

Asonja, being always the one confused and silent in any situation, was doing what he does best: sitting there and wondering what happened.

The Unmade stepped between the rabbit and Asonja.  A low rippling growl came from the creature.  It raised a hand, a pink blade forming out from it.

You are fighting for the Milen

Asonja stepped back, spawning the scythe weapon again in preparation. He knows that the blade could not harm the Unmade, but it was the only weapon that he could form as of now.

The Unmade charged at Asonja, whipping the bladed arm back and forth.

Asonja backed up and used the scythe to parry the attacks.

The hand shattered to the touch: the Unmade turning to make a jab at Asonja's shoulder.

Asonja moved out of the way, and kept dodging and moving back as he tried to think of a strategy to defeat this enemy.

The scythe seemed to glitch out, vanishing.  He would need to use a different tool.

He wasn't sure exactly what to use, but he tried the first thing that came into mind: regular melee. Except, he doesn't hit really hard to begin with. It was just like a poke.

The Unmade didn't react much to the punch, simply reaching out to pick up Asonja then throw him.

The creature was successful at throwing him, as he went quite a way's away. He hit the ground a distance away, rolling a couple more before stopping on his side. "Argh...come on, there's gotta be something...the scythe won't work, and I can't use melee..."

(Oh. I thought, like, other weapons to spawn in midair. Sorry.)

In an attempt to keep fighting, he summoned Mysl's wings to dash to the Unmade.

The Unmade was toppled for a moment, the wings sending flames everywhere.

He flew around in an unrecognized pattern, trying to keep the Unmade confused.

The Unmade jumped upward to avoid the flames: following Asonja's movement with its eyes.

"Shoot, he can see it!" Asonja grumbled a bit and stopped a few ways ahead of the Unmade. He spun around to try to summon a tube of spinning flames at the Unmade.

The Unmade sent a clap to disperse the flames,but it didn't seem strong enough to destroy them entirely, as the hit sent the entity sliding across the ground.

Asonja stood there, crossing his arms. "I would say something to retort to this moment of success, but I got nothing to say because I'm not sure that this'll do much."

The Unmade's time was running out.  It was slowly flickering out of space and time and it knew.  It charged back toward the rabbit.

Asonja quickly took action, and flew towards the rabbit to use himself as a meatshield.

The Unmade jabbed at clawed hand at Asonja to rip him out of their way.

He moved back, with the rabbit in his grip. Though, he got slightly cut from the swipe, but remained the same protecting the rabbit.

The Unmade sent a second jab while cutting at Asonja with their foot: a burst of the air knocking at him.

He was blasted back by the air, unbalancing him for a moment, before his wings sprout again to stop him. He then moves up into the air a little bit, out of the Unmade's reach.

The Unmade slammed at hand at the rabbit with Asonja a distance away.

"Dang it I thought I had her!" Asonja grumbled to himself before flying back over to grab her out of the way, again, using himself as a shield.

The Unmade rammed a fist at Asonja while stepping toward him, his grip loosening for a moment while his foot was slowly vanishing now.

He was shot back, and held onto the rabbit while he rolled on the ground. He was getting pretty damaged, and was panting in exhaustion. He gets up, with the rabbit still in his clutches.

Crumbling to pieces, the Unmade charged one last time at Asonja.

Carrying the bunny as much as he could, he charged the Unmade, and spun around to made a sweeping kick.

The entity burst into dissipating energy, burning at Asonja's foot.

He winced and backed off, standing on one leg since it hurt so much.

Slowly the area was fading out, returning to the reforming castle.  Shamus could be seen in the distance.

Asonja, seeing Shamus, went to him with the rabbit still with him. "What'd I miss?"

"Where... did you go?" Shamus looked over as the rabbit was slowly waking.

Asonja went back to the rabbit to help support. "I'm not sure, actually. I found this rabbit though."

"Yeah... Hi," The rabbit began to glow a bright pink.  "I- where-... Luner!" She immediately ran toward the echidna.

Asonja didn't follow quickly, but made several paces to them. "...Are they related?"

"In a sense," Shamus noted, the two Servers embracing.

"...It's heartwarming." Asonja says normally, not seeming to be affected by the emotion of happiness.

"... This is the part where we go back now I guess," Shamus noted.  "I never understood w-," He shook his head, rubbing it.

"But how?" Asonja looked at Shamus in question. "I don't see a way out here, last time I checked."

Shamus sighed.  "We form one, like the last time," He extended an arm out.

"Right, yes. I keep forgetting that..." Asonja stood next to him, extending his out. "Alright, ready."

Shamus nodded, and soon they were constructing the doorway.

"W-wait," The rabbit walked back toward them.

Asonja looked behind him, seeing the rabbit. "Huh?"

"The creature," She explained.  "It isn't what's causing this.  What you've been fighting."

"The Unmade?" Asonja stood there, slightly perplexed, and a bit aggravated. "...Then...what's the cause?"

"I don't know.  It took someone else's power.  It used that to take ours... You have to find Takris."

" it." Asonja nods, giving a small thumbs up with his other hand. "Shamus and I will keep an eye out for the culprit; just stay put for now."

"That's the last thing we're going to do," she replied.  "Take care."

"Likewise." Asonja replies and goes back to assisting Shamus. "Takris...Takris..." He repeated himself several times, quietly.

She had been gone seven months now.  He didn’t look for her, or even question the circumstances until it was so publically popular to discuss that he himself was being questioned about the circumstances.  His answer was always the same. 


“She left me.  She said she was done with me, and I didn’t stop her.”


Still, people had determined that he must have some inclination.  She was his sister after all.  She had to have told him what she was going to do.  His answer was always “She didn’t tell me anything.  She’s just gone.”  No one was satisfied.


He forced himself one day to finally go and speak to the Servers.  He hadn’t heard anyone speak of the Servers giving out new information.  They were more likely to know than he was.  If anything, they would be able to track her through their Server connections, or however their powers worked.


The Time one wasn’t around, but most of the others were easily located.  The Fire and Stone Servers would appear occasionally, and the Mind and Plant Servers were always going about the planet: mostly for recreational aid.  He never found the Water Server, but he was assured when he met with the Plant Server that the Water Server was not involved with Trixin.


Trixin… he barely knew her.  He grew up into manhood without her.  When they did meet, she was a being of unimaginable power, and later revealed as a former soldier to conquerors, terrorists in a way.  It lingered a permanent bitterness.


“She actually asked me to help her with something fairly recently,” Luner Heren—the Planet Server—answered.  “She’s alive if that’s what you’re worried about.  She left to her own planet.”


“Ow- her o- what?” He took a step back.  She was conquering worlds now?


“She… found a planet?  In our Solar System, and she began working on it.  Mars I believe.  She wanted to try with Venus but she was afraid of the heat compe-“


“She travelled to spac- where is Mars?”


“It’s behind our planet.  I want to say ‘Not too far’ but that’s really only compared to the distance to other planets.”


“… Why haven’t you told anyone else?”


“She wanted it a secret for now.”


“Then… why are you telling me?”


“… Wait,” The Server squinted at him, as if such a being would have poor eyesight.  “You ARE Richter, right?  Her brother?”


“I- u-“ He sighed.  “Yes… of course…”


“… Would you like me to tell her you want to see h-“


“No!” He held up his hand.  “I’ll just…wait… like everyone else…”


And so he did.  Richter had a secret that no one else did… and he hated it.  It became so hard not to go out and say “My sister is taking over planets!” but the Servers clearly wanted it kept a secret.  Richter tensed at the memory of when the Fire Server—Mysl Farensai—conquered the Dragon Kingdom.  She erected statues of herself and enforced her own rule.  She would have stayed in power if it weren’t for T-… He slammed a hoe into one of his fresh vegetables, shaking hands but a still body. 


He remembered when she came to him.  He told her what was wrong, and she acted immediately.  She had done it for him.  He couldn’t think of that right now, so he continued to tend to his garden.


If it weren’t for being in such an open and remote part of the Dragon Kingdom, Richter wouldn’t have been able to control himself from sending messages throughout the area.  He rarely went into town anymore, ever since he became a regretful celebrity through his sibling.  If enough time had passed, he might have even forgotten about the whole matter for a good while.  One would suppose he just didn’t think far enough to consider that she would actually come back.


Richter was getting up from bed.  He poured his drink and stepped outside to admire the blue tint of the pre-morning sky.  It was nicely quiet before the door appeared.  A massive rectangle of light that could be seen from miles.  He knew this because he could see it.  His far-off neighbors were on their way soon enough to find out what it was, but Richter knew that it had to be her.


He got to it as soon as he could.  Luner was standing there at the door, letting people through on these organic planet carriages as if they were about to leave to a theme park.  Richter could only assume this was some kind of trap.  “She’s done it then, has she?” He stiffly confronted to the Plant Server.  “And you don’t have a nerve to stop her?”


“… What?” Luner quickly sent off the most recent carriage before turning his attention to Richter.


“She conquered that Mars world and now you’re tricking people into-“


“I’m going to stop you there,” Luner waved the notion away.  “Mars isn’t conquer- well the only thing that could be is the ground I suppose.”


“… What?”


“ She- ugh,” The green echidna shook his head.  “The planet’s barr- WAS barren.  It never had any life on it.  She and I were making it habitable.  We turned it into a place people could live on.  We’re letting people go through and see what it’s like.  They can stay or leave if they want.  We’ll probably be leaving this doorway open unless we have to close it.”


Richter was silent.  He looked down.  His ears drooped and he kept wincing.  Luner rolled his eyes with a small chuckle.  “Do you want to go see for yourself?”


It took a small moment but Richter did not.  Soon he was on one of the many plant-carriages and entering a world that looked as if it was in constant evening.  The sky was a low orange.  The ground was filled with thick green grass parted only by strips of light that travelled toward the center of the city, and it was a city.  Complex houses in the style of the Dragon Kingdom were everywhere, and floating designs of dragons and various statues were designing the sky.  None appeared that resembled the Light Server.


It took only minutes for Richter to reach the main building.  It was tall, and all the light energy was spawning from it, it seemed.  Many people were walking into it, so Richter followed.  Music played, there were snacks.  He had at least five skewers of white cheese and tomatoes with olive oil sprinkled atop them.


The music stopped.  Richter and everyone else turned to the walled-off stairway as it dissolved into light.  She walked down, and gave a brief speech of greeting to those who had joined.    She offered housing, and other advantages for anyone who wanted to stretch out beyond Mobius Prime Alpha.  Richter made sure to wait until she was finished to approach her.


She was standing next to the stairway.  Of course people were crowding her, but thankfully only a couple dozen were at the building for the moment.  Richter had wished none were by the end.  When he made his way to her focus, her eyes fixed, but did not widen or peer.  She simply addressed him,




He shrunk just slightly, but managed to sound somewhat confident.  “You’ve done well with the place.”


She nodded faintly, glancing off, perhaps recollecting any trials it must have taken to turn the planet into what it was.  Then she looked directly at him again, and with poignant loud whispering clearly heard by everyone near, said…


“Get, out.”

Next one comes after this but I'll let you read through this one first. (It's a lot to take in, I will tell you that. But please, go on XD)

His name was “Trevnar the Boar”.  He was a violent destroyer of lands who sought petty reward.  He was one of the first in decades of new mobians to have developed organic abilities like many so long ago.  There were only a select handful that had made themselves known: five to be exact, and one had died already.  Trevnar was the only supernatural of the villainous bunch.


He was dropped in front of the Headquarters of Servers.  Here was the building where the Six remaining of the Servers would meet whenever a threat large enough was threatening their Universe or the Multiverse.  It had been quite some time since this was required.  Only two were on Mobius Prime Alpha regularly.  A generation had been born into its twenties without once seeing any of the others, and most didn’t even see the two that remained.  Trevnar himself was born from that generation, but he was about to have his first encounter.


It was the hero “Chill the Hyena” who brought him to the building.  He was left on the steps with no explanation.  He was not bound or weakened and thus he reacted logically: immediately beginning a casual jog away from the building.  He jerked to a halt when the massive doors behind him flung open, though he was considering running after the shocking sound was made.


“You are here to talk,” a man’s voice called out.  Trevnar slowly turned to see the glowing armor of the Plant Server.  Knowing well that he was standing in an open plain surrounded by grass, Trevnar changed his action from logical to wise: walking slowly inside the doors, though he made very sure to stay some feet from the Server.  Thankfully the Server was walking further inside.


They went up stairways till they reached an open balcony looking over the plains of the continent: still vastly empty with no populated individual in sight.  “… You’re going to turn me into a pl-“


“I like building things,” The Server interrupted: his echoing voice nearly thooming out from his armor.  Trevnar went silent.  “No one ever tries to live in these plains and the planet’s population has been far lesser now that so many people have moved to Faretess or Drafinity.  It gives me a lot of room to just… design whatever I want and then tear it down and start over.  Revten’s probably better at doing something like that—he doesn’t have to manipulate stone he creates out from the original shape it grows from—but I’m not complaining.”


“… You want a playmate?”


“I’ve got Midnight for that,” He answered, clutching the fence bars in front of them that Trevnar could have sworn were metal before they squirted out from the Server’s squeezing grasp, “did you know we used to be in a band?  A rock band?”


“… That’s… no I don’t believe that.”


“It was only forty years ago, but you’re what?  Nineteen?”




“Well either way, you missed a lot.  You missed the part where things were threatening.  Some of us would travel the Multiverse facing threats, some that actually had a chance at killing us, and when we came back here, there’d be our greatest enemies.  They’re all gone now, and I can’t say I don’t miss them in a way.  You want to know the point of me saying all this, right?”


“… Yeah.”


“You see, all those threats are gone.  Even multiverse threats aren’t on our radar anymore.  There are still problems out there but they have their own heroes fighting them and we were really only designed for this world… I think.”


“You said you’d get to the point,” Trevnar became confused but fascinated in just how far he was getting: egging on and prodding at this Server, THIS being of energy he couldn’t control or comprehend, and yet there weren’t any threats or signs of intimidation until...


“You aren’t a threat.  Your antics aren’t causing enough problems that we’d give you a platform.  You’re just doing what you feel is natural, even if it’s wrong.  Yes, I’m disappointed in what you choose to do with your power, but I sort of understand at the same time.  Still, you aren’t making anything change.  If you were, I wouldn’t be spending my days here, designing random things.”


“… Sounds like you’re bored of living forever, God Guy.”


“For now I guess,” When the Server shrugged, Trevnar almost laughed.  “I’m not bothered.  I know that new generations will come and new things will happen.  In maybe a couple hundred years, I’ll be met by something challenging that will make things fresh again.”


“So this is where you try to get me to turn good?”


“In a way,” The Server gestured out to the plains.  Trevnar squinted, but eventually caught sight of another Server.  This one was pink.  “The mind one?” He rose an eyebrow, then clutched the bars as the ground collapsed in the plains and began reforming.


“We’re designing a tournament,” The Plant Server informed.  “Everyone powered and non-powered are going to be invited to compete.  Everyone… well except wrong-doers.”


“Come on,” Trevnar floated up, hovering in front of the Plant Server.  “I’m not gonna just change myself overnight, and admit it: you like having a bad guy to entertain you.”


“You’re not entertaining,” Came a female voice from behind.  She was talking in his head: her body was still working on the tournament build.  “You’re not nearly scary enough or smart enough to cause us to get interested.  When was the last time you saw us do something against a threat on this planet?  The new heroes have that covered.”


“That’s condescending,” He huffed.


“It’s the truth.”


“We know you would love to show off your powers in this,” The Plant Server spoke back up.  “Your condition is to not disappoint us.”


“Or you’ll kill me,” Trevnar sighed.


“No,” The Server shook his head.  “Are you interested?”


“… Sure.”


“Then welcome,” As he forcefully shook hands with the boar, The armor faded.  A green echidna with markings stood smiling hopefully at Trevnar.  “I’m Luner.  We might end up friends one day.”

(Info has been read, and waiting on further information.)

A portal to the left appeared: blue water flowing upward on it. 

A portal to the far left appeared: a black crescent moon at the top.

You have unlocked Luner's Heren Orb.  Luner’s orb allows you to decay or reinforce/strengthen people and objects

You have unlocked Psyfilice's Arm-blades.  Psyfilice’s arm-blades allow you to stun/freeze enemies and lift heavy objects


Asonja looked around at the portals, slightly confused and troubled at which one to go through first.

"... Wait... N-no," Shamus clutched his arms, wincing.  Something else was forming to the right.

A distorted figure stood at the entrance of a portal to the right: A silver cat, male, with glowing yellow eyes.

A distorted figure stood at the entrance of a portal to the far right: Red and black, female.

"Those... those are... difficult."

"Which one do you suggest we take on first...?" Asonja suggested, slightly scared himself.

"I have no idea.  They don't look... mandatory but..."

The area turned... changed.  It was being remade.  The sky was black, the ground a dark blue.  Streaks of white light, like that of circuits, going about and connecting to the statues, with pathways and even hills.

"...This change is telling us otherwise." Asonja noted, rolling up his sleeves a little bit. "Looks like we have to pick one. Thoughts?"

"... The... water one?  It seems... less dangerous?"

"You might be right." Asonja says as he walks to it. "Though, I normally would be the one to say what is most ideal, but, I figured  should step back a little bit for a while so that, you could catch up."

"So I could catch up?"

"I just feel like I'm leading too much." Asonja shrugs.

"We just go with whatever we can.  Do you want to go to ther water one?"

"...I guess? You said it looked easier to conqure and I am agreeing with you so...let's go."

(4-Wall-Note: Point of no return approaching.  If you have unfinished business in any other of the completed worlds or bonus sections, you may want to wait.)

"...On second thought, why not head to the other worlds and see what we can do there?"

"Alright.  Which one then?"

"How about back to the first one? I forgot what that place was called because so much has happened."

"The first one... The first one you went to?"

"Oh yeah, you weren't there..." Asonja rubbed his chin. "But, yeah, that place."

"... The... one with... Mysl?"

"Yeah." Asonja stated, but then crossing his arms. "You sound afraid..."

"... I'm trying to pinpoint what you were talking about?" Shamus rose an eyebrow.  "Which portal is it?"

"..." Asonja stood there for a moment, trying to remember.  "Shoot, I can't even remember the color..." He muttered to himself. "Well, from what I can remember, I went up a staircase, and there I was, in the city area. I can't remember the name though, it was a floating city."

"Okay, why not try this one?" Shamus approached one that read "Faretess".

He nods. "Sounds good. Let's go."

They stepped forward back into the main floating building of the sky country.

Asonja's eyes had to adjust again to the bright light. " still hurts my eyes. But, yes, this is the place."

"What are we doing then?"

"This was essentially the first place where I got here, and the first place I met the Unmade. There could still be some Unmade beings left here."

"I don't sense anything... Should we ask the Servers?"

"Which one?"

"Either one."

"...I'll ask Revten this time, I don't think I've asked him anything yet."

"He's probably in the main floor," Shamus walked to an elevator.

Asonja followed, silently.

Eventually they arrived at the main door.  Shamus knocked.  Grumbling was heard on the other side.

Asonja stood there for a moment, seeming to look a little nervous.

It took about ten seconds for Mysl to open the door.  "Was there something you needed from here?"

"I'm trying to find out what that would be." Asonja stated. "I figured that I should check back in the previous locations for an Unmade that hasn't been destroyed."

"We would know if any reappeared," She informed.  "You can go anywhere here that you would like, but I don't think you'll find any of those."

"I understand. I figured I would just check for right now. Thank you." Asonja bowed slightly in respect and walked out.

She bowed back in return before closing the door.

"... That's it then?" Shamus asked, a bit surprised.

"I suppose so. There's really nothing more that I can do here, so we might as well head back and go to those last two portals."

"There were... about seven."

"Oh...I counted two. Weird." Asonja thought. "We'll just go into one random one I guess."

They returned to the different portals.  "Okay, how about we go to one of the ones we HAVEN'T visited yet?"

"Sure. Which one?"

"The... water one?"

"Oh, did we agree on that before?" Asonja rubbed his head, already confused. "Alright, the water one it is."

(Okay, more obvious note: The Water One Progresses plot.  The four extra ones are bonuses, and the previous worlds are there just to visit again.)

With the obvious note in mind, he decides to progress with the plot.

They stepped through into a black void.  A floating white hedgehog with blue markings was in the far distance, still.

Asonja carefully approached the hedgehog, guard slightly up, and making sure Shamus was nearby.

"This one doesn't look... uh... disconnected?" Shamus observed.  "Like... they didn't get to him yet."

"That's a good sign." Asonja noted. "...I think." He waved a little bit to the hedgehog, but didn't shout.

Shamus reached over to try and shake the hedgehog awake, but paused.  "... Uh... should we?"

"I'll do it." Asonja went up, carefully, and lightly shook the hedgehog.

The hedgehog eventually opened his eyes, looking around.  "... What is... happening?"

"I was going to ask you the same thing, sir." Asonja replied, backing away for a second. "Would you believe me if I told you about the Unmade?"

"... That sounds like some sort of... boy band... Gothic boy band."

A light streak zipped past the three of them.

Asonja stood there for a moment, silently catching his breath from the light. "...Actually, I'm not sure what they are myself, but I fought some earlier. They're pretty nasty beings."

"Wait... well... okay, where do we go?"

"Well, firstly, I want to check out what that light streak was that just passed by and almost made me jump out of my boots." Asonja walked past the other hedgehog to find its path and location.

In the void, nothing seemed visible.

"What happened to the Server Realm?" The hedgehog asked, walking toward the entrance doorway.

Asonja ran back to him, seeming to have no luck with the light streak. "I would explain it to you, but my mind has trouble translating it to words. All I can say, really, is that it turned horrible, but along the way I made it better along with Shamus here too."

"... Really..." He stepped through.  Shamus rose an eyebrow, looking to Asonja.

"Like I said, I cannot explain it into much detail, as from what I have seen cannot be created into verbal speech capable of making sense."

The Realm was quite the same as before, save for a single white path leading down to the split mountains.  "It seems... unharmed," The hedgehog noted.

"It was filled with the Unmade creatures though, and it could've caused total cataclysmic disasters." Asonja stated. "I think a planet almost exploded from them with vines, I think. And that was recent."

"He means the planets themselves," Shamus explained before becoming distracted by a figure in the far distance... a black and white distorted hedgehog...

Asonja had just taken notice after Shamus did. "...Oh dear. Anyone else getting an ominous feeling?"

"That looks familiar," Shamus noted.  The hedgehog glanced over as well.  "... Wait..." He peered.  "I... know that... one..." 

The distorted hedgehog crouched to the ground, letting out a piercing scream as other voices sounded behind him.

"...Wait..." Asonja tried to get a better look at the hedgehog, as if looking for a specific eye color.

Red, glowing red.

"...I've seen that guy before." Asonja stated. "That very hedgehog was the one that I saw when I first stepped foot in this realm." He pointed to it. "I thought he was crushed and done with."

"... Morph," The white hedgehog informed.  "His name is Morph."

The screaming became louder and louder as the ground cracked open.

Asonja covered his ears, wincing a bit. "Argh...! Too loud!" He spawned Mysl's wings and floated up to avoid falling through the ground.

Millions, billions of bodies were spawning out from the ground.  Unmades swarming the area.

Asonja looked scared out of his mind; he's never seen so much Unmade in one area before, so he flew up a bit more to avoid them and look at the overwhelming number.

Five colored blasts formed at Asonja's side as the other restored Servers appeared.  "Get down the path," Trixin directed.  "Find Takris.  This is Seela's doing no doubt."

Asonja nods, and flew down the path. No questions were asked.

Unmades followed, chasing as he went down the way.  Shamus was right behind him.  Pillars and mountains shot up around them, cracking open, blasting matter about to stop them.

Asonja just kept going, occasionally looking behind him to witness what was happening.

Matter was continuing to fall around and at Asonja while formations were continuing to appear in his path.

Asonja just narrowly dodged one to realize that. He tried to get out of there at a safe distance.

Shamus struct one of the structures with his staff, beginning to split out a path through.  "We have to get through this."

"Right." Asonja took Shamus' words and followed the other path.

Shards were forming beneath them, spliting the ground open and shooting upward rapidly.

Asonja yelps and moves out of the path and the way of the shards. He was hurt in the process.

(Escape how?)(I have no idea what I'm doing, hush >3>)

Shamus extended his staff over to grab Asonja, pulling him back toward the path.

He stumbled on the way back, and had grabbed the staff too. "This is gonna kill me before I get there..."

"Try to stay optimistic here," Shamus continued forward before the two were launched a couple dozen yards in the air.  They could see the destination: some kind of chamber far off.  However, the world was trying to block it up, and some of the Unmades were nearing.

Asonja flailed around a bit while in the air, but saw the destination before landing back to the ground. "We gotta get there quicker some how before it's completely blocked."

"You have Server tools, use them."

"Right, right." Asonja brought out Mysl's wings again, and this time made sure Shamus came along with him.

They arrived immediately at the blockings of the structure.  Shamus slowly began redirecting it.  "Get the Unmade back."

Asonja nods, and gets out the scythe, swinging a large slice at the Unmade to drive them back.

Black metal slammed down at the Unmades who pressed against it, forcing back slowly.

Asonja made sure it stayed this way, to buy Shamus time.

The opening was made, Shamus charging through.

Asonja dashed backward next to Shamus. "Alright, we should be good. Right?"

"I hope," The path closed behind them.  The Unmade seemed not to follow as they were in a pitch black room... a hall it seemed, with a white path leading forward, being the only light.

"...Welp. Follow the path again." Asonja stats and his wings vanished, so he could walk.

Things were silent as they walked.  A slow humming started the closer they got to what seemed to be a silver doorway.

Of course, Asonja still being silent, went up ahead to go through that doorway.

They arrive in some kind of base.  Doorways were about along with various computer moniters.  A silver light came from a door to the far left.

He winced at the light and went to that shining door.

Inside, the two saw two new figures, frozen in motion.  They were surrounded by a silver matter, transparent and slowing.  The first was a woman: human.  She was at least seven feet in height with yellow eyes.  She wore a long silver uniform-dress, and held a long white staff with a claw-like hilt.

The second was a pale orange fox, male, with long red arm-gloves, red and silver boots, some kind of shoulder pads--also silver, outer-leggings, some kind of rib-guard,a nd a red and silver belt with a triangular shape at the center.  His eyes were pale grey, pupilless.

"Whoa...what's a human doing here?" Asonja asked, wanting to get closer to get better looks at the two figures.

"... Seela..." Shamus recognized, walking closer as well.

The two were poised in a struggle, as if they had been fightning each other.

Asonja had just noticed this, and he was concerned. He crossed his arms in thought, narrowing his eyes.

"...Every time we wake someone up, something happens," Shamus sighed.  "... But we need answers."

"There's really no other way, Shamus." Asonja says. "We HAVE to wake them up, and endure whatever happens."

"... All this time energy," Shamus looked about.  "None of this feels infected like the others.  We have to reverse it somehow.  Best not try to absorb it."

"Yeah, that's true," Asonja agrees. "We may, or may not, need to look for clues on how to solve this...predicament, I guess."

"... This," Shamus reached out to the woman's staff, pulling it from the two.  "It commands things."

"...Welp, that's a case closed." Asonja gets closer to inspect it. "What kind of things does it command?"

"... hm..." He clutched it tightly, a deep sigh before answering.  "... Existence..."

"It commands things to exist..." Asonja crosses his arms. "Great...sounds like the ultimate tool for a villain to use. How would I know that, you might ask? Well, because it's a cliche thing, anyone who's a megalomaniac would want one of these..." He then mutters, "not me, anyway..."

Shamus tensed at this comment, for a moment looking somewhat hostile to such a statement.  He said nothing, however, and simply held the staff out, slowly pulling the energy into it.

Asonja watched, looking at it with all of his attention as if it was going to explode any minute, except without the fear.

"You may want to step back," Shamus moved back himself as the energy dwindled out.  The two figures began to very faintly, slowly, move.

Asonja jumped back, further away than Shamus.

The depletion went on for about a half minute before the woman's full movement was made available, leading to her slamming her hand into the ground.  A white crack went off, blasting everything upward.

Asonja yelped at this sudden action, until he stabilized. He wanted to land on his feet, but instead he landed on his back. He grunts on impact, and groans in pain afterwards.

The woman stood straight, her body cracking as she tore the staff back to herself.  She looked to Asonja then Shamus, glaring tensely.  The fox seemed to have vanished.

Asonja glared back, neither in a friendly way or a sinister way. It was just a glare.

"Whoever you are," She addressed, "You need to leave, now," The white crack began to rapidly spread as she stabbed the staff into the ground, a second one appearing.

"I would leave." Asonja stated, and then looked at Shamus. "Shall we?"

"No!" Shamus shook his head firmly, turning to Seela.  "You have to stop this.  Whatever you've done, this isn't what was supposed to happen."

"... I am not... in the mood for this..." The staff tore up from the ground, lava spewing out toward the two as the ground turned to ice.

Asonja quickly dodged the lava, but fell on his face and slid around.

The Lava and ice spread outward, causing a divide as layering walls of the two elements solidified in the air.

You are fighting Seela Of the Zonac Council

"Well..." Asonja looked around at what was happening. "I've said this loads of times, and I can say it again: This is going to suck."

The walls of ice and lava immediately began to rapidly expand, multiplying in a pulse motion.  Shamus spread his staff outward to shield himself but it wouldn't reach Asonja before the first lava wall.

Asonja, on a whim, decided to spawn the scythe to use that to protect himself. He would think a bit better, if this wasn't so sudden.

A metal barrier immediately formed in front of him, though the lava and ice was soon damaging it.

"Argh, come on..." Asonja thought for a moment on how to get out. He tried looking for clues, and looked back on what he knows as of now.

The room was a large square void save for the areas being manipulated.  He was being faced with a matter of conflict.

He had trouble coming up with a solution for this, but was struggling to come up with anything. Of course, he was overthinking it and second-gussing himself, so he wasn't sure if he was right on what to do.

The metal was nearly destroyed now.

He tried fortifying it again, trying to give himself more time to think.

Vines were growing out from the ground, grabbing hold of both him and Shamus.

"Gah! Come on..." Asonja groaned a bit, struggling to get out of the vines now. He concentrated for a moment, his wings sprouting out of his back and burning the vine. Then, he spun around with the wings to create a storm of fire at the ice wall.

The ice wall shattered back but the fire was soon pulled toward Seela as she began sending rapid shots of differently-colored stone shards at the two.  Shamus had darted to the side at this point, beginning to circle around her.

Asonja had then spawned the cuffs, to stop the shards from moving. He then turned them around and shot them the other way, toward Seela.

Seela quickly knocked the shards to the side, sending Shamus to the ground for a moment.  She looked tensely at Asonja, lifting a hand as the gravity below the hedgehog began to weaken.  "How are you using those?"

"By freeing the Servers, I have gained their abilities for my own use." Asonja states. He spawns the earth orb, and vines clung his feet down to the ground to remain stable. "...Of course, by also fighting back," he adds.

"That, is, an abomination," Her hand closed, multiplying Asonja's gravity as a shield formed behind the woman.  Shamus slammed against it, barely penetrating through it with his staff.

Asonja grunted and groaned as he tried to remain up. The vines vanished from his feet and he directed more vines around the woman quickly.

Seela raised her hand to the vines, stopping them in motion but as she fired another wave of fire toward Asonja, a silver light stopped it.  A silver light then formed around Asonja, speeding him up and reversing the gravitational change.

He asked no questions about what that light was about. He used this to his advantage, as made the vines vanish to dirt particles as a distraction. He moved around, having not distinct pattern, and he dashed toward her with the scythe at the ready.

Seela held her hand out to freeze Asonja mentally but Shamus forced her to divert her attack back at him after launching his staff against her head.  Still, she was not underprepared, sending out a pulse moving all matter some yards back once more.

Asonja struggled to stay on his feet as he was blasted back. He looked to Shamus to see how he was holding up.

His legs were bleeding but he was standing.  Seela prepared to crush the two of them, but the flame walls suddenly reverted, as did the scene itself, the ground flattening as the fox returned between the three.

Asonja said nothing on the matter and looked at the fox. He was getting pretty tired as he was panting, but still gripping the scythe he had.

"We are wasting time," The fox extended his hand to Seela's staff, pulling it toward himself, but... Shamus intercepted, grabbing the staff tightly.

"...Uhh..." Asonja stood there, just watching what was happening.

The fox didn't seem to mind Shamus catching the staff, his hands resting at his sides for the moment.

"How are you-" Seela was cut off by the wolf as he turned to the fox--Takris--"You... are an anomoly..." he then drove the staff into the chest of the fox, and once more, the area turned to white.

"Whoa whoa whoa, Shamus! What the heck are you doing?!" Asonja shouted from the back.

Gunfire was heard.  Smoke was in the air.  Slowly the white light faded.  Asonja found himself in a city in the middle of a warzone.  Humans--strange humans with black markings on their bodies--ran about in military gear.  To Asonja's left was Seela, unconscious.

Asonja, being pretty careful, looked at his surroundings before heading to Seela. "What the heck is happening..." Asonja said to himself before examining Seela's condition

the woman groaned as she started to roll over on her side.  "What... i-..." she sat up immediately.  "This i-" she looked over at Asonja.  "I suppose you're the cause of this too?" She peered.

"I highly doubt that; I just got here." Asonja stated. "Mind telling me what's happening here?"

"Yes, I do," She huffed, standing up.  "You and your... him, what were you doing?  You stole the Servers powers and now we're... here..."

"We didn't 'steal' them, mind you." Asonja says. "It's these weird creatures running amok and Servers were trapped and captured, I think, and we saved them. Then eventually we came up to you and now we're here."

"What creatures?" She stared in disbelief.  "Why should I-... never mind," She waved her hand away, walking outside of the damaged building they stood in.  "You shouldn't exist in this year, so we need to find out what this was all about."

"I would explain it properly if I wasn't thrown in every direction possible." Asonja says back.

"What do you know about your friend?" She asked, looking around for her staff.

"That wolf guy?" Asonja asked. "Well, about him, I don't really quite know him except that he's a wolf and his name is Shamus. That's....That's about it."

"He didn't mention a family or anything like that?"

"...He probably did, but I probably wasn't paying attention."

"Well he did this to us, and now he has my staff.  You never asked who he was at all?"

"Nnnnope." Asonja shrugged. "I thought he was on my side and just happened to accidentally jump in with me. So he's the bad guy now?"

"I don't... I don't know," She huffed.  "Next time, find out who you're trusting before letting them on an adventure with you.  Case in point, do not expect me to watch your back during this once I figure out what's going on.  Right now you're the only person I get to blame for this catastrophe until we find that wolf," She stepped outside.

Asonja shrugged. "I mean, if you want, you could end it right now."

"Me not liking you doesn't equal me wanting to kill you, Mobian," She replied, looking about the area.  A large light blue energy pillar was in the far distance of the city's center.

"Welp, I guess we're gonna have to figure out what's going on here." Asonja shrugged again. "I'm surprised I haven't even died yet from a stray bullet."

"... Did your friend know much about the Servers?" Seela asked, ignoring Asonja's comment as they went through the street.  The area seemed empty for the moment.  Whatever fighting that had been going on apparently moved on.

"He assumed to know more than I did." Asonja answered. "Just thinking about it now, he seems to know that they existed. I'm not a person to be looking up Gods or divine beings to begin with, but, seeing is believing."

"How much did he know?"

"He probably knows everything about them, I don't know." He shrugged again.

"... No one just knows everything about the Servers," She looked back at Asonja briefly.  "You have traces of different energies."

Before the conversation could go on further, the ground shook as the building to their front busted open, pieces flying down toward them.

Asonja, quickly, brought out the cuffs and stopped the projectiles and dropped them to the ground. "That was close."

Seela immediately tackled Asonja to the ground, grabbing hold of the cuffs as strange lines grew over them, causing them to vanish.  "You can't do that!" She breathed out before closing her eyes, standing up more calmly.  "... We are not in the present day.  In any other circumstances, quick thinking with such a reaction would be commended but allow to imprint the danger of any interference with this world.  We... are in the Birth Zone.  This is the world before your--or any--Multiverse."

"Oh.." Asonja blinked a few times. "Well, shoot, I wouldn't have done that if I had known."

She waved the notion away, not appearing particularly cross about the matter.  "If you can retain the tools here, most-likely they will dissolve eventually.  There should not be a connection in this point of time... that energy must be causing this," She started climbing the rubble.

"Perhaps..." Asonja said, following her. "But I'm powerless without them, as far as I know. Well, not entirely powerless, but...LESS powerful."

"I'm aware," She replied darkly, pulling herself up to the blown out story of the building.  "The fact that you have that energy is unnerving."

"Please, I never even wanted it." Asonja rolled his eyes. "Having that kind of power takes loads of responsibility."

"Not that energy," She replied, looking about the area for a way down.  She began carefully down the side of the opposite wall.  "It's commonly called 'Chaos' I believe."

"Oh, right, that, I forgot I had that." Asonja stated. "I dunno how to use it, to begin with."

She dropped down completely to the street, jogging toward the light.  The gravity around them began to increase slightly.  Rocks denting the ground were getting further into the asphalt.  People ahead were flat on the floor.

Asonja followed, but was struggling to keep up from the gravity. "Argh...jeez, I already feel like giving up right at the beginning..."

"Don't you dare," Seela snapped back at him with a glare.  "I'm dragging you through this until this mess is cleaned up," Her teeth gnashed, though this was probably more because she was trying to stay upright more than being angry.

Asonja growled a bit, trying to go through. "I can't even move a muscle now and you're further than me!" He talked back.

"Just... keep..." She became distracted.  A platform stood at the base of the blue energy pillar.  Two men were pushing toward the center of it.  One was a young man with grey hair, the second a much more aged and bulky man.

"...Who're they?" Asonja asked, from far behind.

"That... George... h-his... name was George," She answered, closing her eyes for a moment.  Something was seen in the far left, a wolf figure.  Seela seemed to not see it, paused as she looked on at the pillar of energy.

Asonja took interest in that wolf, trying to see if he could pull anything important from the wolf's appearance.

(Take all the interestings).  Considering this was the only mobian wolf in the area, the amount of people he could be was limited.

(@_@ Absorbing interesting into cereberal cortex). Asonja was confused with what was happening, considering he's never seen so many humans in one area.

Seela was now walking toward the two men at the pillar, though the wolf seemed to be walking away.

While Seela went toward the humans, the hedgehog made his way to the wolf instead.

The wolf was making his way away from the glowing pillar, his fur falling off a bit with each step.

Asonja 'erk'ed a little bit at the sight of this, but continued to follow all he could.

The area suddenly began shaking.  Asonja could see that Seela was calling out to the older man, this "George".  Despite her advice prior, she seemed to be tampering and this could not be allowed.

"OI!" Asonja stopped and pointed to her. "Step away from him!"

She didn't seem to hear him.  The pressure was still going on and it was quite loud.

Asonja then had to use brute force to get her away, even though he was pretty small. He made her way to her and tried to stop her by holding the bottom of her legs and dragging her away. "Get away!"

"W- what are-" she shoved Asonja back, losing her balance in the process and falling on her back.

Of course, Asonja's size compared to humans were not that great, so he sort of got crushed underneath the upperback. He poked his head out, his eyes swirling a bit before regaining his vision. "We shouldn't interact with any one of these could mean catastrophe."

"... Ri- right..." She took a clawed hand to her face.  "That was stupid," She scoffed.  "That was stupid," She shook her head, slowly walking further away from the two.

Asonja joined beside her, not saying much of a word. He looked down as he walked; he never looked up unless he saw something in front of him.

Just as they turned, Asonja caught a glimpse of it.  The Unmade somehow had followed, and it was going toward the two men.  Luckily Asonja and Seela were still closer, but whatever this creature had in mind, it could not have been good.

Asonja stopped Seela, looking at the Unmade. "Run." He said.

"I take it that is one of the creatures you had originally mentioned," She gathered, now walking toward the creature actually.

"Yes, but I suggest we shouldn't..." Asonja stated before cutting himself short, sighing, and running to catch up to her.

"You're wrong," she retorted plainly.  "Just like everyone who keeps getting in my way all the time, and the reason we're stuck here..." She took a breath to calm herself.  "I'd ask why your Shamus friend thought attacking me would have anything to do with these creatures, but I assume he was just lying to you for whatever reasons."

The creature noticed the two, and stopped, looking dead on at them.

"Have you actually killed one of these, or just fought them?" Seela calmly asked.

"I believe we just fought them. I could kill them, maybe." Asonja states, clearly doubtful of himself.

"... Those gauntlets on its arms... aim for those," She instructed.

"With what?" Asonja asked. "I don't have access to the other powers, remember?"

"Considering the circumstances, there are few options."

"What few options do you see that I don't see?"

"Break the gauntlets off," She replied, not really answering the question exactly.  "There's conflicting energy inside of it.  I suspect if we can unhinge it, it may simply die off."

"True...but with what?" Asonja stated, getting slightly impatient. "I don't get a shove and be expected to know what to do like this, you know. I strive on clear, and precise instruction."

"If you think we have the time to-" Of course they did not, as the creature was not interested in waiting further while they discussed ideas, and was already rushing them.

Long-story short, Asonja wasn't prepared for it as he thought the creature was further away than anticipated.

Seela dove to the side herself, the metal of her shoe kicking at the gauntlet on the right arm.

Asonja weakly grabbed the left and tried to tug on that to get it off. Without his abilities, he's kind of powerless.

The Unmade tossed Asonja upward, staggering just slightly from Seela's kick.  He wasn't... as fast as before.  It seemed that they weren't the only ones affected by this massive time-travel.

Realizing his abilities still worked, also realizing he was just being too obedient, he got out the scythe to stop his fall and attack the Unmade with it.

The Unmade's hand collided with the Scythe, cracking the gauntlet upon impact, but sending both of them backward.

"I said not to use those!" Seela scolded while regaining her stance.

Asonja rolled his eyes and the scythe vanished. "The gauntlet's off though, isn't it?"

The Unmade was swinging an arm toward the both of them as they discussed now, giving Seela no time to respond.

Asonja also had no time to react, but he did react quick enough to at least attempt a block.

The Unmade immediately drove Asonja to the floor, pounding at him.  Seela of course was not fond of this idea and promptly kicked at the Unmade's head from the side to knock him back.

He coughed, slightly in pain. He had a slight cut mark on the side of his face, and he tried to get up. "Dang...I wasn't quite...expecting that..."

Seela took hold of the Unmade before it could grab her, swinging it around to the side.  "Grab something to shatter it maybe."

He nods and looks around for something to use. Of course, he was tempted to ue his abilities again, but he decided not to make her mad anymore; besides, she was WAY taller than Asonja would ever be, so if she can throw a being somewhat the same size as him, it wouldn't be worth it to try.

The area was covered in various debris and rubble, some metal supports in houses hanging limp.

Asonja took the liberty to try to yank the support beam from a nearby house with both of his hands pointing to do it and trying to yank it from there.

It bent off as the Unmade was attacking Seela.

He gripped the beam after catching it, and he swung it as hard as he could at the Unmade. "Take this, pest!" he shouts.

The Unmade slammed a hand at the beam, cracking it against the gauntlets with Seela kicked back a ways.

Asonja kind of stood there, still in the position before the Unmade broke the beam. He blinks several times, looking like an absolute fool. "Uhhm...I was not expecting that."

The Unmade threw both arms down to crush Asonja at the head.

He tried to jump back to dodge, and block just in case.

The first gauntlet began sparking, the Unmade vibrating as he was temporarily vulnerable.

Asonja puts his hands back in his pockets and attempts to blow a kick to the Unmade.

The Unmade attempted to head-butt at Asonja as he struck,but the creature fell back, with Seela stabbing a piece of asphalt into its arm, scraping the other gauntlet.  The spasming continued to grow, the creature finally giving a single sound, a single scream as the gauntlets fell.

"Phew...thanks for that." Asonja stated, wiping his trench coat for a moment. "Quite a shocker there."

"Back up," Seela instructed.  "Actually, run probably.  He's probably going to-" The gauntlets evaporated as random colors began rapidly lighting up on the figure.

"Better take your instructions for granted." Asonja says before sprinting off in the opposite direction.

Seela was immediately running in the opposite direction.  A quake was felt, but if they were to turn around and look, they would see that no explosion had happened.  A single short figure sat dazed: grey fur, nub feet, large floating lense eyes.

He narrowed his eyes for a moment at this figure. " look familiar." He says, walking up to him.

He didn't have the time to inspect further. The pent up energy finally released, and suddenly the figure was expanding, growing out, massive arms and legs, like that of a giant beast with the lenses growing out to gigantic discs just above the back: black and various rainbow flares forming about the now forty-foot monster that roared in front of them, sinking just slightly into the ground,

Asonja just stood there, mainly shivering in fear; he always felt defenseless when giant things are coming to get him. All he could think of was running away and screaming.

The creature roared at the two of them, Seela clutching tightly at the damaged gauntlets.  Fortunately and unfortunately, the monster then charged back toward the pillar where the two men struggled toward the center.

Asonja stops and takes a quick look behind him. "Jeez...please tell me I won't encounter that again..."

Seela didn't give a comment as she was charging after the creature, who was already only a few yards from the pillar.

Asonja didn't seem to try and stop her this time; he was not going near that giant monster.

His lack of action seemed to become a moot point as the monster collided with the pillar.  Immediately the area began to rapidly and randomly change.  Speeding up, slowing down, evolving, devolving.  Everything was changing in the timestream and Seela was trying desperately to get back toward the pillar while the massive impact was pushing against her.

Asonja groaned at his cowardice and came up to Seela. "We don't have much time, we can't stay here any longer! Just forget these people and let's get out of here!"

She grasped the hedgehog by the head, easily yanking him up to her seven-feet height.  "If you don't stop talking and start helping me, and if I somehow survive this afterward, I will personally seek you out and destroy you.  Now help me stop the Omniverse from never happening."

"...Right, I'll try not to be that annoying character that everyone hates." Asonja says, crossing his arms.

"I said stop talking," She let him go, pressing forward toward the creature as it bashed against the remains of the pillar.  Random pillars were appearing all over them.

Asonja kind of stood there, sometimes stepping forward, and most of the time skipping back. His feet were dancing like he had to empty his bladder, but didn't know where to go.

The lenses atop the head seemed to be the only thing actually charged on the creature, and what Seela seemed to be going toward when she wasn't trying to get out of the way of the debris.

"DRGH!" Asonja grunted and hit himself a few times in the head. "Focus! Focus! How am I going to do this..."

"CONSIDER MY RESTRICTION ON THOSE ABILITIES LIFTED!" Seela yelled back, reaching up to the back leg of the creature.

"NOW you tell me!" Asonja yelled back, spawning the axe. He runs forward, and jumps fairly high into the air to each for the lenses to strike. Unfortunately, he couldn't jump high enough.

The axe dug into the body of the creature, sending a spasm of random plants and items outward.  Seela began climbing up as the beast decided to retaliate, jumping back and trying to spin them off.

Asonja got himself off and tried again with a different weapon. "Get back here!" He yells and throws his weapon.

The creature turned, roaring blasts of energy at Asonja, conflicting with the weapon's own as Seela neared the lenses.

Asonja jumped back, almost making a cowardly yelp noise. "There goes my courage for the hour!" Asonja screams and pants.

"DO NOT STOP!" Seela yelled back.

"What am I supposed to do?!" Asonja yelled back. "I'm only going to get fried or stomped on!"

"Form a barrier, launch something into its mouth, use something!"

Asonja thought for a moment. "Perhaps this is the only time I'll use this..." Asonja gets out a specific weapon throws it at the monster this time. You know, the one that explodes depending on the target's movement.

(Mah goodness) The monster was sent a couple dozen feet back from the impact, jerking Seela against the lenses.  She was dazed, trying to weakly hold on, but one of them seemed to be cracked.

(I can't remember names, okay @_@)

"Good, that's one lense down..." Asonja mutters, keeping a close eye on Seela probably for too long as his guard was down.

(I'm not going back to jail .w.)

Sprouts of... strawberries apparently, were now going upward from the ground beneath his feet.

"What the...?" He jumped away from the sprouts. "Ew, strawberries...not my favorite kind of treat."

The creature narrowed its eyes at Asonja, turning to him.  It was going to attack directly.

"Oh I'm sorry, big guy, do you like strawberries?" Asonja crossed his arms, just messing with the monster. "Grow some thick skin would ya? It's just an opinion."

It pounced at him, shaking the ground around itself.

"YEEP!" Asonja yelped and dashed backwards, and continued to do so until he was far away enough. "Congrats, you just made a Goth scream like a girl...are you happy now?"

The creature didn't seem to acknowledge... or understand him, as it was still chasing after him. Seela was still atop, not exactly able to do much without a weapon of some sort.

Asonja groaned a bit as he kept trying to get spots to throw a weapon to Seela. "Seela! Catch!" Asonja shouts as he throws a covered weapon of sorts to avoid the weapon from hurting her. It was the scythe, but compared to her, it was like a farming hoe.

She quickly took hold of the weapon: immediately converting it into her own staff as she plowed it into the side of the second lense, imploding it, and the other immediately.  The energy within spasmed out as the creature slowly began to compress, crack, and scream out in pain.

Asonja cringed slightly moments away, seeming to have a pained look on his face like he was the one being stabbed.

(Will continue when I get back from classes.) (Right)

Asonja felt a pull, his restoring abilities fading out as the strange glowing hand ripped from his body, going back to the creature.  Collapsed unconscious to the floor was Urd.

"Well, no wonder it looked familiar..." Asonja said, rubbing his normal hand. "I feel...lesser now." He muttered as he walked up to the figure that was Urd. "You alright there?"

Urd did not seem able to respond, though a second hand shot back into him, reforming his egg-shaped hands entirely.  The pillar however, was exploding.

Asonja picked up Urd as much as his strength could. "I believe we should get out of here..."

(The super heavy small man X{D) "Yes..." As the pillar bursted out, Seela rose her staff, sending Asonja out of its range with Urd.  The two vanished through a sort of portal, once more into a void, though this time populated by floating plants.

Asonja was slightly urked at what happened, but looked around. "Well...this is interesting." He states, and tried to find where Urd landed.

Urd seemed to be floating in place, just swaying slightly as things flickered out here and there... A brief voice spoke a brief story.

I looked on the eyes of a figure before we launched.  He was terrified.  In his arms lay the body of a child.  The child was probably dead already, but that didn’t stop him from ramming his hand into pulp trying to force his way in.  He wanted to save all those people so badly.  They wouldn’t have survived, and it wasn’t our responsibility to take care of them.  We were the pure ones: not touched by the mutations.


So we went up into the sky and watched as the consequence of the world-leaders’ actions came into effect.  The Xorda rained destruction on the planet, adding more chemicals that combined with the mutations of before.  They’re called “Mobians” now, but we saw their creation.


For four thousand years, we remained in our station, developing our creations to spread into the three corners of the Oververse.  Three separate forms of our designs.  We became so enthralled by our own genius that we nearly forgot our pasts.  I was once a small girl, standing on a sidewalk, with chalk in hand. 


I was going about my day when conflict came to my neighborhood and I was terrified, but… the man… his name was George I believe… he protected me.  He preserved me and brought me to the safe zone for people that were still pure human.  We were kept under high watch and never allowed outside.  I was too scared to want to go outside, but Tresill was there, and he had always been the most emotionless yet enthusiastic person I had ever met.  He spoke and acted as though indifferent and detached from all people, yet his actions were always selfless for the betterment of those he thought highly of.  He was certainly curious.


He agreed with me that sneaking out one day, just for a bit, was a bad idea.  I didn’t know it at the time, but he was looking for confirmation when he said he would go and I felt compelled to go with him.  That was the day he discovered my little crush on him.  After that day, he gave me special attention, but he reminded me that we were never going to have a perfect union in the world we were living in.


We were smart: far smarter than anyone else.  I thought we were mutating but some people are just that intellectual.  We excelled at every test, and started seeking out others like us.  We didn’t care if they were pure or not… at first… 


The only ones we originally found WERE pure humans but along the way, we became elitist and we could have made better friends in the process if our heads weren’t so big at the time.  Still, we were limited.  Thankfully by the time we were young adults, we were far more capable than our protectors and left.  They could not stop us.


We began work on plans to research and channel all the new elements given to us at the time.  We constructed our transport, and gave ourselves enhancements neither mutant side had, even the hybrids.  I was by Tresill’s side the entire time, and he was by mine.  We would complete our plan and go into space to put our multiverse into place.  The last moment of doubt I had was when I looked upon the face of that man…


He had visited me, protected me multiple times, and called upon our help when the Xorda arrived.  He asked for the child to be taken and I stood there as we rose to the clouds.  Our thrusters burned them all to a crisp.  That man was killed.  It only made sense that we would be attacked by this ‘Never-Dead’ later on.  Our actions led to various worlds being taken, and it must have taken his, or perhaps he was just selfish and wanted our skills and technology.  He is gone, this Never-Dead, for now, but I cannot help but feel that won’t be the last I see of him.

Here, the vision... the words, ended.

Asonja had stood there quietly, absorbing the information into his brain. Unfortunately, there were some cases where he didn't understand much of the context as he was having trouble piecing everything together in his brain. He decided to wait for the perfect moment to piece everything together.

He was in a jungle-like forest.  The sun was high above them, with Urd on the ground... along with... a male human.  He had grey hair, looking about... late thirties.

Asonja kept his distance from the male human, as if he was a bit scared seeing a human for the second time. He wondered where the human female went, but was more concerned with what was happening.

Chapter Two: Restoration

Welcome to Original Kingdoms

A brief flicker of silver shot through into Asonja.  While he did not retain the other abilities, a new one had been unlocked.  You now have the Chronos power.  With this time-based ability, he could see the past and future of the area around him.  This human in front of him had been the wolf from before.

Asonja looked at himself for a moment, not realizing what this meant for him. He looked at the human again for a moment, not seeming to get much of the simularities. "Where...exactly are we?" Asonja asked.

"... I'm not really sure," He answered.  "We could just be back at one of the worlds from before... You're... probably," He turned back to Asonja.  "You're probably wondering what I was doing before..."

Asonja looked confused for a moment, but blinked in understanding. "You looked entirely different from the last time I saw you, attitude-wise and now appearance-wise. What exactly was going on through your mind?"

"When I realized... who I was, I also realized where the... Unmade, would be going next.  It was heading to the origin point.  I don't know if it was going to just erase all that would happen, or remake it as it wanted.  This... " He looked over to Urd.  "You remember how you saw us before this started?  Back at your world?"

"Yes. It's very clear." Asonja states, looking away from the group. "But how did all of this happen is my were a wolf one second and now you're a human being. I'm still the same. Why is that?"

"The Reality Fall," He answered.  "I... died at some point, along with almost all of the others--at the hands of the Never-Dead--but there was this event people often call 'The Reality Fall'.  It brought me back in a way, but I didn't have my memories.  I was just in the form of a wolf... The Reality Fall affected most of the Multiverse, with the origin energy of what you would call all things--the Source of All--creating random events, memories, structures.  After it had settled, some people," He gestured to Urd, "were inbued with its power..."

He looked at Urd, and then back at the prevoius-wolf. "That seems a bit much..." Clearly he doesn't know the power that he himself has compared to everyone else.

"It was this... 'Urd' that told me what was going to happen.  We were at your world at the time, so we went to try and save the closest person.  Urd used his power to shield you and me, but that made him vulnerable and... the thing that started all this... got him."

"I was wondering what that was..." Asonja stated, looking back at the first moment he saw Urd. "What was that...?"

"The figure?  Urd knew that part," Tresill--or Shamus--informed.  "Some other Reality-Warper like him."

"I see..." Asonja stated, looking off again. "And I'm stuck here doing heroic things. Nooot my forte."

"How much longer are you going to keep saying that?" He picked up Urd.  "We need to move."

"I'll say it over and over again until my mental set is changed to that of a depressing lump of trash." Asonja states and follows along. "But, yes, we need to go."

The human just sighed, walking through the brush of the thick veggitation.  It wasn't long before they heard Seela's voice calling "HERE!  Over here!"

Asonja jumped a little bit and ran up to her voice. "Hello. Where have you been? I thought you died."

"I did too," Her hand came up from the ground.  "I'M UNDER A ROOT!"

"Well, that's a problem. Allow me." Asonja states and grabs her arm to pull her out. He wasn't the strongest, though, so he probably wasn't doing anything.

Her leg slowly began to slide out from under the root.  Her shoe slipped off finally, allowing her to get free.

Asonja kept on tugging, somehow getting faster than the last second before. He was groaning as he pulled.

Seela stood up once free, groaning out a brief "Appreciated... NOW... we need to get moving.  I stopped the pillar in the original world from completely changing, but that thing took my link.  We need to find the Phantis."

"Whatever that is, I'm sure that's not so hard." Asonja states, rubbing his knuckles for a moment.

"That's optimistic," Tresill noted.

"Let's move," Seela groaned, stepping through the brush.

Asonja stayed in the back, as always, grumbling over Tresill's words "Yeah, yeah, like I'm ever optimistic these days. I'm highly uncertain, which causes more possibilities of surviving or death."

"The Phantis wasn't activated in this version of the multiverse," Seela explained, ignoring Asonja's self-notation.

"... This v- we're in one of the originals?" Tresill inquired.

"Yes, but there's a section where eventually an item will be created by the Phantis.  We need to get there and use it to track the entity and stop this."

They were out of the jungle area soon enough, a large clearing where medieval ruins laid in waste on mountainsides.

Asonja went into his coat pocket on his side to pull out a black steampunk pocket watch that made quiet ticking noises. He put it back into his pocket in a bored manner. He then looked at his surroundings. "Where is this?" He asks, possibly not getting the memo earlier.

"This is one of the original kingdoms of the Servers," Tresill informed.  "It was fascinating seeing how Tresser built above ground instead of inside the water."

"Considering the fact that we as living beings do not have the capability to breathe underwater." Asonja points out. "...Or perhaps there are many loopholes that I am not aware about..."

"I never saw your world, hedgehog," Seela addressed in her typical irritated tone, "so my condolences if you don't know what aquatic life is."

"Tresser is the incarnation of water," Tresill explained gently.  "All water in the omniverse is connected to him."

"Different versions of him," Seela corrected.

"Jeez, all of this...multiverse or omniverse nonsense..." Asonja grumbled, scratching his ear. He was strangely getting more irritated, as if having a jealous tone.

"WE, CREATED, YOU," The tempermental woman swiftly turned in Asonja's direction.  "We designed your entire sub-class species.  Such arrog-"

"This is not even close to the time," Tresill interrupted.  The area... echoed, shifting.  The area far away from them was fading out.

"...Uhm." Asonja looked at it, fading. "I think we might've changed the past a little bit, maybe..."

"That isn't us," Tresill noted.  "It's that thing spreading around."

The area in front of them was fading fast. "We can't let it vanish!" Tresill ran forward to the remains being erased.  And reminder note, Asonja gained a specific new power

Asonja looked at his hands for a moment, getting a quick image of the silver lighting hitting into him. "Let's see...perhaps we'll look into the past to see what made this occur..."

"We know what made it occur," Seela replied.  "We need to make sure it doesn't vanish before we get to the location!"

"I'm not sure how to fix that, ya know." Asonja states, scratching his head for a moment before running with them.

Using the new time powers like the restoring powers

He stops for a moment, looking back at his hands. He points his hands at the vanishing area. "This seems insane...but let's see if this'll work."

The erasing process seemed to pause at the entrance point, slowly reversing.

"So far so good..." Asonja muttered, trying to focus more. "I'm not even sure how this is working..."

"We need to keep moving," The two opened the main entrance, rushing through.

Asonja dropped his hands and followed them inside.

(I don't know what happened but I'll re-write it @_@)

They arrived at a large distorted space of a courtyard.  Platforms circulated about, and at the center of them was... nothing, but this nothing must've been important because Seela wasn't stopping as she jumped to a platform.

"Careful..." Asonja pleaded with not much "caution" in his voice.

As she stepped to a platform, it vanished.  Tresill yanked her back.  "This isn't working," She groaned.  "They're not fully tangible..."

Asonja brought out his hands again, parallel to the floor. "Let's fix that, then." He says as he focuses to get the area back.

The platforms slowly began to lower, slowing, but seeming not to change too much.  "... I guess... keep them still as much as you can," Tresill instructed.

Asonja nods, acknowledging his instruction. He groaned a bit, trying to keep the platform still.

They shook faintly, as if pulling against him.  Seela was soon on her way.  As it went on, however, some voice... familiar... he could hear behind him almost "So, what kind of insanity have we gotten into this time?"

Asonja didn't bother to look, but he considered concentrating on what he was doing, but he also began hearing the conversation behind him.

He could feel something very faintly poke him.  A thin pointed finger.  "You're an odd number in this pair aren't you?"

Seela was at the center now, and Tresill almost there himself.  They motioned for Asonja to come over.

Asonja didn't dare to look back to see what poked him. He ran forward, about to jump at the platform, but he stopped and stepped back. He was...not a fan of gaps. "H-hold on, I'll...I'll get across somehow..."

"The whole dimension is going to vanish from existence any moment!" Seela called over.  "Now!"

Asonja quickly jumped to the platform, and looked behind him for a split second.

Upon touching the platform, he began to fall, as if his body wasn't compatible with it... but, while he couldn't see it at first, a small gust of sand blew him over to the center, with the others.

Asonja made a yelping sound, falling face first afterwards. He gets up, rubbing his nose. "What the heck was that...?"

"What are you talking about?" Seela inquired impatiently.

"Nothing of importance..." Asonja sneered a bit. "We have to hurry."

"Here, now," She pointed at their spot.  "Excellerate this spot in time."

"L-like, fast-foward into the future?" Asonja asked, in utter confusion.

"Yes.  That idiot, Takris, decided to give you the power, and since we are cut off from whatever took over the-"

"EXCELSIOR!!!!" The previously unconscious body of Urd sprang to life, shorts sparks zipping about him as he floated up, his crown reappearing as his lense-eyes flickered back to life.

Asonja made a yipping noise and jumped back in surprise from Urd's revival. "...Bloody..." Asonja stopped himself from talking again.

"Greetings, Sir Asonja!" the midget man waved.

"Hello." He waves back. "I'm surprised you remember my name. Am I not that hard to recognize?"

"Well it is quite true that our previous endevours were ended abruptly without completi-"

"ARE YOU ABSOLUTELY SUICIDAL!?" Seela choked the air with shaking hands.  "We are SECONDS from being erased from EXISTENCE!"

"Foul tone this woman," Urd turned to them.  "Pray tell the circumstance?"

"To answer her question, yes, I am suicidal." Asonja states nonchalontely. "On we go." He thrust his hands foward, rolling his sleeves back with the force of his arms. He focused on traveling the group into the future as best as he could imagine it.

It seemed much easier than the other type of energy.  This was most likely due to who it was designed for rather than the prior which was... chaotic.  Unfortunately Seela was not pleased with this as she immediately yelled out "Not us!  The vicinity right here!"

Tresill sighed.  "Don't antagonize him," He turned calmly to Asonja.  "We need this spot to be escalated.  If we escalate ourselves, we'll simply move further into this area's erasing."

"Then what do we do?" Asonja asked, getting rather frustrated at the fact that he's the important one following this, when it shouldn't be. At least, that was his train of thought. Clearly, he wasn't the type to be a main character of sorts.

(Only Urd can understand your meta inner commentary.)

"Project it at the area, not us," Seela informed.

"I thought that it would project us into the future, not actual thi- okay, yeah, sure, not going to argue..." Asonja states as he transfered the focus to the area around him instead. "Right...let's do it."

The matter of nothing became stone.  A battle of random flashing figures.  The strange black and white hedgehog--morf--battling with Mysl, Tresser, and Luner.  Then, a staff slammed into the ground and that was all which was left.

"THERE!" Seela called.

"Excuse me, could you at least simmer down your attitude?" Asonja asked.


Urd quickly put a hand to Asonja's, ending the speeding process.

"...Thank you, I was going to purposely continue until her attitude became more formidible." Asonja lowered his arms.

Seela clutched her forehead.  "He's going to end everything..."

"We have the staff," Tresill informed, taking hold of it.  "We can fix this..."

The area began to fade as the staff's power radiated outward... but Asonja found himself pulled aside.  None but Urd reacted, and all he seemed to do was stare in confusion.

Asonja blinked a few times, not saying anything about what happened.

Murky brown furry arms, dark green stripes, wrapped around his chest as something chuckling hugged him.

"...Please no..." Asonja whimpers, going pale.

"You're afraid of something."

"I am, for now, but my fear will go away...I hope..." He tugs on the collar of his shirt for a moment, sweating a bit.


"I do not wish to talk about it." He states again.

"Uh huh... Wait a second... you know me, don't you?"

"Yyyup. I very well do." Asonja was VERY hesitant to hug back, in which he did for a moment.

"... So you're afraid of me."

"...Ehh. Sometimes, sometimes I'm not. I was scared for a moment." He replies.

"...Do a lot of people fear me?"

"I dunno." Asonja answered. "I do not want to answer that...I was just startled, that's all."

"... If I threatened you, would you tell me?"

He shook his head. "I don't care if you do or don't. You don't threaten me at all..." He sounded like he was going to say a name, but he wasn't sure if it was the right name to use.

"But I scare you."

"I said it doesn't matter." Asonja states again. "I don't care if you do or not, I'm not going to be upset over it. I'd hate to hurt anyone's feelings directly, and I think you know that fairly well."

"I don't actually... "

"Well, you learn something new every day." Asonja chuckled a bit and shrugged. "I do believe it's time for you to let go, Virus, you're squeezing my ribcage a little bit..."

The hug tightened.  "You DO know me!  ... You're from later aren't you?"

Asonja eeped a little bit at the tightened hug, but chuckled. "Y-yeah...!" His voice was a bit higher pitched than normal, but was still fine.

"... I'll need proof."

"What kind of proof do you need?"

He felt something caressing his neck for a moment, slowly... then she bit down on him.

Asonja grimaced a bit, twitching. "ARGH! W-what the heck are you doing...?!"

She then let go.  "Biting you."

"Why...?" He asked. "You know that hurt..." He whimpered a little bit.

"Yes, I do... You need to go now.  They're waiting."

"Right...great to see you again, Virus." Asonja says, rubbing his neck for a moment where she bit him. He tried figuring out where the rest were in case they ran off.

A scene played as he re-entered the rest of the void.

The blades of the tainted cuffs dug into the backside of the green warrior before throwing him aside through the forest life he was made from.  Within a second ,he had returned to the fray, his orb expanding upward as it swung overhead and slammed atop the chest of the ice-white warrior.  Vines grew immediately around him to detain movement as the plant fighter charged after the fire competitor who was floating above, sending bombardments at the two.

The woman of fire sent a scorching beam of heat down at the plant man while the water fighter sent a spiking pillar from below him.  The plant warrior flipped back as the fire and water collided: blinding both for the moment, just long enough for the green male to drive a concentrated foundation of wood into the shoulder of the fire female, and drive her down to the soil.  The ice warrior shot waves at them, but the plant man held the fire woman in front of himself: her very body turning the water to steam immediately.

He had won, he thought, but the fire woman launched a geyser of flames beneath his feet.  He was sent skyward as she pressed ahead toward the water fighter.  The two went on for a half-minute before recognizing the plant warrior’s absence.  He had returned by now, slammed them to their stomachs with massive trunks, and repeatedly reinforcing the matter as they pressed back.

He began to count.  “Seven… five… three… one.” The fire woman blasted from the tree, driving a blade of heat into the neck of the plant warrior, but he chuckled as she slowly dissolved her onslaught.  “I won already,” He taunted.

“… So you did,” She nodded, clearly not pleased, but respectfully stepping back as the water one approached.

“That was rather allusive and quick,” The ice man note.  “Well played, Luner.”

“It was only a matter of time,” The green echidna chuckled.  “You two have far more experience but I believe it is the ‘law of averages’ that brought this to my favor… for the fifth time.”

“It makes one almost sad that the battle is over,” The black lizard noted.  “We certainly have peace.”

“Yes… not too many years back-“

“I know where you are going,” The white hedgehog interrupted “and yes it was too many years back.  Our past civilizations were forgotten two-thousand years back.  Honestly I prefer the current status we have in the new age.  Our subjects from all three kingdoms are flourishing.  With the help of those… other people, I expect that the next threat to us will be far less problematic.”

“There’s always someone stronger, Tresser,” The lizard reminded.  “I do not fear a lack of purpose because of that very reason.”

“The tournament is only a week from now,” The green echidna reminded.  “Have you chosen who you will sponsor?  I am keeping to our agreement of victors without powers.”

“I as well,” The white one replied.  “I have chosen my contestant, yes…and you, Mysl?”

“No, not quite,” The lizard sighed.  “I have no many volunteers, but it won’t be long… I am very interested now to see how these modern countries will handle our tradition now that they are involved.”

“Do you still plan to claim a section of someone’s land if you win?” The green echidna laughed out.

“… I may,” She answered, somewhat meekly.  Both men lost their smiles.  “It is how we have always done it,” She protested.

“Yes,” The white one agreed, “and it originated during the years we were WARRING with each other.  We only continued the agreement afterward for population reasons.”

“These new governments have embassies do they not?”

“That isn’t the point: why do you want this?  It’s worrisome.”

“It’s…” She shook her head, “a reward is often given.  To not demand something of such significance would be a sign of weakness.”

“Quite frankly,” The green echidna pressed in, “… I like this new world very much…”

“… But…” The white one prompted.

“What of this world is our world?” Luner tensed.  “What of these people are us?  Even those that still remain from our kingdoms were never of us.  We can have no children o-or bloodlines of any sort.  Do we know our purpose of arriving here?”

“A rather… odd point in time to bring that up I must say… “ Tresser raised an eyebrow of interest.

“It has been at my mind for a time,” The echidna huffed out slowly.  “It grows each day.”

“When I awoke, I was immediately heralded as a god,” Mysl informed.  “My temples were built in my honor.”

“As were mine,” Tresser noted.  “… Truly it is not the first time I have wondered… perhaps we should make this our next venture?  Instead of taking land from countries, we could search out those that created us.”

“Who is to say anyone created us?” Mysl challenged.

To this, the white one laughed.  “Can you imagine anything with such detail to have spontaneously arrived without purpose? … No, we were created.  Perhaps we weren’t sent here intentionally, perhaps we were, but there is a past we have that today marks the start of continuing.”

“What will happen when we find them?  And the answers?” Luner asked.

“For… all we know,” Tresser replied as they began their walk out of the forest, “this is not our first life… for all we know, we have been reset after those that made us thought of the next new design.”

And that was the end, as Asonja found himself in a mountainous biome next to Seela and Tresill.  A third figure--the pale orange fox who gave Asonja the time abilities--was speaking to him.

Asonja had his hands in his pockets for a majority of the time, staying silent. He was slightly out of breath from running for a moment. He probably was not listening, or he was thinking. One of the two.

"Focus in," The pale orange fox snapped his fingers in front of Asonja.

He blinked several times and looked at the fox, silently saying he has attention.

"There are cores all over the area.  They're changing," The fox informed the general group.  "New Mobotropolis is our destination."

"What do you suggest we do?" Asonja asks. Clearly he didn't listen at all.

"Nothing, except survive," A path was immediately formed in front of them as the fox rushed ahead.

"Surviving...not very good at that..." Asonja muttered to himself before walking along the path instead of running.

As he touched the path, he and the others found themselves at the edge of the city.  It was silent, and atop the dome of the massive city was a rectangular shadow... smiling down at them... rhyming to itself in a child's voice.

Happy Perfect Special Day

Wabbit Wabbit

Asonja backed up, slightly, and looked away. "I got a horrible feeling now..."

Seela and Tresill began toward the entrance doors but then the fox--Takris--called out "Wait..."

They could start to hear it... echoing, more than one.  More of the exact same voices, saying the same things, getting more and more numerous, more loud.

Asonja was getting steadily more worried, as it was clear with his face.

"It's assimilating them!" Tresill noted.  Takris disintergrated the wall, rushing through as the strange plastic rabbits spread about: panicking mobians all over trying to escape.

"What in the....what is this place...?" Asonja was only made more uncomfortable.

"New Mobotropolis Prime, as stated before," Seela informed.  "And this creature... I do not know."

"WABBIT!" One yelled, jumping down at them.

"WABBIT WABBIT!" another screamed, the wide smile and cold dull eyes.

Asonja screamed a bit and jumped back, shaking when he landed. "This is...making me so uncomfortable, I can hardly stand straight and think..."

Tresill struck one, sending it slamming into the ground... blood came from the head as it flickered a bit, showing who it was before.  "They- we can't," The surrounded further.  Takris was out of sight, though the silver aura from him far ahead seemed to imply he was busy.

Asonja stayed where he was, not bothering to attack anyone. He was too overwhlemed.

Seela held the Phantis stuff up, slowing the Wabbit Unmade, but they still neared... then... five vanished.  A brief blue flash rushed by them, moving the attackers away.

Asonja watched all of this happen, not seeming to take part in anything at the moment. All he could think of was how bizzare these events were happening in such breif time.

"The castle," The Chronos Server called over.  "Get to the castle at the center."

"You heard it." Asonja states as he made his way to the castle, as instructed.

"Better said than-"

"Leave that to me," The three found themselves suddenly rushed to the entrance of the castle: the strange magical energy flowing about it as Takris was trying to break open the seal at the front.  Wabbit stood atop it still, looking down.

The blur stilled for a moment, just enough to give a brief cocky salute of "No need to thank me, part of the job," before the blue blur blasted back into the frey.

Asonja looked at the blur for a moment, and then away. He didn't look at the Wabbit one bit, showing a lot of uncomfortable anger.

The fox slammed a fist against the barrier, but instead now came a voice speaking "Stop... you don't need to fight!" It was a woman's.  The staff slammed into the barrier, molding with it, and opening it.

Asonja stepped back, being awfully quiet. He wasn't being the smarty pants he was before, but instead he became...cooperative.

Glowing tendrils went into the center where a figure floated, draped in a long white dress, glowing as well.  The Phantis.  Atop the Phantis, the Wabbit.

"This isn't looking very good to me..." Asonja muttered quietly to himself.

"We are going to put things as they should be," The Phantis stated.

"... And what does that mean?" Takris inquired as the four stood at the entities.

"Mobius Prime... as it should be..."

"Yeah, got a bunch of nonsense going on here," The blur returned, pausing in his dash toward the entities.  "Anybody get what they mean?"

Asonja was silent, meaning he got none of it. Or, perhaps he did and was thinking about it. It was hard to tell with his face.

"... Years ago, there was an event which fractured the Prime Zone," Takris informed to the others.  "The original was destroyed, but a new world was created.  Since then, the original has yet to have been... properly restored, and from this description, this creature is wishing to do exactly," He turned to Seela, "what you have intended."

"... What is your motive?" Seela turned to the Phantis and Wabbit.

"To simply restore, to put things as they once should have been.  Do you disagree?"

"... I do not trust," She tensed.

"Whatever is the real intention, this cannot continue," Tresill noted.

"... INGRATES..." Black lines formed around the Phantis as the ground began shaking.

This snapped Asonja from his thought, and made him look around in confusion. "Uhh...what's happening...?"

The ground cracked, rising upward as the tendrils flew upward, forming into various weaponry.

You are fighting the Unmade Phantis

"That's not good.." Asonja stated to himself, getting in a hesitant fighting stance.

Takris attempted to slow the area, but immediately the Unmade Phantis revoked the power, and in the same instance sent the group upward: reversing gravity as a rapid stream of various stone zipped about.  Seela and Tresill pressed to the incoming debris, converting what they could into a shield.  Takris remained unharmed at the moment, but it seemed survival was the intent here.

Asonja only tried dodging them, a little disoriented with the reversed gravity. Some of the debris smacked him, which made him groan slightly in pain. "I'm good...I'm good..." He repeated several times when clearly the wind was knocked out of him.

They were then immediately slammed back toward the ground as their gravity multiplied.  Tresill jumped down, pressing a hand to Asonja and slowing the fall in the process.

Asonja coughed a little bit as he landed. He wiped his mouth a little bit. "Thanks for that...but there's really no point in saving me if I have no...what's the word...importance in fighting? Sounds right to me..." He muttered the last sentence to himself.

Tresill's hand went to Asonja's face.  In an instant, Asonja could feel the massive irritation coming from the human, but he could also feel his body absorbing everything on the ground, rapidly.

Needless to say, Asonja was shocked at what happened, and stood there in confusion and bewilderment all at once. "W-...what was that?"

(PRESENT TENSE, PRESENT TENSE @_@ Deep breath, relaxes)

"I just increased your potential concentrated mass by fifty tons.  Convert it into something to work with," He stepped forward, pressing closer toward the Phantis.

"Convert it? How...?" Asonja mainly asked himself because he spoke so quietly.

The Phantis was continuously changing from the strange power this Wabbit held, elements firing about rapidly.  The entire city was nearly unrecognizable.  Urd was... not in the area.

Asonja noticed this fact, and looked around. "Wait a minute...where'd that other guy with the huge glasses go?!"

No one seemed to have time to answer since they were all being bombarded.

"Guess I'll have to look myself...!" Asonja tried to move normally, incase his 'concentrated mass of fifty tons' affected his movement.

He didn't feel heavier by much strangely enough, but he could feel a strong build in his body, like an electrical surge.

He shivered a little bit, as he's never felt it up until now. This made him stop and look at himself for a moment. "He did say something about converting this into something to work with...but how do I convert this power into something?"

One of the massive tendrils slammed into Asonja, as if molding around his body.  "You will be purified, repurposed," The entity echoed out.

He jumped in surprise and tried to get the tendril off of him by pushing against it. "Argh...even though it sounds nice, I do not think now is the time for that...!"

Tresill seemed preoccupied with one himself, though he noticed Asonja's situation: calling over to him.  Takris noticed immediately and rushed after Asonja, but the Phantis sent a bombardment of some blue energy against him.  The two were at a stand-still in this regard, pressing the other's advance.

Asonja's hands tingled to the pressure of the tendril, as if he was touching the origin of everything itself.

He felt strange touching it, but he continued to try as much as he could to not only figure out how to convert the mass inside him into something else, but also to get the tendril off him.

He could feel his mass changing but without a proper direction to what, it simply... churned.

The Phantis drew him closer, but stopped as a voice screamed out from the side "YOU, AREN'T, HER!"

A blast of green stabbed into the side of the Phantis as a now visible Urd was seen at the base, trying to push against the infecting of the Wabbit in the Phantis.

The Phantis was forced to let go of the others, jerking back with a deafening scream.

Asonja winced at the scream, and also taking not of the body. "Why does it feel like this mass needs to go somewhere...?" He muttered to himself. He experimented for the time being, trying to shift the mass to his arm.

He could feel the power of the mass growing to his arm.

"CUT, THEM, OFF!" Takris yelled over, still pushing against the Phantis's energy.  The Wabbit was still connected to the top of the Phantis.

"The tendrils...?" Asonja looked at the closest one. "Cut..." He muttered to himself again. "Wait a minute..." He looked back at his right arm, which had the mass in it. "Could I...?" He put his left hand on it, as if trying to form his arm into a specific shape, like a blade. That's what he was trying to imagine, anyway.

A blade thusly appeared.

Asonja was immediately surprised and he looked at his blade-arm. "There's no way..." He muttered to himself before looking at a tendril. He took a deep breath and sliced at the one that once held him down.

(There we go, NOW I fixed it)

The tendril flattened, though the main connection at the top of the Phantis remained.

Asonja moved a bit so he could get a better view on what was going on. " to cut the main thing first..." He smacked himself in the head with his left hand, making sure it wasn't his right arm...

He got a clear sighting of the Wabbit and rushed over to it, blade at the ready. "Let's see how I'm going to pull this off..." He muttered to himself.

The Wabbit was cut through at the side, Seela having rushed over at the opportunity.

"Gargh! Darn it, I wasn't quick enough..." He grunted. "Oh some and lose some as they say."

The contact with the Phantis as he, well, was still falling forward, was like being elecricuted, but both fortunately and unfortunately, it didn't last long.  The Wabbit dragged the entity upward, out of sight, then plunged into the planet itself.

Asonja staggered back a bit upon seeing that. "...That was a lot of Force..." He muttered to himself. "I wouldn't imagine how many bones were broken during that..."

Tresill and the other three approached.  "This isn't over."

"That's obvious," The blue hedgehog noted.  "That thing still has the girl in the dress."

"WHAAAAAAD A PROBLEM!" A feminine voice called over, rushing back in a green light.  Upon landing it was shown to be some murky brown lynx with green stripes, wearing some kind of oriental dress.  She certainly looked quite different than he remembered, but Asonja seemed to already know who she was from before.

"H-hey it's...!" Asonja stopped himself from saying any more, only looking at her.

"Yep, it's Sonic the hedgehog," She noted.

"He was referring to you I think," Takris pointed out.

"... So what exactly is going on?" This... older(?) version of Virus asked.

Well, Asonja was also quite shocked to see Sonic in the flesh, but was also to see Virus in a slightly older form. "I must be in the least..." Asonja muttered to himself. He didn't answer Virus' question, unfortunately.

"The past actually," Takris informed.  "... Great," He spread a silver light over the area.  "Get as far back as you can."

"How am I in the...huh...?" Asonja was confused but he backed up

The others were already making their way to the exit of the city.

Asonja looked behind him and then back forward to Takris. He didn't say a word as he ran toward the exit of the city as instructed.

The ground was cracking open, the planet, cracking open as a massive purple reptilian hand was slowly rising out from the city-size tear.

"WAH!" Asonja looked back for only one second to see that giant hand. He freaked out mindlessly as he ran faster than he probably ever has before.

With the massive shaking, despite how much Takris attempted to slow it, the power was too much, and suddenly, with the prime zone as the lightning rod, Asonja watched as every related was being pulled in until it was all... 


... He could see it, as he floated in nothingness, in the far thousands of miles distance of the remains of the zone.  This massive creature.

There's no way a being can be this large... Asonja said in his mind as he had no words to speak. They must be so powerful...I'm already getting jealous...Dargh, this is no time to stare in awe. I have to find my way out of here...if there is any exit...

Urd's body was seen... floating drained once again and unconscious... Takris, Tresill, Seela, they weren't in sight.  But as Asonja floated near some strange sand, he heard a new voice speaking.

"Use her."

"Use, the Chaos Incarnate."

He floated closer to the sand, to cup the sand in the palm of his hands. Use the Chaos Incarnate...? Asonja went through in his head. Perhaps like before...? He flashed back to the point where the mass inside his arm into a blade by redirecting it. Maybe this sand can do the exact same thing...?

"Hey!" The sand moved away.  It was Virus, still reforming.

"O-oh!" Asonja moved back a bit, or tried to while floating. "Sorry, I...I didn't know that was you."

"Use the Chaos Incarnate against it..." The voice commanded oncemore.

Against...what? Asonja wondered in his head. He was looking at the sand again that was Virus.

The voice didn't respond, but Virus seemed to have heard it because she was looking off toward the giant creature in the far distance.

Oh..right...that thing. Asonja sighed audibly and floated near Virus again. " exactly are we going to go against that thing?"

"... I'm not... doing that... Didn't... work out well the last time."

"I know I expect the same results too in my life, but I know in this specific occasion, a different result is going to happen," Asonja states like he knows what he's talking about. "I just have a hunch about that, I don't know exactly what's going to happen if we work together.."

"... Okay... bye," And with that, she immediately began rushing away, trying to escape... nothing.

"Do not lose the incarnation..."

He followed the voice's instruction and followed Virus, rather unwillingly but decided to do so anyway.

The nothingess was fracturing still.  Random bits of memories from various people rushed by.  Considering who was doing the rushing, some of these memories were in fact, hers.

Rejection from a pale orange fox.  Rejection from a skunk.  But... at the near end... A man wearing a crown... holding out a hand toward a small child, then the child screaming.

Asonja stopped completely on that scream, like he just felt pain from his insides. He felt hesitant to follow again, but his curiousity/little bits of determination made him continue.

He eventually got close enough to her, but she just said again "I can't do that!"

"What makes you think you can't?" Asonja asked.

"She's...stronger... and she- she h- she'll kill me..."

"She'll kill me too, there's not doubt about it," Asonja looked back at the monster. "But killing her is the only way out of here; and I don't plan on staying here for the rest of my life. Unfortunately, though she has immense power, we have to at least try to defeat her. And the only way to that is together."

"... Why are you so sure?"

"Because it's all we got." Asonja points out.

"... You trust me?"

"Always." He says, nodding his head. "But do you trust me? I'm not all that strong anyway."

"... This... might hurt," She winced, reaching out toward him.

He reached out as well, taking her wrist and hand.

She began to mold over him.  He felt a tingling, like electricty flowing over him until he was fully covered.  His body began to open up, like pores forcefully growing out and in the distance, two golden glowing objects were moving toward them.

He was trying not to scream from what was happening, feeling some form of pain, if there was any. He looked at the glowing objects, wondering if they were dangerous or not, but it was rather hard for him to think.

His hands were coated as an energy surged into him: a fusion across his core as a gold and green armor molded over him.  He felt his hands drawing to the air, ripping a hole open the fabric of space-time, and pulling himself to the space still intact, at the front of the creature.

Immediately upon arriving, he could feel the explosion of power: Red, Blue, Silver, Yellow, Purple, Pink, and Green.  

"You are, the incarnation..."

He looked up, and he saw the fusion, the Dark Gaia, the Phantis, The Wabbit.  The core of the planet molded to control the Multiverse

Phantis Theme

Corrupted Gaia

He was silent, clenching his fists. I can feel it... He said in his mind. Everything in my hands. I shouldn't dissapoint. That'd be a waste. He stopped talking to himself in his head and began taking a fighting position. "Let's do this my way..." He says with a small smirk on his face.

Trillions upon trillions of cores flew into the body of the Gaia Wabbit before it roared out, blasting down at this new Enersonja.  He could feel the power of the cores charging toward him.  He could survive it, but he could not absorb its power at such a high concentration.

He readied himself and moved out of the way. He was immediately on the defensive to think of a plan and to study the movements of his new enemy.

The beam of core energy spread about, following him as the arms reached out to snatch him.

He winced a little bit and tried moving away again. He looked at the cores, seeing if he could absorb one and just one to see what it'll do.

He could feel the energy.  It was difficult, but he was slowly taking some of the power, some more of it anyway.

He studied this as quick as he could until he felt threatened again by this new opponent, so he moved back more.

A pink glow began to form over the beast.  Massive constructs appeared behind Asonja, pulling and pushing to get him closer.

He winced and tried escaping from the grip as much as he could. He wasn't using much of his abilities, possibly because he wasn't sure what to use and how to use them. He was too focused on studying his opponent, which may lessen his successes.

"Use the types," Virus sounded in his head, the armor beginning to change a pink style.  "Pink changes things."

He noticed the change in armor color, and took the info in consideration. He attempted to change the formation of his arm into some sort of cannon, if that worked.

They did indeed transform though he was still being pushed and pulled toward the beam.

He aimed his cannon arm at one of the constructions, and blasted a rather big steel cannon ball toward it.

The metal was melted upon contact, hardening around the construct as it tried to expand out.  Asonja felt a surge of energy as Virus teleported the two of them up above the monster.  "The Server cores!  Break the link!"

"Oh, right!" He brought his hands out toward the enemy and noticed the spirals. He looked at one of them and gripped it from afar to break the link. He aimed for the first one, the green one.

(You can't stop me, MUAHAHAHA-*coughs kidney stone*)

The power surrounding it was radiating massively.  The closer they got, the more it pressed against them.  The pink suddenly ended as the red took over, blasts of heat shooting out as the creature began moving forward.

"The ones he's not using are too defended!  We have to get the ones being used!"

"Right, I get it!" Asonja nods in understanding and goes to the red, concentrating and breaking the link.

The pressure of the fire was too much to immediately just power through, forcing Virus to pull them both back.  The Pink Type wasn't the right choice for this element.

"Ohh..." Asonja muttered for a moment. "Okay, then let's armor."

(Gotta experiment with each type)(Ah, okay. Sorry, I'm very confused and I'm just trying to follow along with your words. I changed my words here.)(No worries.  Questions are welcome.)

The armor became less durable, but more mist-like.  His weapon took the form of a long blade with some kind of open mouth at the end, almost like a suction cup.

"Ew..." Asonja looked slightly disturbed looking at it, but he tried breaking the red link again with his arms out and using his own core, along with Virus' perhaps to assist him. For now, he was just experimenting on what he can do.

(need specific actions and projecting the energy out.) (Bleh)

As they were still far away due to the heat, it didn't seem able to make it through.  "This one is assimilation, absorption," she explained.

"Then what are the other ones?" Asonja asks. "I need to find the weakness for heat and I thought blue was, ya know, water."

"They're not-" She began moving them further back as the fire chased them.  "They're not elemental!  They're cosmic: physics and reality.  Blue absorbs.  Red Copies, Green is raw, Pink transforms, Purple destroys, Silver heals, Yellow creates solid energy."

"Alright, alright." Asonja syas, putting up his hands a little bit. "You don't have to shout, I'm just confused. Thanks for clearing that up..." Asonja takes the sword with the suction cup-like tip to the fire, just to experiment.

He could feel it slowly absorbing in, and in the process, burning but making his own stamina stronger.

He winced a bit at the burning feeling, but was nonetheless glad that he was getting some process done.

The intensity was growing, tearing at the armor, and the core blast was about to return.

He pulled away to a safe area, perhaps the left a few meters. "Darn it. I can't hold that for long. I need to think of something else...Hey, Virus, are you the only one who can change the armor or do I have to do it as well?"

"Which kind do you need?"

"Purple..." He says, seeming to be in the middle of thought as well.

The armor began to change once more, becoming... almost painful.  Purple, dark purple.  He felt his hands shaking with the strain to keep this one under control.  Destruction.

Virus could probably sense it more easily than Asonja himself can; he was immediately in love with this one. Though, the only problem is he doesn't know how to use it. So, for starters, he aimed his hand to the enemy in front and just went lose.

His whole body nearly tore apart immediately as the blast connected with that of the core blast.  They were fighting with the purple easily stronger but spazzing everywhere and becoming less stable.

"Okay okay this is too dangerous!" Asonja began freaking out. "Turn me back, turn me back! Turn me Red please!"

The armor changed to red now.  "Maybe you should go for something that is more... durable."

"Like Green?" Asonja asked. Again, he wasn't sure exactly what to do, but he wants to narrow down his choices and pick the best.

"Green is just raw."

"Right...uhhh..." Asonja was trying to remember which ones were which, but he had to keep moving to get away from the enemy in order to think. "Back to Yellow then?"

Before Virus could change the armor type, the tint of the monster grew brighter as rapid bombardments of light, concentrated, were zipping and hammering at him.  Asonja felt the yellow construct-based armor forming around him.

He winced at the light and took a blocking pose, especially covering his eyes. "Shoot, I wasn't expecting that..." 

"Make something against it."

"Like this?" Asonja attempted to make a shield out of whatever material was available in his conscious to at least survive for a while.

A large shield of the energy appeared.  The light slammed into it but only seemed to strengthen it.  "Stab the source!"

"ARGH DANG IT BAD IDEA!" He got the shield away and turned a bit to sheild himself more. "Where's the source, on the enemy's head those spiral things?"

(Strengthened, the shield) (Bleeeeeh uncertainty intensifies. Fixed it tho)

"The spirals, yes!"

He got himself closer and made a light spear. At least he tried to, and made a swipe at the yellow spiral.

The concentration of power blasting at him was strong but his was more durable.  With a slam, the section began to crack open.

"Perhaps one more should do it!" He swings again.

Eventually he smashed through.  The light and core inside blasting out, free from the prison of this monster.  

Furious, the creature bombarded Asonja with pulses of the magical energy, cracking bits of his armor off as it slammed him back.  Quickly a silver light appeared, stopping the attack enough so that he could recover for the moment.

Asonja stumbled a bit, actually losing a bit of his wind after the attack and he was trying to regain his breath. "Grgh...argh...Thanks for the save."

Takris appeared next to him.  "I can slow it, but you will need to penetrate and release each core."

The creature turned to the purple core, blasting slabs of metal about.

Asonja nods and moves around to avoid being hit. "I think I'm starting to get the pattern now. I need to match what color the enemy is now."


"Yes, purple, please."

"You may want to dodge," The silver Server moved out of the way as Asonja's armor changed back to the destructive purple.

"Thanks for the warning," Asonja states and makes a quick but very long dodge to the right.

"Charge!" Virus sounded as the blasts of metal continued toward them.

Asonja attempted to block the metals by firing energy at them. He wanted to make sure the energy was big enough to combat the metal so they don't hit him.

The spasming energy took care of enough that it didn't do much to his armor, but he needed to get to the body.

He released more energy and blasted his way through. As quick as he had brust through, he shot the spiral with a spike of the energy.

Dense metallic corridors formed around him, spinning and smashing to disrupt his direction.  He kept hitting holes through, briefly seeing the path ahead as he slowly got near the spiral.

Asonja kept getting his focus on the spiral to attack it as much as he could, making sure the metals down disrupt him as much. However, it's hard for him to focus at one thing at a time when his surroundings are beating on him at once.

A block of metal was coming toward him now, ten times a one-story house.

"WHA-!" Asonja choked on his words at how fast it was actually coming to him. He tried to stop it with his energy to break through it.

He had a direct shot now at the spiral from the hole.

He made a sharp metal arrow-like object and shot it at the spiral, taking full aim.

The arrow of energy slammed into the spiral, cracking and shattering it.  With a scream, the creature blasted out from the planet, shattering its pieces.

In an effort to calm down, Asonja took a few deep breaths as his heart rate was rather high, so it seemed that he was panting slowly. "Did...Did we win...?"

"Not even close..."

A stabbing sound was heard, the red core being shattered as Takris made his move.  The creature had enough, using the remaining four in a massive storm.

Asonja jumped stuttering in a panic, "'re we going to stop that?!"

Takris didn't answer.  He simply began expanding his energy toward the creature again, clashing with the Phantis blast as various debris and platforms moved about the area, guarding the spirals.

The armored hedgehog took quick action by gurading slightly and taking this moment to see any flaws.

With the constant flow of various energies, it seemed he would have to make his own flaws.  Pulses of psychic blasts to distort him were coming in rapidly.

He quickly veered to the safest place that he could find on a whim and looked at the chaos unfolding. "This doesn't look good at all. We might need to go Purple again."

"How exactly to you plan to burn through psychic attacks?  Besides, it's too drained.  We need a way to counteract it."

"You're right..." Asonja looked down for a moment, thinking. "What do you have in mind?"

"It's gonna be painful," The armor began turning blue.

"Well, it's all we got isn't it?" Asonja grabbed his suction cup-like weapon to prepare.

The wave blasted forward once more.

Asonja held up his weapon and prepared for the worst.

He could feel the pyschic pull on him, attempting to crush his mind, flooding him.

He twitched a bit and even made a few tensed yells. He gripped the weapon tightly to make sure he didn't let go of it; he had to keep his guard up.

The armor began to turn red.  His weapon transformed into some kind of twin-blade set of hand-pieces.  He could feel the energy copying, growing in him, converting for his use.

"This feels weird..." Asonja says to himself for a moment before looking up at the beast.


He yelped and shot it back at the beast. "S-sorry I got sidetracked..."

A clash of pink light slammed against from both sides, the mind of the creature against the mind of Asonja and Virus.  With this power even, Asonja could feel the beast trying to take him over as the Phantis's mind was taken over.

He tried pushing against it harder, but his mind was completely messed up, ruining his focus.

"Focus," Virus sounded in, helping with the stabilizing.  "We have to get her mind woken up."

Asonja tried doing just that, only focusing on driving the forces back. It was starting to work, but Asonja continually thought of the negative: getting hurt, and failing.

And as he did, his armor weakened, and he started to fall back.

Asonja began to panic a bit from that, and continued. "Okay...that's not working...focus on just the enemy..."

Virus went silent.  The beast continued bombarding.  If he was succombing to despair, there was little she could do.

He was trying very hard not to, as the end for him seemed near. He was afraid for it to end now, so he continued pushing harder.

He could see the strand, ahead, connecting to the Phantis.  He needed to reach out to it.

He tried making his way closer, seeing that he had to get to it.

He could soon feel it, like a burning flame, barely awake there.  It reacted to him like electricity, latching on faintly.

He winced a bit like he was surprised. He almost forgot about what was happening around him.

"Wake her up!"

"How?! Do I just yell at her?"

"Speak to her through your mind."

He thought for a moment, his eyes narrowing like he was confused. Hello? Anyone there? He spoke into his mind, rather impatiently.

He felt a slight ripple in return.

He looked confused for a moment. Well, that's a good sign. Glad to see some activity.

He felt it holding on to him slightly, but being pulled back by the creature's consciousness.

"Shoot!" He tried reaching out for it some more to pull the Phantis back.

Another hand reached out from behind him, both together trying to pull back out.  It was painful, two opposite energies damaging each other, but the more they pulled, the weaker the wabbit's hold was.

Asonja was wincing in this pain, which almost made him want to stop, crawl out of his skin and try to numb the pain by any means necessary; luckily, he remembers that thinking of despair won't get him to where he needs to be, so he pulled harder.

They were back in the physical plane now, him holding on to the entity with the wabbit gaia holding on at the same end: both pulling and blasting at a standstill.  With the Phantis's bombardment having stopped, this gave an opening, allowing Takris to rocket up into the sky, and crack down on to the head of the monster: pounding and slamming against it as a silver and red sword materialized in his hand.

With each strike, the wabbit's pull on the Phantis weakened.

"Almost there...!" Asonja tugged as hard as he could, groaning a bit.

The Phantis blasted out from the hold of the wabbit: the beam of energy shooting everywhere literally tearing at the chaos energy, and forcing Virus to disconnect from Asonja: the armor fading back back into the prime Identity.  He could still feel Urd's reality-warping powers in him, and luckily without Virus attached, the magic energy did not harm him, but the gaia monster was still alive.

The cores of the Servers spun around the area as the warriors reformed, now they, Virus, the Phantis, and Asonja, surrounded the planet-sized monstrocity.

Asonja popped his knuckles for a moment before adjusting one of his gloves. "Right. Now, how should we finish this guy off?"

"Together!" Yelled the pink one.  A few of the other Servers... and Virus, noticeably cringed at this but after getting past the corniness, they activated their weaponry as they all prepared to blast into the massive creature.

Asonja didn't have anything specific but his reality-warping powers he was given and his own hands. "Sure, we can do that."

The elements, the Magic, and the Chaos burned against the gaia wabbit.  Asonja felt his hands rising up toward it, the Urd fellow helping him along with a brief "I believe it is time to repair what was unmade today."

Asonja smirked and nodded. "I believe you're right." He focused and let his energies soar.

The monster flickered for a moment, the gaia beast beginning to separate from the wabbit.  The universe began spinning around them as they heard Tresill's voice calling out "Brace!" 

Repeated massive flashes and turns filled the area as the multiverse was being reset in a sense.  A shield formed around the Servers, Asonja, and Virus Prime as they watched everything being reformed.

Asonja felt a depletion in energy for a moment as Urd returned to his natural form next to him.

Asonja was mainly just covering himself the whole time; he didn't see anything happen.

"The danger is over, Sir Asonja," Urd assured.

He uncovered, looking around. "O-oh. Well that's a relief."

He saw a lot of of the craziness outside, but as it turned out, the scene may have been too much for his eyes... That or maybe things were just fading out naturally.

He covered his eyes again, opening them just slightly. "What the...?"

The last scene...

The blue stood at the ruins of the city.  The fires were everywhere, and he was bruised and weak.  The castle, his home, the lake, the diner, all gone.  Memories acquired but modified after a year of his absence flashed before him.  He looked on before preparing to trudge back to the remaining fighters that could aid him, but then he stopped.  He saw someone near where the lake once was. 

“Survivor?” Even in his current state, the blue forced himself toward the location.  The figure was unrecognized by him at first, but by the time he realized who it appeared to be, he didn’t believe it, so he kept walking closer in partial hope that it would change to something that made more sense.

She had dug a hand to the soil, and pulled out.  The last drops of the mystical liquid fell from her dirtied hands.  She had noticed he was there a good while back, but could not look him in the eyes.  All that she could say in his silence was “I never did see it happen in person… before…”

“How… h-how did you- is this some tric-“

“No,” She shook her head sternly.  He has nothing to d-“ then she covered her mouth.  “… He mostly has nothing to…”

“What’s goin’ on?” He folded his arms, but his expression couldn’t hide the concern and confusion

“It’s far too much to explain,” She shook her head, closing her eyes to keep from tearing up.  “… Would you go back and change this if you could?”

“You’re talking about time travel?”

“Very much so,” She nodded.  “… Would you change everything?  Would you be able to live with it if things were different, not as bad, but… not the same?”

“That’s… not an easy question to get into.”

“If you never had to live through the city being destroyed but, people you know never…”

“… This- you’re from a different zone?”

She shook her head.

“… The future.”  He didn’t need her to nod.  “… That’s all going to happen?”

“Maybe,” She winced.  “Nothing is set in stone.  It’ll be some time but… I don’t know if you’ll even remember by then.”

“Look, if there’s something you need to tell me, you’d better tell the others too, Ni-“

He often went by the phrase “I’m fast enough to…” but he wasn’t prepared to react to her arms suddenly around him, and the tears pressing at his shoulder.  He wasn’t sure of how he was meant to react but… they were friends, not the closest but close enough, and he wasn’t going to just let her stand there trembling.  He hugged back and let her finish.  He heard his name coming from the distance.  He started to look over.

“You can’t forget… “

He stopped, looking back to her.  “I’m not going to forget-“

“You can’t forget THEM…” she specified, looking directly at him now.  “They all happened… don’t forget…”

Slowly he nodded as she stepped away.  He held her arms for a moment until she pulled hard enough.  He was utterly confused.

She stood above the water now burned away.  “I’m not ready…” She whispered, “but… no one would be…” She tensed as a glow formed around her.

“… Nicole?  Nicole!”

And she was gone.

After taking all of that in, Asonja looked...confused as well. Who were they, was the only question he asked himself. During this time of thought, he gripped his trench coat, tightening it around his shoulders as he continued to watch and take everything in silently.

He found himself back at his city... kind of.  The area was still fading into existence.  Virus Prime and Urd were there.

"At least I recognize the place..." Asonja says before turning to them. "What's left to do before I, too, am wiped from existence?"

"Why would you be wiped from existence?" Urd inquired.

He shrugged. "I thought I was going to be erased, anyway." He adjusted his trench coat. "So I believe there are no more dangers...?"

(He found himself back at his city... kind of.  The area was still fading into existence.  Virus Prime and Urd were there.) (Bleeeeh my tired brain.

After taking all of that in, Asonja looked...confused as well. Who were they, was the only question he asked himself. During this time of thought, he gripped his trench coat, tightening it around his shoulders as he continued to watch and take everything in silently.

He found himself back at his city... kind of.  The area was still fading into existence.  Virus Prime and Urd were there.

"At least I recognize the place..." Asonja says before turning to them. "What's left to do before I, too, am wiped from existence?"

"Why would you be wiped from existence?" Urd inquired.

He shrugged. "I thought I was going to be erased, anyway." He adjusted his trench coat. "So I believe there are no more dangers...?"

(He found himself back at his city... kind of.  The area was still fading into existence.  Virus Prime and Urd were there.) (Bleeeeh my tired brain.)

"That should be it," Urd nodded.

"... I have questions," Virus spoke up.

"Ask away, my friend." Asonja responds.

"That's part of it.  The 'friend' part.  You know me in the future.  How?"

He scratched his head for a moment. "To my knowledge, we might've met in the past...?"

"Your past then."

"Yes, that seem relevant," Asonja crossed his arms and scratched the inner rim of his ear for a moment before putting his hands in his pockets. "Well uhm...I guess this is where we go our seperate ways then?"

"H-hold on!" Virus sternly protested.  "What are things like for... what happens in th- your time, with me?"

"I believe that you were...forcing me to train for something. It's vague, but I can somewhat see you throwing my out the window of my 20th floor apartment only to land back-first into a car."

"What am I like?  What do I do?"

"Well, you were...pretty nice to an extent. Rather forceful with what you wanted me to do." Asonja was trying to think and speak at the same time. "It was just a week of horrendous events one after another. I believe I met you there as we went to this news station and you completely destroyed the building. I didn't know how you did it without making much noise."

"... Huh."

"The Wabbit is gone... that is a worry," Urd noted.  "There has been a change in the plot."

"What plo-" Asonja stopped himself there, lowering his finger to allow Urd to speak again.

"We should be departing."

"To where exactly?" Asonja asked.

"Elsewhere... N-not you.  You should stay here, make sure your world in intact."

"Sssuuure..." Asonja was slightly confused but understood anyway. "My apartment isn't that far anyway so...I guess I'll see you guys around then? Sometime in the future?"

"Oh definitely," Urd gave a tip of his hat as he and Virus Prime vanished.  Just before, however, he seemed to be looking at something behind Asonja with confusion.

This made Asonja wonder for a moment before turning around to see what his fuss was about.


This made Asonja shiver just slightly in confusion some more. He walked up just a bit closer, to examine. "Who is this...?" He asked quietly.

The strange distorted statue soon vanished from sight.  "What is happening?" Sounded the voice of the chronos fox from behind Asonja.

He turned again just after jumping in surprise of the vanishing statue. "I wouldn't answer because I don't have one," replied Asonja. "I believe my confusion is the only one I can give."

"... Keep hold of this," The fox handed out some kind of thin silver gauntlet.

He took it, looking at it in an interesting way. "Do I...have to wear this?"

"That'd be preferable."

He nods and puts it on his right hand. "What is it?"

"Protection.  It'll keep you from being changed from the modifications."

"What modifications?" He asked, before realizing that even if he did ask, he'd won't remember what they are later.

"Changes in the multiverse."

"Ah, yes..." He nods. "I'll keep this in handy."

"Good... Good luck also," He turned to leave.

"Thank yo-...wait, good luck?" He asked before turning back to his apartment.

The fox was gone.  The statue was gone.  Asonja's world was as it was.

He looked at the silver gauntlet for a moment that was in his right hand. "Hmm...I'll have to get another glove that matches this..." He muttered to himself before looking around some more. "I suppose that's it, then. A happy ending is all that it comes to be."

Aaand the end.

And this leads up into the Mortality Event, though for Asonja, V Is Not For Valentine's comes first.

I can change that. I didn't know there would be anything coming up after this one


It was dark. Across the street from the figure, there was a cat leaning against a lamp post. He was looking up at the sky. Without turning to face his addresser, he responded with "What do you want?"

"Quicky, Good Sir!" The short man exclaimed at arrival.  "We must depart immediately!  The danger is immediate!"

"What danger?" came the reply. "And who are you?" He continued, standing up and turning to face him.

(He didn't say his name, also the short man already arrived in front of him) "Existence!" The short man stated excitedly, looking about frantically.  A male wolf, brown, was in the distance, running toward them.

"MOVE!" The wolf called.

Without hesitation, the cat quickly took a few steps backwards. "Well what do you want with me?" he asked the small man, clearly starting to get irritated by his cryptic answers.

"There are few moments to explain," The short man stated, still glancing about as the wolf drew near. The wolf was pointing behind them but as the short man attempted to clarify the situation, he suddenly jumped in front of the cat, blocking the way of what appeared to be a strange rectangular shadow, just before the area faded out, everyone faded out, to a white color. The last thing seen were the glowing fingerless hands of the short crowned man.

The cat was left blinking gormlessly as his eyes readjusted to his surroundings. Still slightly shocked, he murmured "We've gotten off on the wrong foot" to no-one in particular.

Chapter One: From the Void

Silence save for the wind. In front of him lay the egg-shaped pale yellow hand that once belonged to the short man.

After taking a second to recover, the cat glanced around, looking at his surroundings.

Nothing but the hand seemed to be in view.

Crouching down, he poked the hand, a look of uncertainty on his face.

Immediately after touching the egg-shaped hand, it vanished.  A surge of strange energy began flowing through the cat, his arms beginning to glow with the power.  Around him, he could suddenly see a new area.

Statues... broken up in pieces in a row to the left.  They were all pale and empty.

Perhaps he could effect them.

Noticing the glow from his arms, he pulled his coat's sleeve up a short way before proclaiming "That's new" to himself. Unsure of his new capabilities, he walked up to a piece of the statues and, bending over, put his hand flat onto it.

He could feel a faint energy inside of it, but it was disconnected, the link somewhere else.  He heard a groan to the far left.  A figure was lying on the ground.

Almost immediately, he turned around and began moving toward the figure asking "Hey! You alright?"

A brown male wolf mobian faintly breathed on the floor.  He didn't seem to be responding to the calling, but at least he was alive for the moment.  He didn't appear bruised.

Before further inspections could be made to the wolf, however, a scream came from far behind the cat.  It was a man's, loud and angry.

"Hang in there a minute" he said to the wolf before turning around and drawing a revolver, ready to confront the voice's owner.

A grey hedgehog-like figure, male, was charging toward them both.  His eyes were a spiralling glowing red and parts of his body were trailing off like sand falling apart.

Realising that the wolf was in danger, he took aim at the figure's leg and fired two shots.

(Just to make sure, are these bullets or something specific?)

(Just bullets)

(Much thanks)

The hedgehog staggered for a moment, feeling the spots shot at to find minimal inflicted damage.  With another roar, he charged to tackle the cat.

Dodging to the left, he retaliated with an ungracious swing of his weapon.

The hedgehog staggered back once again, his body fading away slowly.

Realising that outlasting his opponent seemed to be the best strategy, the cat ran back, holstering his revolver.

In a last-ditch effort, the hedgehog raised his hand up, launching some kind of matter at the cat.

The attack hit the cat in full force, knocking him backwards. Recovering quickly, he glanced around for something to give him an edge.

The hedgehog screamed, swatting at him, but his legs had given out.  He simply began dissolving.

The cat slowly walked back over to the wolf. Crouching down beside him on one knee, he asked "You alright?"


A white hedgecat was finished meditating in the outskirts of Central City. As she looked up, she noticed that something was wrong with the sky. ¨What the heck?....¨

To her left came a flying figure in grey. He wore purple and has large lens-like eyes with pale-yellow egg-shaped hands.

He called out to her while fixing his crown upon his head.

"Who in the that?" Esme thought, tilting her head in confusion as she stood up and watched the figure fly in.

(In the future, please do not put in responses of my characters without permission.)

Esme just stared at the flying figure thinking, ¨What does he want with me? I hope it´s not anything weird...¨

"YOU MUST MOVE PROMPTLY!" The short man called, waving Esme over.

¨Why, what´s up? Is something up?¨ the white hedgecat says while she activates her ice powers through her necklace, just in case.

"Destruction is near!" He answered.  Around them the area continued to fade.  A wolf male, brown, was running toward them, also yelling to move.

¨Whoa!¨ Esme exclaims as she use her ice powers to create a ice board and jumps on it quickly. ¨The heck is going on? Why is everything here disappearing?!¨

"A great evil of my-" The short man froze.  He saw something behind Esme.

Esme then had a feeling something was behind her so she backhand punched the item in question.

She ended up punching the air, as whatever it was didn't appear in range.  Before anyone could act, however, everything went white.

¨Gah!¨ Esme exclaimed as she covered her eyes to shield her eyes from the bright light....

Chapter One: From the Void

Silence save for the wind.  In front of her lay the egg-shaped pale yellow hand that once belonged to the short man.

¨WHAT IN THE HELL JUST HAPPENED?¨ Esme thought with a blank expression....

No sound was heard.  Only the hand could be seen.

Esme then floated over and touched the hand, curious to what would happen.

Immediately after taking the hand, it fused with her own, molding into her as an energy flowed briefly around her.  Instantly, the area around her was different to her vision.

Statues... broken up in pieces in a row to the left.  They were all pale and empty.

"Eh......? What is with the statues..." Esme said to herself as she floated around the area on her board.

They looked like figures. A groan was heard to the left.

".......?" Esme turned her heard towards the statue, her eyes darkened and narrowing.

(The statue wasn't groaning.)

Esme just decided to focus on the sound using her ears....

The wolf from earlier was lying unconscious on the ground.


Speed Man

Speed Man had gotten a distress call, but from who? He traced the sender, but could only find rough coordinates. He then teleported there.

(This is the starter)

Your town, your plane, your house, wherever.  All that is noticeable is the strange silver storm in the sky.  To your left comes a flying figure in grey.  He wears purple and has large lens-like eyes with pale-yellow egg-shaped hands.  He calls out to you while fixing his crown upon his head.

(Gotta respond to this.)

"Who's there?!" Speed Man said startled. He readied his buster.

"Good Sir!" The short figure waved.  "You must run!"

"Wait why?" Speed Man responded.

A male wolf could be seen running toward the two, waving his arms and pointing behind them.

The world was slowly vanishing, white spreading over everything.  A rectangular black shadow was darting toward them all.

"Ah crap" he started running. 

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Seconds passed.  The short man, the wolf, and the shadow chased after just as the entire area, everything,was suddenly gone in a blast of white.

(For now, no, but maybe later.  It's a very specific kind of roleplay.)

"What's going on?"

Chapter One: From the Void

Silence save for the wind.  In front of her lay the egg-shaped pale yellow hand that once belonged to the short man.

Seeing frequencies he's never seen before he went towards the hand.

The more he neared the hand, the more he could feel a faint warm glow: power coming from it.'

(Wait a minute. Speed Man is a robot. How can he feel something?)

(It's not nerve-based, but that's up to you.)

He stopped. Feeling as if it's dangerous to near it any more.

Nothing else appeared to be in view to interact with, only the hand.

"Hello?" Speed Man said to see if anyone else was around.

Nothing seemed to answer.

He then proceeded to scan the hand.

The energy coming from it was... random.  Different signatures appeared over and over.  It seemed stable yet incredibly chaotic inside.

Wondering if there was anything behind the hand he went around it.

Nothing appeared to be behind it.

"This is an anomaly alright. Random signatures, just floating there, seems dangerous." he said. He tried to use his communicator to call for someone.

Not even static formed.

"I better test what happens when something non-living touches the hand" he dropped his Speed Wheel on the hand.

The Speed Wheel was bounced upward from impact: the hand shooting up as well.

"Hmmm" he waited for the hand to come back down.

The hand seemed to remain in the air, floating still.

"Damn. Might as well try to get up there." he equipped his Rocket Punch and went upwards to try to touch the hand.

Immediately after touching the egg-shaped hand, it vanished.  A surge of strange energy began flowing through him, his arms beginning to glow with the power.  Around him, he could suddenly see a new area.

Statues... broken up in pieces in a row to the left.  They were all pale and empty.

Perhaps he could effect them.

"Did I get a new weapon?" he said in awe. He tried using his newfound power

He could feel the energy projecting forward, but there didn't seem to be any specific matter to affect, save perhaps the broken doorways.

He shot his buster to see if he could affect the plasma shot.

(Affect it in what way?)

(by leading it to curve towards the doors)

The shot curved into the doors.  It seemed to cause them to vibrate a bit, not it wasn't enough.

He tried to move the doors themselves

The pieces of the broken doorways were not particularly heavy.  A groan was heard tot he far left.

(Just doorways.  Nothing behind them.)

(Well crap how will he get out?)

(Investigate the rest)

He then looked around while scanning.

A body: the wolf from before, was on the ground, unconscious.

He ran over to the wolf. He checked if there was any pulse.

There was a pulse.  He was breathing, but not waking.

He poured some water using Water Gun

There was a groan, but still he remained unc-

"RAAAAAAAYAGH!" a painful roaring scream came from the far distance behind the robotic man.

Speed Man ran over to the source of the sound

A distorted grey, white, and black hedgehog was forming out from the air, screaming wildly before locking eyes on Speed Man, and charging at him.

He began shooting while running unpredictably

(Shooting what?)

(the hedgehog of course)

(Shooting WITH what?)

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