Blurr the Hedgehog


Blurr is similar in appearance to Classic Sonic, but with some key differences. For one thing, his main color is red, his quills are spiked upwards, and he has blue shoes. It's also worth noting that, like Tails, has some hair sticking out, but instead of three points of hair, there are two.


Blurr is a lot like Sonic in personality, but has some unique aspects of personality. For one thing, he is calm and collective, dosn't have as much attitude as Sonic, and loves adventure and action. Two things he shares with Sonic though is that Blurr also likes chili dogs and running.

Known sidekicks\friends

Blurr's sidekick and best friend is a purple female fox named Lexi. Unlike Tails, she has one tail, wears a white dress and running shoes. She also has a necklace with a blue gem adorned around her neck.

She also has a secret crush on Blurr, but she is to nervous to say anything about it.


Blurr, like Sonic, has an incredible amount of speed and is able to perform the spin dash technique. But Blurr's spin dash as a lot more spines coming out of it than Sonic's. This causes Blurr's spin dash to be significantly sharper.


  1. I actually based Blurr off of myself! Honestly, I don't know if anyone else has done this before, but it dosn't really matter.
  2. The first prototype drawing I made of Blurr was not that bad. If not that bad meant his head was really large and I didn't get the arms right.
  3. I originally intended to have Blurr wear a scarf around his neck like Sonic from Sonic Boom, but I eventually changed my mind.

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