Annie the Lynx is a fan chara created from Blaze the Cat. Annie lives with her adoptive mother;Ice the Wolf who´s married to Mephiles the Dark.

Annie is Blaze´s cousin,yes,she´s a princess but she doesn´t want to be it,so she escaped and went to the wolf´s house. Annie has a blue gem in her face,like Blaze´s one,she´s called the Lady of the Blue Gem.She also has a sister called Alesei,she´s a white gem,and is called the lady of the White Gem.But Annie didn´t know about her.                     

Annie was in love with Light the Wolf.Ice´s brother,but Light died,and Annie was so sad that Manic the Hedgehog tried to consolate her and they both end up in love.Manic is not Annie´s boyfriend,but they are in love and the both know it.

Annie the Lynx was created by me,Ana Maria.

Annie the Lynx is a Lynx that had lived a difficult life.                                                                                         She is 14 years old.She likes music,drowing and dancing.

You can know more about her in,her blog.

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