Bella the Husky

this is by me, all by hean

Bella is a brown and white Husky with a dark past and with a bright future with her new family. she is 12 years old and is the adopted sister of Samlee the Cathog and Amber the Dragon.

her past

Bella use to be called Dog by her maker Sammy Mcdonald, he use to sexual abuse her and made her his Slave. when King Sonic found out about Bella, he and Shadow the hedgehog saved her along with a Dragon from the same home called Amber. Sonic wanted the two to have a loveing home so asked Karina Crawford to get to know the girls and see if she can take them with her and her daughters Samlee, Roxy and Danny. as Roxy and Danny lived with Sonic in the Game world, only Samlee was still with Karina. slowly Sonic got Karina to get to know Bella and Amber and Soon Samlee as well. one night Bella went to the Real World and found Samlee's bedroom. she asked Samlee about what Karina is like with her, Samlee tells her that Karina loves Huskys and has fallen in love with Bella and Amber. happy, Bella went back to Amber and told her what Samlee said to her.

the next day Roxy and Danny learn of Bella and Amber moving in with Karina and Samlee, thinking the two are replacing them, the Cathogs find Bella and Amber and fights with the two untill Samlee shocks her own sisters to save Bella and Amber. seeing their own sister saving Bella and Amber, Roxy and Danny glowed dark and turned into Viruses and tried to kill them, using their Glitching skills, the three stopped them by killing them. after that, Bella and Amber now live with Karina and Samlee and it's learned that Bella and Amber have special needs like Samlee.

About Bella

Bella is a strong Husky with a tail like a rock, if you get hit by her tail you'll lose an arm. she loves to do karate and is a green belt. she also enjoys the snow and her pet Husky, Snowy. she, Samlee and Amber sleep in the same room with three day beds in a row. Samlee is in the middle, Bella is on the right and Amber is on the left. she love Disney, Sonic the hedgehog, skylanders and Pokemon. she also likes fighting games and playing rough with Snowy and a water dragon named Sapphire.

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