Carlos in his Mobian form.

This is not an original character, but it is dedicated to my best friend on Deviant Art.

Carlos Sandoval was originally a human, born in San Diego, USA. He attempted to travel to Mobius for reasons unknown. But when he set foot on their planet, something modified his genetic DNA, permanently transforming him into a Mobian bat. At first, he did not like his appearance and did try many times to turn back into a human, so he can return home to his family, but after a while, he began getting used to being a bat. He also did gain a few extraordinary powers that humans normally cant do either, including the ability to fly at near-Sonic speeds, and can see in even the most darkest place in the world. He also has 2 Japanese katanas and trained himself to use them.

But then, he met Dr. Eggman, the primary antagonist of Sonic's world. Carlos did not think he was bad at first, but after seeing his robot minions, that is when he fights back. Using the skills he has learned so far, he was added onto Eggman's hit list. Sonic acknowledged his powers and asked if he could join the Freedom Fighters, an elite army of Mobians fighting the Eggman Empire for peace and freedom. To Carlos, this was only the beginning of a new chapter of his story.

Not long ago, he has found out that he was a Mobian his entire life, his foster parents said that he came to Earth in a pod, reminiscent of the Superman movie. He, and his robot pet went to a cave to find a bowl-shaped communicator of some sort. When he placed his wind onto the wing-shaped slot on the communicator, his father appears as a hologram on top. He says that the message was not recorded, because he downloaded his consciousness to the console when he died, somehow. He also says that he is the Chosen One, and he must make a sacrifice to save the world from a potential threat. Carlos could not understand this, because he's only seventeen, and he's too young to be dubbed "The Chosen One". Carlos goes back for more information on this.

Age: 17 (as of April 12th, he is now 18.)

Birth: Carlos was born in San Diego, CA, USA in 1996 as a human

Nationality: Mexican American, Mobian

Skills: Carlos is highly skilled in martial arts, swordfighting and flying

My mazda rx 7 drawn by madgamer55-d6mzak1

Only one of Carlos' many vehicle designs. This picture shows a heavily modified Mazda RX-7.

Species: Bat

Marrital Status: Single

Known Friends: Sonic The Hedgehog, Knuckles The Echidna, Blaze The Cat, Amy Rose The Hedgehog, Miles "Tails" Prower

Known Enemies: Dr. Julian Kintobor "Eggman"

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