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Blake the Hedgehog

Full Name: Blake Fren Angels.

Blake the Hedgehog

Sex: Male.

Species: Hedgehog/Fox/Mobian/Half-Vampire.

Age: 14 Main.

12:Blake at Mahor Girls Academy.

21 (Sonic Hearts 2).

Alignment: Neutral, mostly good.

Clothes: Purple sleeveless sweater,Blue shorts with pockets and Red,white and black sneakers. Also blue glasses.

Favorite Food: Latkes.

Favorite Color: Pink and Magenta.

Favorite T.V. Show: House of Anubis.

Favorite Sport: Softball.

Attack Weapon: Keyblade.

Defensive Weapon: Special Gear called Cyframes invented by his dad.

Birthday:Feburary 16th.

Voice Actor: Gregg Sulkin(2000-2004). Matthew Mdot Finly(2004-2007). Matt Shively(2007-present). Singing Voice Lucas Grabeel

Family: Burst (father),

Sonia (mother)

Hannah (older sister)

Sonic (uncle),

Manic (uncle),

Red (uncle),

Erin (aunt),


Misty (aunt),

Dynasty (cousin),

Konata Bell-Chime (Descendent in Alternate dimension),

Ethan Future Grandson 

Marley:Future Daughter.

Layla;Future Wife.

Love Interest: Natasha, Rosalia and Julia.

Relationship: Rosalia (girlfriend in most media) 

Friends: Everyone at Mobius Arts, Fang, and Felicia .

Rivals: Hannah, and his Uncle Manic.

Enemies: Eggman.

Abilities: Painting, Can see future like his dad, dancing, plus making and producing music.

Special Abilities: Magic Powers, scrambling words and letters by stomping his foot.

Personality: Nerdy yet Mysterious,Stubborn,Loner and Exciteable.

Likes: School, studying, and fun.

Dislikes: Evil, and Being Bored.

Ability Type: Power.

Hair Color: Black.

Hair Style: Plain.

Skin Color: Brown.

Eye Color: Red.

Height: 100 Cm.

Weight: 88 Lbs.

Appearance: He has Brown fur everywhere except on his chest. He has a pink birthmark in the shape of a star on outside his right ear.

Sexuality: Straight.

Super forms: Love-Blake; skin turns gold and his hair turns green.

Teams: Team Arts, Team Davrit.

Other Info: He's a Freshman at Mobius Arts, which is owned by his father, He's Jewish. Blake's Cyframe has numerous attachments, each powerful, like a saw, a rocket launcher, a cross-bow,and much more. He has a Nobody named Exkalb.

Blake has a secret not even he knows of he's a Prince of Heart meaning he has no darkness in his heart. He won the 4th season of Total Sonic, Total Sonic Carnival. He's the first ever guy net idol.He even has a gender-swapped version of himself:Blair.

He also has a genderbent version of himself:Belladonna.
Belladonna Real

Genderbent Blake:Belladonna

Mobius Arts Schedule:

1st. Singing with Melody Poprock.

2nd. History of Art with Cassa

3rd. Plays and Movies with Alara

4th. Study of Fashion with Rosalia .


5th. Lighting with Alara

Blake's Cyframe Story

When Blake was 11, he learned about his family's past. Blake was shocked about both of his parents history. He went down to the basement of his family's mansion to investigate more about it. When he saw something glowing, he went over to it. Instantly it glowed more.

When the light vanished and the thing was stuck to his back. When Blake told his dad. His dad revealed it was a new type of weapon he calls Cyframes. After an X-Ray, it was revealed the Cyframe fused with Blake's DNA.

When Blake got worried about it, Sonic and Tails appeared. Tails told him he came up with a device to divide the 2. But their could be some problems; the device wouldn't be built for 3 weeks. Upset that his son would be like that for 3 weeks,

Burst decided to train his son how to work the Cyraframe. Over the course of 3 weeks Blake learned how to power up the Cyframe, and how to use the different attachments. When the day came,Blake decided instead of destroying the Cyframe when they were divided, Burst wanted it turn into a ring so Blake could use it when he wanted. Tails agreed and that's how Blake got his Cyframe.

Key-blade Story

Blake was walking in the woods when he saw a kid, he wasn't an animal like him, he was a human. Blake walked over to him. They talked. Blake found out the boy's name was Sora. Then black creatures appeared.

Blake got out his Cyframe.But Sora told him to go. Blake refused. He touched Sora's weapon. Suddenly it glowed. Then a white light surrounded Blake's arm. When the light vanished, Blake had a weapon just like Sora's, but it was different.

Sonic Hearts

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