"The Blizzard of Charted Souls shall take place before the heart of the nightsky rises, to freeze the very souls of fools who dare defy the Ice Queen!" - Arethas Frostbinder
Arethas 2013 Sketch

Sketch - 2013

-Once an Officer from the Reassinance Circle, she was removed from the Circle only a month from Skyaros' Fall. She sought for more power and revenge on her former students due to embarassment and exile. During her years she belived she could take over Skyaros or create her own Kingdom to rule all others, Icefall.-

Known Names: 'Remorseless Winter', 'Ice Witch', 'Ice Queen'.

Age: 29

Alignment: Chaotic Evil

Species: Whale

Allies:? Ziv'rahk the Ram

Enemies: Team Moonfire, especially Aeysara 'Illusion' Gale

Adria Stingweaver the Scorpion

Ideal Accent: French

Family: ??

Within Temptation~ Ice Queen (lyrics)05:08

Within Temptation~ Ice Queen (lyrics)

Okay, changed it. This song still fits better. =P

Misc Stats:

Strength: Good

Agility: Good

Intellect: Excellent

Endurance: Great


Arethas is rather intelligent, like most of the magisters of Reassinance Circle. She is more mature and responsible (by her own actions). However she is rather needy for magic and the torturing of other people. Unlike other magisters, she specialises mainly in Frost and Storm-like powers. Based on her powers shows her cold, harsh, violent and emotionally unstable. Just as she is unstable in her emotions at most times, she become unstable with her power at times. She wants more, however normally the first thing she does is combines her newfound power with her frost abilities, but fails and may effect her either dramatically or temporarily.


Winter Blast

Electro Bolt

Remorseless Winter



Temporal Fade - Cyclone

Arethas Frostbinder

LET YOUR EYES BE BLINDED WITH LIGHTS 8D I should learn how to do Auroras. Oh shit son. Anyways, Enjoy the pretty...yet blinding lights o_e


Fire: Should I explain this? Fire > Ice - Nuff said.

Solids: Solid objects or solid beings (rock guardians, anything that isn't 'squishy') are quite strong. Because Arcane requires organic sources, if she was to attack a Rock Guardian, it could either deflect back, take no effect or only cause small amounts of damage.

Elementals: Beings engulfed in their own element, like fire, water etc. Arethas is more aimed towards Ice/Frost, so some elementals may be hugely inflicted however to others this may not be the case, she'd be able to hurt them atleast. However, her power is no where near to outmach these beings.

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