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Alice is a shy, music-loving robot created by docter robotnik.

Full name: Alice Selena Doll.

Age: 11

Also known as: Selena, Winner, The Shy One, Miss have-it-all ( by Flame doll once ).

Species: robot

Height: Unknown.

Weight: Unknown

Gender: Female

Fur Color: Light Purple.

Birthday: March 13, 2001

Team: Team Shadows strike

Likes: Shadow, Lightning, Tails doll, Apples, flying, Music, Makros, Adventure, caring loving people, fighting.

Dislikes: Delilah, her own look, being scared, Sonic the Werehog, Dark Sonic, losing, people that say she can't sing.

Favorite Food: Apples

Favorite Music Type: Pop

Favorite Sonic Song: Super Sonic Racing

Favorite Song: Crimanal


Dad: unknown

Mom: unknown

Creator: Dr. Robotnik

Siblings: None


She is a shy music lover. She loves her friends. but she has always been scared that they would get in her way. And she is afraid to take the microphone and sing onstage. even though she wasn't afraid before

Friends and Allies:

Lightning the dog ( same person)

Shadow: Mentor

Blaze: Mentor

Makros: friendly Rivals

Tails doll

Love Life:

Shadow: first to understand her situation. they dated for two months. But then broke up because of his werehog form.

Evil Tails Doll: Hence the song "crimanal"


Most of her abilties have to do with her intenna.

List of abilities:

  • Soul-Taking
  • blazeing noise out of intenna
  • eclipse
  • poison bullet
  • snake flame
  • coler take
  • power take


she is highly vanurbale in water. and also can get embaresed very easly leaving her vanrable.


"THE HECK?!" ( when she first found out she turned into alice)

" Why should I shush?" ( when tails doll tells her to shush)

" my temper takes me sometimes..." ( when she addmeted she had anger issues)

" i just... get tounge twisted up on stage..." ( alice claiming she has stage fright)

" c-c-curse?" ( when tails doll told her about the tails doll curse)

"sure, it's nothing more than destroying magic vases and taking peoples souls." ( alice talking to sonic)

" i'm alice. and you are?" ( when she met makros)

" crash and burn! " ( alice's fighting phrase)

Transformation Quotes:

" Looks arn't everything" (alice curse talking to sonic)

" DIE! DIE SONIC DIE!" ( it's obvius...)

" BOOORRINGGGG" ( monster alice starting with a fight with blaze)

other forms:

Monster alice: a mixed creture that gets activated when shes very, very angry. it is part snake,part fox,and part werecat.

Alice curse: a soul-taking opposite form of alice. she loves vilance and blood. after breaking out of the form she will faint.



alice new design


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