General Info

Name: Akila the Husky

Her hand is kind of messed up D: Oh well. I'm so critiquing of myself :3

Age: 15

Gender: Female

Species: Mobian/ Dog/ Husky

Alignment: Neutral, though she leans more onto the good side.

Personality: Polite, shy, sneaky, withdrawn

Likes: Being around others when she gets the chance, her home, cold weather, books.

Dislikes: Warm weather.


Hair Color: White/ Purple

Hair Style: Chin- length bangs lining her face, straight waist- length hair in the back.

Fur Color: White/ Gray/ Purple

Eye Color: Light blue

Attire: Brown coat with a light blue collar and cuffs, black pants, knee- high dark brown boots with light blue cuffs and green- blue laces and heels, gray gloves.


Friends: N/A

Allies: N/A

Relatives: Acero the Husky (Older brother)

Neutral: Autumn the Fox

Enemies: N/A


Ability Type: Speed/ Skill


- Martial arts

- Cryokinesis (Ice powers)

- Good runner

Weapons: Her ice powers, all sorts of weapons she sculpts out of ice for personal use. (Mainly spears and knives/ blades)

Weaknesses: Hot weather, bright light, large crowds, not the strongest, kind of gullible at times.


Akila has lived in the arctic north for pretty much her entire life, and only recently has she been getting away from her isolated home to try and make friends. Her parents died when she was 5, and her older brother, Acero, raised her from then on. Due to her isolated homeland, she has bad social skills.