Akaya is a virtual hedgehog created by scientists requested by Ivy's father, who later gave the virtual toy to her for her birthday.


Name: Akaya

Spieces: Virtual Hedgehog, Vocaloid

Age: Ageless, but pyhsically 16

Gender: Female

Birthplace: She dosent have a birthplace, but her virtual live shows that she lives in a virtual version of Kepithia

Currently lives:Virtual Kepithia

Theme: The Dissapearence of Hatsune Miku(English Lyrics in description)


Requested by Ivy's Dad, scientists made a virtual Kepithia and 5 main virtual characters, complete with the memory of being best friends and singers. One of the project vocaloids was Akaya, whose main job would be to entertain Ivy. However there was limited space in the Virtual Kepithia so it was like a rectangular dome, you would eventually reach a dead end, which would have a view of the real world. Although the vocaloids would never know that. On Ivy's birthday, when he was going to present it to her, Ivy's father discovered that in the night she had taken one of their planes and ran off. In a rage, he thew the gadget into the dump. For 3 years Akaya lived a life of singing, despite being one of the youngest. She had been programmed with the memory of one of her lungs being punctured, but somehow she survived. And although she stayed physically 16, there was no such thing as aging in their world.

Although one day, Ivy and Tails was on patrol (This is Sonic Survival 2) and Ivy came across the gadget..

meanwhile in her world, Akaya was messing around with her brother Kevin, who was the eldest vocaloid at age 23 and usually led singing practises for his sister. In a game of Hide and Seek, Akaya went to far and found the dead end and saw a giant. Akaya started to have a panic attack, and Ivy explained she was a virtual toy that entertains children and lives a virtual life. Akaya asked if her life was just a lie, and that she wasnt real and just imitated real people. Ivy reluctantly nodded. Akaya refused to believe it, she cried and screamed and kicked and banged the glass edge, she always felt like she was in a computer now.

Eventually the others found out but seemed to get along with Ivy and didnt mind. However Akaya had taken it hard, her life was a lie, everything was a lie. Feeling betrayed, Akaya wanted Ivy to uninstall her, but after one last performance where shed be uninstalled on stage. Ivy agrees, and Akaya sings an english version of her theme and at the end is uninstalled, thus being erased from the virtual wrold.