Alexander the Rabbit

"awww yeah, its my time to shine!!" Alexander the Rabbit. アレクサンダーうさぎ。 (Alexander the Rabbit name in japanese)

Origin's of AlexanderEdit

Alexander was a normal citizen of mobius as he worked as a architect and has been that way ever since, he was famous for his works and his designs and even built buildings for the freedom fighters, dring the war between eggman and the freedom fighters, he was exposed of a serum of power, in which came from eggman's egg mobile, he became a hero himself. After helping the freedom fighters, he met the leaders of the freedom fighters like princess sally, sonic and the others, he then joined them, while keeping his job as architect, he fought eggman and other enemies endless times and stayed a freedom fighter ever since.


Name: Alexander J. Vickson

Nicknames: Alex, Vick, AJ

Age: 18

Type: speed

Occupation: Team Delta

Afilliation: Heroiclly Good

Girlfriend: none yet


Mach 5 SuperspeedEdit

He is not as fast as sonic but he is really fast.

Wall Jumping and RunningEdit

He can jump off of walls, also he can run up walls

Homing StrikeEdit

Just like the homing attack but he doesn't jump in a ball like sonic, instead he just jumps normally and dashes to his enemys, striking using a judo kick.

Tan-nado AttackEdit

this is just like the blue tornado that sonic uses to stun his foes but his is tan colored. Get the joke.

(Note: this is not a joke character)

Super DashEdit

This gives him a burst of speed to hit his foes and also send his enemies flying


he is the only rabbit with teleportation abilities at birth

Radioactive SpottingEdit

this talent means that he can spot his enemies easily using radioactive energyEdit

Relationships with Fan CharactersEdit

Ion the HedgehogEdit

Gavin the MongooseEdit

Otega the HedgehogEdit

(add you character here if your character has met this character)Edit

Relationships with canon charactersEdit

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