"Hello! My name is Bailey but you already know this so why am I telling you? I dunno, BYE" - Bailey the Cat

Bailey the cat
No more jeans
First appearance Cartoon Comics
Appearances Cartoon Comics
Biographical Overview
Age 14
Birthday November 13
Birthplace Fawkner Town
Physical description
Species Cat
Gender Female
Height N/A
Weight N/A
Fur/feather/scale colour Pink
Eye colour Blue
Attire Blue shirt, violet-ish rings, dark blue pants and white and blue shoes
Alignment and character traits
Alignment Good
Favourite food
Likes The cold, exploring, romance, fighting, humour, being the weird/positive one
Dislikes Heat, fire, overly serious people, the dark
Relatives Coming soon
Skills and powers Water manipulation, agility, super speed

Bailey is a 14 year old cat with a random and upbeat personality. One day she was cursed with the power to control dust at the price of not being able to survive intense heat. She strives to try and help others with her new found powers while hoping to find her missing friend. She helps fight evil and the mutants with her newfound allies, you know, hero stuff.

Concept and creation

She didn't have much of a reason to be made in the first place, only to be a female character really. When making her my mind was like "hey, why don't I base it on someone I'm real life!?" Make a sonic design, add lame personality and BAM! Instant fan character!

In her reboot, I decided to make her realistic and more like the person I based her on. This reboot gave her more of a legit personality, ice powers to make her useful, a redesign and other features. Now she isn't a useless, token character, yay.

I have recently changed her power to control ice into the power to control water.


Most of the time she is optimistic, hyper and random. She looks on the bright sides of things most of time but does understand when it is suitable to be angry or sad (she does try to avoid these feeling though). One of her flaws is being overly positive, angry or whatever her current feeling is, which sometimes occurs in inappropriate situations. Bailey has a fear of the dark which is a reason she tries to be happy and not use emotions that tend to be paired up with darkness.

She was a minor crush on Sam the Rabbit and it typically takes a back seat to adventure. Baileys crush can get out of hand sometimes..


Bailey had always lived in Fawkner Town, a small and un-famous town. She lives with her family. She had some friends in her childhood, her best friend was Sam the rabbit and Zane the mongoose.

She was included in one of Lord Zugons invasions at Fawkner town which can be read about on Sam the Rabbits page. That will not be written down here as she has another backstory that focuses around her.

Ever since she assisted in the take down of Lord Zugon, Bailey went exploring with her best friend Jasmine. They enjoyed wandering around the town looking for new things. One time they found a mysterious castle made completely out of ice. Bailey insisted to go explore it while Jasmine was a bit nervous about it but in the end they went anyway. After 15 minutes of exploring the castle they met a cat in dark clothes who seemed to resemble Jasmine. The cat attacked them for no known reason, it seemed the cat thought Bailey and Jasmine were her enemies. Not standing a chance against this cat with magic powers, Bailey and Jasmine tried to flee. The cat started to levitate Jasmine, using a spell to make her faint. Bailey tried to free Jasmine but being a clutz, she ran into some sort of weird crystal which surrounded her with a light blue aura that made her faint. As Bailey lied on the ground, trying to keep her eyes open she saw the black cat take Jasmine and teleport away just before Bailey blacked out. Once she woke up she couldn't find anyone and returned home incredibly sad. She now tries to find her friend and the cat who took her.

Powers and abilities


One time upon running into a mysterious gem in a mysterious castle of ice and touching it while she was trying to escape an enemy, she got engulfed by unknown magics that cursed her. After feeling odd for a couple of days she learnt that she had been granted the power to control and creat dust. With her new powers she can manipulate surrounding dust into various shapes and sizes. Over time she has learnt to make dust out of nothing. Bailey can even change the density of water to turn it to ice or steam.


After being cursed by the curse reasonable for her ice powers, Bailey has the ability to run at considerably high speeds. She can reach up to her maximum speed within little time. Her known top speed is around 600mph. This of course is slow compared to other speedsters.


Unlike her speed, she was born with incredibly flexible limbs. Being able to easily perform flips and other tricks. She is very agile, more so than most others which allows her to preform all sorts of parkour and ways to get around. She is very aerobic and uses it to her advantage in battles.


Liquid Bailey

If she were to tap into her powers maximum potential, she would transform into a form she likes to call Liquid Bailey. Liquid Bailey can only be activated at moments of complete focus, it is very difficult to activate. Liquid Bailey can fly at faster speeds that reach sound, her hydrokenesis becomes more powerful allowing her to control all liquids. This form does not make invincible, only nearly invincible. She could potentially cause great damage to both people and nature.



It is obvious that she would be weak towards fire considering she has water powers. While heat wouldn't normally effect a Mobian or person it does effect Bailey due to her curse, hot areas weaken her. While her water does give her some defence against fire it still does threatening damage.


With the arrival or her new powers came new weaknesses. Before she was afraid of the dark but now it physically damages her. However dark areas don't affect her powers like hot areas.

Separation from her rings (the ones around her wrists/ankles)

Being separated from her rings will start to damage Bailey until death. This side effect is due to her rings (originally gold) containing her curse which now keeps her alive. Bailey will only be able to last one hour without her rings.


Coming soon


  • As mentioned before, she was based on someone in real life. Why I made her a character is a mystery (I base most of my charcters on real life friends)
  • Her very firsts design were incredibly different from the current one. There was never any blue clothing originally.
  • Her Loquid form is inspired by burning Blaze.
  • She is actually pretty smart even though she doesn't show it much.
  • Bailey was one of the hardest characters to reboot. Mostly because in order to make her realistic I had to spend time with the person Bailey is based on. Probaly not worth it.


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