Name: Andromeda the Bat


Just a quickie of her ;D

Age: 16

Species: Mobian/ Bat

Gender: Female

Alignment: Good

Personality: Friendly, protective, rather stubborn at times.

Likes: Hanging around with her friends, finding old astronomy items, flying, staying up at night.

Dislikes: Bright light, loud noises, strong winds, curfews.


Hair Colour: Gray

Hair Style: One single line of hair on the front of her face, short and very stuck- out and spiky in the back.

Fur Colour: Gray, orange- tan, white

Eye colour: Olive green

Attire: Purple sleeveless shirt, black shorts, tall white boots with blue cuffs and magenta toes, white gloves, pink eyeshadow.


Relatives: Fae the Cat (Adopted sister)

Friends: Rebel the German Shepherd, Sabine the Echidna

Love Interest: Has none >:D





Ability Type: Special/ Flight


- Astronomy skills

- Flying

- Martial Arts

- Will type the other one soon xD (Once I figure out what to call it ^^;)

Super form(s): None.

Background/ Other Info

Her parents were killed by the demons that conquered her city in her timeline. They were both recognized astronomers, and she is quite skilled in using telescopes and other things to study the stars. She now lives with a group of rebellious teens who are wanting a revolution, with her adopted sister, Fae.

Other Info

- Her parents did name her after the Galaxy (let's just say they knew where it was, etc.

- Some inspiration came from Rouge the Bat's appearance.

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