Ana the Rabbit

As she appears on Sonic Charrie Maker.


Name: Ana the Rabbit

Age: 15

Species: Mobian/ Rabbit

Gender: Female

Alignment: Bad/ Evil

Personality: Stuck- up, picky, sneaky

Likes: Arrow the Hedgehog, flirting with guys, annoying Autumn, annoying Sylvia

Dislikes: Being caught, Autumn getting all the attention.


Hair Colour: Blonde/ Gold

Hair Style: Three spiky bangs, bangs right above her eye, spiky side hair, long pigtails

Fur Colour: Yellow/ White

Eye colour: Brown

Attire: Dark orange short-sleeved shirt, star necklace, light orange skirt, white gloves, white knee- length socks, yellow and white sneakers


Relatives: n/a

Friends: Has none... for now XD

Love Interest: Alan the Hedgehog (Ex- boyfriend), Arrow the Hedgehog (Major crush/ 'boyfriend'


Rivals: Autumn the Fox

Enemies: Sylvia the Cat, Alan the Hedgehog, Scamp the Siamese Cat


Ability Type: Speed


- Can run fast for a short distance

- Free charm (Oh gosh.)

- A couple of punches and kicks

Super form(s): None



Other Info


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