Grand Hero Fight Tournament

The Universal Tournament is a tournament for every (or almost every) character in the Sonic [Fanon] universe. Hosted by Fawful117, this 1st year he hopes that everyone will do their best in the tournament.


After being pushed around for too long, Michael decides to hold a grand tournament to see who is the strongest character in this universe...

So, Michael made the tournament into a reality, and it will be held on 1/1/13, and may last for about 2 months (10 teams per month). The arena is located on South Island, and Michael plans to win the tournament to prove that he is the strongest fox in the universe! The prize of this Tournament: All 7 chaos Emeralds!

Only 1 team can win, but who will be the grand champion???

Character Sign Up Restrictions

  • No Chao can fight
  • No Gods/Demi-gods
  • No Godmodding


There will be 20 teams in this Tournament, with 3 characters per team. Each team member may be allowed to use ONE Special Attack, while the teams as a whole get to use a Team Blast. Killing and Guns of ANY KIND are strictly prohibited.

Teams Signed Up So far

1. Team Fox

2. Team Light

  • Axel the Fox
  • Xion the Fox
  • Roxas the Fox

3. Team Ring

  • Miles Prower the Second
  • Spikey the Groundhog
  • Young Inucksha

4. Team Tiger

  • Bianca the Tiger
  • Servil the Tiger
  • Tigger the Tiger

5. Team Moonfire

  • Cheyenne 'Shine' the Hedgehog
  • Roxanne 'Flare' the Fox
  • Aeysara 'Illusion' the Ram

6. Team Condor

  • Ian the Porcupine
  • Lasercorn the Unicorn
  • Jovenshire the Lizard

7. Team Super Condor

  • Anthony the Fox
  • Mari the Panda
  • Sohinki the Robot

8. Team Determination

  • Dani the Bat
  • Burst the Fox
  • Eliot the Cat

9. Team M.A

  • Debby the Hedgehog
  • Kalin the Dog
  • Rosalia the Ferret

10. Team FireRed

  • Iron The Hedgehog
  • Makros The Hedgehog (Iron's Makros btw)
  • Miyuki The Hedgehog

11. Team Lethal

  • Nero the Porcupine
  • Daishori the Hedgehog-Porcupine Hybrid
  • Zero the Porcupine

12. Team Zero

  • Ecruos the Porcupine
  • Z-Rock the Hedgehog-Dragon Hybrid
  • Jacob the Porcupine

13. Team Speed

  • Accelerator the Porcupine
  • Rush the Wolf
  • Pace the Porcupine

14. Team Acid

  • Poison the Viper
  • Acid the Skunk
  • Contaminos the Platypus

15. Team Shock

  • Shock the Electric Eel
  • Volt the Porcupine
  • Electra the Bat

16. Team Element

  • Flare the Hedgehog
  • Lightning the Hedgehog
  • Ice the Arctic Hedgehog

17. Team Matrix

18. Team Thunder

  • Static the Hedgehog
  • Chip the Chameleon
  • Rock the Echidna

19. Team Nuts

20. Team Anelidos

Team Special Attacks

1. Team Fox

Special Attacks:

  • Michael: Dark Pulse
  • Chris: Mirror Dash
  • Kane: Dark Boost

Team Blast: Tornado Dash

2. Team FireRed

Special Attacks:

  • Iron The Hedgehog: Flaming Spindash
  • Makros The Hedgehog: Shadow Boulder
  • Miyuki The Hedgehog: SUPER BONZAI BOMBER

Team Blast: Flaming Meteor

3. Team Ring

Special Attacks:

  • Miles: Noir Blast
  • Spikey: Dig 'Em Up
  • Inucksha: Mimic

Team Blast: Tri Beam

4. Team Moonfire

Special Attacks:

  • Cheyenne 'Shine' Aktani: Sunfire
  • Roxanne 'Flare' Flametail: Thalcheo'
  • Aeysara 'Illusion' Gale: Arcane Shifted Flight (Main Flight Type Move), however to attack she uses Arcanum Valley

Team Blast: Nexus Celestial Destiny

17. Team Matrix

Special Attacks:

  • Trinitro "James" Stropher: Super Shocker
  • Richard: Taser Pull
  • Tina: Guitar Rifle

Team Blast: Dimensional Deletion

19. Team Nuts

Special Attacks:

  • Cinix: Acid Bomb (Spawns acid around himself and strikes the ground damaging whoever is in his range. It is mostly an instant defeat, usually when the enemy is near Cinix. After that, he sends a wave of acid towards oponents. Oftenly, this atack harms Cinix a bit.)
  • Madzo: Flame Blast
  • Classic Madzo: Flame Blast (A fire blast that does less damage than Madzo's.)

Team blast: Mad Justice (All special moves together, dealing a devestating damage.)

20. Team Anelidos

Special Attacks:

  • Adi: Fiendfyre
  • Vanessa: A self made version of Ryukoha
  • Arri: Prionodon Pardicolor (A huge wave of spotted lisangs strikes the opponent. This attack will make the enemy bounce on the wall behind him/her. That will give Arri an advantage, so he can extend his combos.)

Team blast: Flame Rollercoaster (It starts by Arri kicking the opponent in the air. Then Adi makes a tornado of fire, spinning the opponent in the air, causing high damage. When the tornado stops, Vanessa grabs the opponent's neck and starts spinning it him/her to the ground, like a drill. The opponents head will have a huge impact with the ground, causing high damage.)

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