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Sonic Team VS. Archie Team: Sonic Team Portrayal

Name: Akari

Name Meaning: Japanese for "Light; Beauty"

Nickname(s): Kari

Age: 15

Species: Albino/Hedgehog/Mobian/Demon-Slayer

Gender: Female

Height: 3'5'

Weight: 35 KG

IQ: 133-140 - Quite Intelligent

Maritial Status: Dating Kizu the Angel-Ghost Hedgehog

DOB: 01/01

Birthplace: Apatos

Current Residence: Angel Island - Ice Cap Zone

Occupation: Member of Team Lunar

Social Class: Fearless Lover

Alignment: Hero

Top Speed: 50-60 MPH - Slow Runner

Basic Stats: (1 = Weak / 10 = Strong)

> Agility: 10

> Speed: 3

> Strength: 3

> Defense: 5

> Evasiveness: 10

> Dexterity: 5

> Intelligence: 8

> Skill: 10

> Special Attacks: 10

Abilities: Light Powers, Magical Light Weapon(s), Precognition, Empath, Lightning Powers

  • The Magical Light Weapon(s) is a special sword made of pure light that Akari can use and mold into any weapon, common choices for her are: Katana, Scythe, Throwing Stars, Whip*


> Angel: Her "Super" form

Hobbies: Singing, Dancing, Fighting, Watching Chick-Flicks, Practicing Gymnastics

Talents: Denfense and Martial Arts

Weaknesses: Evil Magic, Bright Sunlight (Because of her being Albino), Negative Chaos Energy, Demons Blood


Personal Facts: Akari the Albino Hedgehog descended from Shadow the Hedgehog and Rouge the Bat, Shadow, being immortal raised her since her birth-parents were killed when she was born. She was born with a strange gift, the ability to see the dead, Demons and Angels. Trained by Shadow in the arts of fighting she decided that she would put her strange powers to good use by killing Demons and protecting the people. She found out in a history book that somewhere in the past was the person who killed her parents. Angry and hurt she decided to get her revenge by killing the person who killed her parents. When she went into the past she found in an abandoned laboritory a hedgehog held in suspended animation, Kizu. She felt sorry for him when she found he had no memories, and she vowed, out of pity for him, that she would help him. Over a short period of time she fell in love with the strange, shy Kizu.

Friends: Kizu the Angel-Ghost Hedgehog

Rivals: None Yet

Enemies: Eggman, Mephiles, ETC ...

Known Relatives: Shadow, Rouge, Mother, Father

Likes: Hanging Out With Kizu, Spring, Warmth, Her Kizu Doll, Sunshine, Cooking

Dislikes: Being Alone, She can't keep up with Kizu

Favorite Activities: Singing and Dancing

Least Favorite Activities: Sleeping

Gourmet of Choice: Chocolate Chip Cookies

Beverage of Choice: Milk

Favorite Colors: Gold, Pink, Purple, Orchid

Chaos: None Yet

Theme Songs:

> “Ghost" by Fefe Dobson (Main Theme)


Personality: Kind, Helpful, Loyal, Sweet, Brave, Caring, Sympathetic

Personality Flaws: Angered Easily, Jelous, Suspicious


Physical Appearance:

Fur Color: White

Skin Color: Pale Peach

Eye Color: Red


> Length: Long

> Color: White

> Style: Spines that curve down

> Bangs: Two Long Ones and One Smaller One

Nose: Black and Medium sized

Ears: Large, Slightly Rounded Triangle Shaped

Tail: Medium Length and White

Other Bodily Features: Birthmark on back of left shoulder, pink and shaped like Shadow the Hedgehogs logo



>Akari, if hit in the head to hard, will get temporary amnesia.


Sonic X: Generations:

Akari is the second main character in "Sonic X: Generations"

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