Commission sonic base 009 by alexthehedgehog15-d469zyp

Andre, using pyrokinesis for the first time (base)

Andre is of unknown species, He is. as well, a master of Hydro and Pyrokinesis. He is a master of firearms as well, as he usually uses dual TMP's. He really doesnt fight, and when he does, expect to be soaked, or toasted


Andre can be a total dick at times, but most of the time, he is kinda quiet and kind


Super Form: He has only used it once, his hair spikes up, turns white, and his eyes turn red, and his speed and strength increase x8

Dark form: used 3 times, it sacrificed speed for strength, it is activated via anger, his apperance is shrouded in darkness, you cant see him unless its not in a room with lights and its outside, as he will break electrical lights in this form


Pyrokinesis: allows Andre to set things on fire

Hydrokinesis: can control liquid, including blood, which Andre is trained with

Firearms Expert: Andre is pretty much a gun nut, uses dual TMP's

Theme Song:

Eminem - 8 Mile Lyrics05:50

Eminem - 8 Mile Lyrics

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