As yet another secret taunt in Sonic Fan Characters Dimensional Beatdown, if you hold down Winter's down taunt, then he will bring his hand to his ear as if turning on an earbud to listen to instructions. succesfully doing this will Have either Spring, Autumn, or Death itself give Winter some basic information on the character (Not diving into too much of their backstory/just explain powers and abilities). There is even a special one for the hidden boss as well if you manage to find him and do the special taunt.

Ion the Hedgehog Edit

Airon "Jonic" Hikarikaze the Ookami Edit

Michael the Fox Edit

Iron Minerzone the Zonian Edit

Paws the Wolf Edit

Apallo the Hedgehog Edit

Sam the Rabbit Edit

Dash the Turtle Edit

Alinoa the Cat Edit

Captain Bird Edit

Venice the Mink Edit

Lydia Hikarikaze the Ookami Edit

Rekk Scratch Edit

Gavin the Mongoose Edit

Jaki the Coyote Edit

Digit the Chinchilla Edit

Junior the Hedgehog Edit

Hammerhead Turner Edit

Eclipse the Hedgehog Edit

Cyndriz the Cat Edit

Ravoka the Wolf Edit

Ferno the Dragon Edit

Talon the Velociraptor Edit

Nubis the Fox Edit

Katarina the Fox Edit

Rixcit the Hedgewolf Edit

Clash the Hedgehog Edit

Winter the Reaper Edit

Xeno the Hedgehog Edit

Eliot the Cat Edit

Bailey the Cat Edit

Flareus "F.EXE" Accel Edit

Senyap the Bornean Orangutan Edit

Kaizo Iron Edit

Dot Kolen Edit

Jane the Zorua Edit

If Winter is K.Oed during a conversation Edit

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