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"¿Are you afraid of the Dark?"
Beast the Dark Tooper 2

Beast the Dark Trooper

Biographical Information
  • Unknown
  • Apparently: 18
  • Unknown deceased family
  • The Beast
  • The Trooper
  • The Dark
Romantic Interests
  • Unknown
Physical Description
Species Mobian/Wolf
Gender Male
  • Skin: Red with black hair
  • Eyes: Yellow
  • Black T-shirt with skull, spiked bracelets and war jeans
Political Alignment and Abilities
Alignment Good, neutral


The Domain (good friend of the leader)


M-16, AKA-47, ace and a lance with England's flag

  • Expert in close combat
  • Immortality
Other Information
Theme song thumb|300px|right|Iron Maiden: The Number of The Beast
Original Creator JCE inc.

History and description


Beast was born in London and he was in the Second World War. He died for England, but he resurrected. His friends think he is dead and fogot him. When the war ended, he became into a mercenary/terrorist/killer/hero. Now he's working for G.U.N. In the future, people think he was Shadom's family killer, but his killer was Vader. When Shadom arrived to the future, the futurist Beast arrived too. Finally Vader kills Shadom. Beast helped Shadus to kill Vader.

Relationships Edit

Friends Edit

Dante "Law Breaker" the Dominator (best friend)

  • Allies

The Domain



Shadom the Hedgehog Enemies

Vader the Hedgehog

Shadus the Hedgehog (normaly)


Napalm the Hedgehog


  • Unknown


  • Beast is a kind and honest, but he is going crazy about being immortal.

Likes Edit

  • Iron Maiden (favourite band)
  • Heavy Metal
  • England
  • Weapons
  • Music
  • Dislikes
  • To be immortal
  • Whe his friends forgive him when he died

Techniques & AbilitiesEdit

He is immortal

Quotes Edit

"Shadom, I'm you family's killer"

"666 The Number of The Beast"

Trivia Edit

Gallery Edit

Theme songs Edit

thumb|300px|right|Iron Maiden: Fear of The Dark thumb|300px|right|Iron Maiden: The Trooper

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