Astral the hedgehog

Basic Info

Name: Astral

Species: Hedgehog

Age: N/A

Attitude: Easy-going

Powers: Fire, light, levitation.

Weakness: Void

Theme song: Phoenix by Stratovarius


One day, when Venom the wolf, a hero from Mobius, was walking through the town, he was blinded by a bright light. He looked up and saw a falling meteorite. Seeing it was gonna crash right into him, he ran off to a safe area. After the impact, he walked over to the crater to see what it was. He saw a huge fireball, with a hedgehog shape inside it. The fireball disappeared, revealing a light blue-ish grey hedgehog. His name was Astral. They quickly became friends, as they got on really well. A few days later, scientists of U.S.P reported that it's possible Astral could have been born from energy impact within dying star of planetary system Umbria-12 that has been shooting out its core's fragments all over nearest systems.

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