Aeysara 'Illusion' Gale the Goat
"If you want to reach somewhere in life, the best way to go is to let foolish mistakes behind. If we are born for perfection then let our goal be fullfilled'" - Aeysara Gale

-Hard-working Magi Apprentice of the Guild and her destiny to unravel the secrets of the Celestials-

Aeysara san

dramatic change lol but love it better than the last :I the colour scheme was kinda pukey the way i see it now. and yes, here another unfinished picture yay :D

Ss dat aeysara by xxember4yaxx-d5o8y04
Ss dat aeysara by xxember4yaxx-d5o8y04

Basic Information

  • Aeysara (ai-sara) 'Illusion' Gale
Known Names
  • 'Illusion', Nexaras, 'Sara' and 'Tharo'ledan' (Honored Student).

Physical Info

  • Physical Age: 27
  • Species: Goat
  • Weight: 68.04kg (150lbs)
  • Height: 175cm (5.9ft)
  • Gender: ♀ Female
  • 15th September
  • Serenity City, Skyaros
  • Aurora Gale(Mother) - Deceased
  • Sentarus Gale (Step-father) - N/A
  • Kael Mentaros (Now known as Kael'Tendras (Kael and Tendras)) The Original Father - Alive
  • Mikael Gale (Brother) - N/A
Ideal Accent
  • Italian
  • Lawfully Good
Love Interest(s)
  • None
Misc Info

Theme Songs:

Within temptation - Final destination (Lyrics)00:00

Within temptation - Final destination (Lyrics)

Battle Song

The Birthday Massacre - Always (with lyrics)04:18

The Birthday Massacre - Always (with lyrics)

Story Theme Song

Likes and Dislikes

Likes: Studying, Pointing out mistakes, playing with mana, sarcasm and peace.

Dislikes: Complainers, mistakes, 'fake' religious beliefs and wind.

Aeysara is a flying type, being able to basically 'carry' her allies for 3-6 minutes maximum using nexus energy currencies.

Strength: Poor

Agility: Poor

Intellect: Excellent

Endurance: Average

Spirit: Good

"Nexus energies and the arcane mind are what create NEW destinies and new goals in life. Thinking before acting has it's ups and downs." - Nilrem, Head Researcher and Aeysara's teacher.

Aeysara is a magi apprentice, her main abilities consist of mana/nexus/arcane energy. Which in other words mean powers based from the mind and the galaxies of Space. Sometimes when in deep thought while using spells, they may turn into different elements. However, Arcane is still the stronger specialty of magic and if it was used it would deal more damage depending on her victim.

Aeysara rarely ever runs, instead she levitates. The only time you would ever see her not levitating is when she is walking normally.

Arcanum Valley: Aeysara twirls around in a circle, a spiral of arcane bolts come flying around Aeysara like a fan of knives. (Elements can change to either: Fire, Shadow or Frost)

Devastation Wave: She casts psy-waves at her targets. (Elements may vary between Water and Nature)

Spiral of the Nexus: Like a lazor beam, Aeysara can channel a spiral-looking beam at her target, causing damage and in some rare cases, slurred speech (for as long as ten minutes)

Translation Thought: Aeysara is able to use some of her nexus energy to become a translator. At the moment she is able to translate the following languages:

  • Minor Ancient Mak'ratha (Meaning she knows ancient script however knows very little of what the meaning behind the script is)
  • Gutterspeak (Shadebrood Lower Ranks)
  • Drako'sath tongue (Dragonsworn Tongue)

Arcane Shifted Flight: Aeysara is boosted up with the force of a arcane push, then the energy is harnessed within Aeysara (or allies) and allows her to fly for as short as 3 to 6 minutes. Cooldown can vary to ten minutes and cannot go any higher than 20 ft. Because of the above ability, (Arcane Shifted Flight) she is known as the flying type of Team Moonfire, being able to carry Shine and Roxanne for short periods of time.


Aeysara is rather stern at times, she normally prefers the term, 'serious' when she talks to someone in such manner. Aeysara can still cares, however she, no matter what she says, is quite selfish and picky. She enjoys using mana for everyday things, which could mean she is very lazy. When Aeysara left Skyaros, she prefers to be alone studying, talking to herself and reflect on herself.

Aeysara rarely had any real combat experience or any physical fighting contact with any enemies yet. Her weaknesses are quite well hidden from herself.

Solids: Solid objects or solid beings (rock guardians, anything that isn't 'squishy') are quite strong against Aeysara. Because Arcane requires organic sources, if she was to attack a Rock Guardian, it could either deflect back, take no effect or only cause small amounts of damage.

Robotics: Robots (Not Mechanical Technology, like guns and fridges etc.) are not exactly resilient towards magic. However, magic cannot track the Robot's position. If Aeysara wasn't lazy, she would pay more attention to the robots who come up from behind.

Undead: Yes, they do take quite a few hits. It doesn't mean that Aeysara's magic will cause them to be defeated fully, however. She doesn't control the Light, unless if she was to use fire to burn them to bones, she wouldn't have much hope against the forsaken.

Elementals: Beings engulfed in their own element, like fire, water etc. If she was to master arcane, she'd be able to hurt them at least. However, her power is no where near to outmatch these beings.


"Why do we even have beliefs? Don't we all want to witness the future some day? Or maybe I should just let the lies be thrown at my face." - when beliefs of possibilities or stories is mentioned

"Greetings my friend, how are the goods of your present times?" - Occasional greeting

"Religion led to our deaths..." - when religion or gods are mentioned

"I guess no one really likes parents, I mean look what happened to us three. Our possibilities were limited, almost impossible to seek truth" - relating back to Shine, Roxanne and also Aeysara's troubles with parents.

"Should we be perfection? If perfection leads jealousy and hatred, why was Skyaros created?" - her relation back to Arethas Frostbinder with slight sympathy for her rival.

Backstory: Struggling Knowledge

Aeysara was abandoned at birth and grew up in the Magi Guild on Skyaros. She struggled in magic for quite some time until the age of 13, her skills were increasing and her master was keeping close eye on her. An exam was put in place a few months after she turned 13 to determine which student was to start their studies outside of the guild and practically 'graduate'. Only her and an old school rival were attending the test, with her rival's burning hatred for Aeysara, she was determined to outsmart Aeysara. However, with no doubt, Aeysara achieved the end test and became a junior assistant to the head researcher and master, Nilrem Moongaze. Nilrem was a nice but side-tracked researcher. Aeysara's job was to help Nilrem focus on his work, help expand, discover the future possibilities and created Aeysara's destiny to discover the meaning behind the celestial gods messages. Not only to assist Nilrem but to expand her own knowledge on reality and the world around her. Arethas however, was punished for her failure within the test and wasn't seen since...

As Aeysara studied with Nilrem for those one-two years, she gained small amounts of authority over the guild. She was still the junior assistant of Nilrem, but due to her well developed reputation her rights grew beyond expectations. It was not long however until Blight, Shadebrood and cultists had attacked the kingdoms of Skyaros. The guild's relations with Epitaph and Serenity had driven most of the magi to their rescue during attacks. Nilrem and Aeysara evacuated most of their belongings and left through the few portal towers remaining.

Every portal tower was under a malfunctioning state, which therefore, Aeysara was released into Mobius, with no knowledge of her master or guild.


LozzaLolzor's 4th FC and was originally a hedgehog. (Don't we get sick of them sometimes? XD)

  • Other picture used before the Anime one
  • Aeysara as Raiden from Mortal Kombat
  • group foto, FAWK YEAH

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