Aura is a 12 year old orphan half tanooki and half
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Aura the fox complete makeover I've made him a tanooki fox and lightened his fur up

fox who was around when blackdoom appeared on earth.He is a very shy young boy who considers Shadow the hedgehog as a role-model to him after he saved the planet earth from black doom's terror.After the event, he goes on back to his home on mobius thinking of what shadow did,so he tries to be a little bit like him lol xD by stopping one of Dr.Eggman's robots.When he did he made a bad attempt and got into a lot of trouble.So Sonic heard the news so him,Tails,Knuckles,Shadow and Amy went to go investigate.The robot transformed into the egg tyrannosaurus.Sonic and Shadow worked together stopping the giant robot,and after the fight Aura hid his face into his long green hair.Sonic notices Aura's shyness,so Aura hid from Sonic and went to Shadow.Shadow noticed him and Aura had the courage to tell Shadow that he's a good hero .Shadow looked at Aura and smiled a bit lol.Aura has no memory on has no clue on were his parents are so he considers everyone as family :)
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Aura the fox

interactions with sonic: Aura seems to meet Sonic when blackdoom's army took over the planet but then suddenly disappears.He considers sonic as a good friend from time to time but wonders why Sonic doesn't stay as much with his friends

interactions with Tails:Aura seems to meet Tails when him and shadow were teaming up,Aura looks at Tails like it's what he would look like without his green hair.

intereactions with Knuckles:Aura meets knuckles while he's guarding the master emerald.Aura goes up to the shrine out of his own curiosity and knuckles spots him and freaks Aura out when Aura puts his finger on the master emerald.He is a little scared of knuckles.

Intereactions with Amy:Amy and Aura meet when Aura goes out into town lost and alone.A few hours later it's night and Aura gets scared and starts going to a dark corner crying until Amy notices him and tries to cheer him up.So Amy kindly takes Aura back to her house to stay since Aura is an orphan.Aura considers Amy like an older sister.

intereactions with Shadow:Aura meets shadow when shadow was trying to discover his past.Shadow saves Aura from blackdoom's men and from that day,Aura considers shadow as a role-model and starts to copy his personality a little.

interactions with other characters: Aura meets the rest of sonic's friends on adventures sonic has.




personality: shy and quiet,and a has a little bit of a dark personality

created by: who has also created Lexn negamine
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Kawaii Aura

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Fire Aura

powers:shooting beams or light and darkness and flying sweeping his tail

Aura has an updated makeover the creator has lightened up his fur,and gave him black eye color for now