Anic the Hedgehog is the older brother of Sonic the Hedgehog, the main character of the popular Sonic the Hedgehog franchise. He is a non canonical character or Fan Character.

Basic Information

Anic is Sonic's older brother by 4 years, and has hated him with a passion since the day he was born. Anic had his parents all to himself until Sonic came along, and with the discovery of his talent for speed causing him to absorb the interest of all around him, Anic was left alone with no interaction. As a result, Anic hates everyone, and constanly belittles Sonic and all who associate themselves with him. That, plus he swears like a blocked toilet.

Anic has a caustic personality, and constantly insults all around him, but he's not evil. He thinks Sonic's a moron as he won't finish off Dr Eggman, and he thinks Eggman "Should'nt be let out in public without a minder" as his plans constantly fail miserably. He has a phobia of Rabid Teenage Fangirls (See Amy Rose). Nobody blames him for this.

Game Appearances

Sonic and Mario at the Olympic Games

Dude in the crowd screaming obscenities and going "LOL Sonic can't swim, he has to wear a Life Jacket for Small Children!" promptly before getting a severe thrashing from Fangirls and Security. You know the one, second on the left.

Sonic and Mario at the Winter Olympic Games

Guy in the crowd going "Crashcrashcrashcrashcrashcrash" during Sonic's events. Eventually ended up in hospital with Concussion as a result of crainial contact with Amy Rose's Piko Piko Hammer. Amy was arrested for armed assault and is currently on Bail awaiting Trial. SEGA are not amused.

Sonic and Mario at the London Olympic Games

Has been been banned from attending after the last two fiascos. Managed to sneak in by hiding in Princess Peach of the Mushroom Kingdom's (See Super Mario) handbag. Nobody is sure how he got there. Arrested by security after discovery in the ladies changing room. Managed to escape by disguising himself as Sarah Jessica Parker by stealing Peach's dress and a tiara, but was mistaken as an escaped horse from the Showjumping event. Eventually discovered after showering Sonic with horse manure which resulted in a bruise in the shape of a size 11 bootprint on his left buttock awarded by Security during ejection from the event venue.

Theme Song

A.N.I.C :By Sum 41 (Warning! Contains Foul Language)

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