Calill -1000

Calill -1000 ready for Cuddling

The Corporal Korpsman Corporation Presents~

The real Calill can be seen here ------> :D

The Calill -1000!

IT IS GOING TO KILL US ALL! D: Its a revolutionary action figure that is a smaller version of your favourite serial killer, CALILL! :D. After seing this beautey how will you not want to have one of your own. It is great for kids, It is great for Adults, It is great For Infants and the Elderly!. It is an All Around great toy for all ages! They will cuddle, they will mangle Love, They will really enjoy your innards Playful personality.


  • Head
  • Eyes
  • Torso
  • Battery Pack (Rechargeable)
  • Tail
  • Eyes
  • Sash, All different outfits (Outfits sold seperately)
  • Feet
  • Legs


But im sure the Infants can handle it

Reasons To Buy~

WHY SOULDNT YOU BUY THIS AMAZING PRODUCT? It will even say Calills best Dialogue! Including

  • You should baracade your closet tonight

And much more!

If it says anything Calill may not say then please email our representatives and we will get the firing squad as fast as we can.

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