Blackspell the vampire panther by the doom113-d56xzxt

Black Spell the Vampire Panther

His name is based in Burzum's song "Black Spell of Destruction".

Bio: Blackspell was born in the USA, and his family was Norwegian. One day, his finally was killed and he became crazy. Blackspell discovered and black magic book and he used it for doing "bad things".

About Blackspell:

Name: Blackspell the Vampire Panther.

Age: Immortal

Birthplace: USA.

Accent: Nowegian/American

Description: Skin: White Fur: Black Eyes: Dark red Sexual orientation: Heterosexual Status: single

Attire: Depends...

Health: Blackspell smokes cigars and drink beer.

Personality: Blackspell is very shy, sometimes a bit insane and he is very satanic. Likes: Black /doom metal, black magic, all satanic stuff Deslikes: Being alone.


"Go to Hell with me!" "I don't speak. MY SHOTGUN SPEAKS!" "I I was born to be wild"