Name: casandra the cat seedrain

Nickname(s):  cassy

Gender:  female 

Age:  12 .-.

Birthday:  12/12/12 (^__^)

Species:  cat seedrain 

Relationship:  single

Occupation:  race car driver

Birthplace:  tokyo, japan 

Alignment:  good

Fur/Hair Color:  fur: light blue hair: darkish blue

Eye color:  a cool shad of green :D

Eye Wear:  shades sometimes 

Body Type:  slim

Markings/Scars: three little scars under her eyes

Clothing Style: a purple shirt with a yellow skirt and blue boots other than that a bit tomboy 

Personality:  dark a bit and nice and insane

Hobbies:  meeting new friends

Likes:  open places and other nice stuff x3

Dislikes:  PIE >:U

Fears:  tornados 

Weaknesses: lighting

Family:  Shania the vampire hedgehog (sister) Jarikk the seedrain (brother) brooklyn the cat (sister) 

Children:  non yet :3

Friends:  she travels soo all over <o>_<o>

Enemies:  dark oak >:U eggman and others 

Team:  the scream team

Team Position:  power

Other Team Members: shania jarikk and brooklyn

Element:  earth and water oh yeah and wind 

Special Attacks:  wind scar

Forms:  full seedrain full cat and madness 

Weapons: a axe like weapon XD 

Vehicles:  a tron car x3

Theme Song: bella thorn and zendaya- made in japan

Biography: working on it

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