Category of LozzaLolzor's Characters.

All containing characters from either Skyaros or Mobius (Or even Earth) and Crossover Characters. If you steal (I'm sure you don't want too. lmao c:) , I will know, so I WILL hunt your ass down to pigtown, mkay?, k.

If you have any questions, ask me on my talk Page.

Welcome! Enjoy staring at my characters.

I guess....? 8D

Heck why not?

Most FC's have been around since 2003 and some have stayedt the original way because of first timers nostalgia.

Tools used in these pictures: PainToolSAI, (Wacom) Bamboo Pen, Photoshop CS6 and CS4 and Pencil and Paypuh. (alot of random stuff I spose')

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