Ariel the Hedgehog NEW LOOK

As she appears on Female Furry Dollmaker


Name: Ariel the Hedgehog

Age: 16

Species: Mobian/ Hedgehog

Gender: Female

Alignment: Good

Personality: Friendly, witty, smart

Likes: Driving, her boyfriend, interesting lessons

Dislikes: Sylvia's fighting side, boring lessons, unresponsive cars


Hair Colour: Golden

Hair Style: Wavy in the front and back

Fur Colour: Golden, peach

Eye colour: Blue

Attire: Red sleeveless shirt, red plaid skirt, scarlet sandals, red fingerless gloves


Relatives: N/A

Friends: Sylvia the Cat, Ashlynn "Lyn" the Cat, Alan the Hedgehog

Love Interest: Haven't posted him yet.

Neutral: N/A

Rivals: Autumn the Fox

Enemies: Ana the Rabbit, Arow the Hedgehog


Ability Type: Special/ Skill


- Expert at Extreme Driving

- A couple of kicks

Super form(s): None.

Other Info

- Her creator has accidently callled her Alice a few times.