Ohyeah. Aija yo. Some chages, not many. FUDGE YERRR

"She isn't scary, I don't know why everyone thinks she's so dang scary," - Aija the Cat

Given Name/s: Aija 

Family Name: Luaredon

Weight: 43.0 kg 94.8 lbs

Height: 164 cm 5"4'

D/O/B: 6 March

Age: 19

Gender: ♀ Female (EXTREMELY Female.... o.e)

Allignment: Neutral, wherever Kori goes, she goes, she's very naive and oblivious so she doesn't quite realise when she's on the "bad side"

Family: Lunaris (Aspect of the Moon, Mother), Solaran (Aspect of the Sun, Father)

Relationships/Crushes: N/A Although she is very popular with the mens if you know what I mean ;D

Friends: Kori, although Aija was unwanted at first, her persistance led to a very close bond between her and Kori.
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Aija by agenttoxic-d5kfm24 (3)

Drawn by AgentToxic for Murmurmuffin. Uploaded from the One and only. xD