Anti jamie is.. Anti jamie O_O le gasp


Name: Anti Jamie, Jamie

Age: Ageless/Immortal/ Physically 11

Gender: Male

Alingment: bad

Theme: Doesnt have one :D

Species:Fox/Robot (Has robotic organs)


He was made by Anti Chloe, but he escaped and killed a bunch of people (sorta what Jamie tried to do, but Chloe stopped him) eventually he got arrested and imprisoned.

However he escaped into the ehh.. normal universe and pretended to be Jamie, in an attempt to kill more people (he likes to kill people o.o) while Jamie was locked in an abadoned warehouse. But Chloe ended up finidng him when she went to the warehouse to find stuff to make ehh.. stuff with it. Anti Jamie got taken back to the Anti Verse and was once again imprisoned and this story took me 10 minuites to make.

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