A young fox girl that enjoys playing with her friends. She is supposibly the only one that stands against king shadow's rule


Name (full): Charlette "Bolt" Prower.

Gender: female.

Height: Unknown

weight: YOU CALLIN' ME FAT?!?!

Attire: Short,pink dress, high heels, pink, fingerless gloves, and sometimes pink shades.

Favorite food: mint gum.

Likes: mint gum, nicole the chamelion, ashly the chamelion, Miles "tails" Prower ( father), Flame Prower ( brother) Being called bolt the fox (or bolt), The color pink, dresses, shopping, being called cute, Manic acorn (like like, she's weird...), make up, music,talent shows, singing, dancing.

Dislikes: King shadow,choas ( ahem WEIRD!) video games, stoney the enchidna,force, cry babies,embarressing herself, lies ( AHEM TAILS DOLL CURSE).

Personallity: happy go lucky, simple-minded. but does't quite seem like it. she thinks about herself and her looks 24-7. especily her hair. and her robot form that keeps her compony. bolt doll. ( no bolt doll is not evil)


Bolt doll

her best friend, they won't do anything without each other. they work togathe to fight off tree crawlers ( forest monsters). They're relationship started when tails first made bolt doll for her. to keep her compony when her friends went to the the past. One day she read about the tails doll curse and decided to get rid of bolt doll. but finding out life is not the same without her she quickly came to bolt dolls rescue after bolt doll was about to get eaten by ravid wolfs in the forest.