Condemned Exile and Lawful Liberation

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About the Cell

“Cell” is a well-known yet somewhat esoteric organization of highly trained assassins who carry out assassination contracts received specifically from their leader, the Silent Quire. The Cell is called upon by those who must utilize their deadly services through a particular summoning by a member of this very "Quire." Typically the Cell only benefit occupations they have connections with such as the Dark Carnival, in where one of the members will consult the Quire and convey who must be assassinated. If any individual wishes for the Cell to cooperate with them and carry out a contract they must first go to one of their occupational connections and essentially be granted permission by one of the board members/leaders before an approval can be established; in exchange the individual is required to pay a fee for their services. If the payment is missed, however, that person becomes the next target on their list. The Cell is undoubtedly one of the most feared organizations in all of Mobius, their reputation expanding world-wide by those they so-carefully enlist into their organization. They are governed by the Silent Quire, which set the ground rules for being a member of the Cell. This organization has been operating in Mobius for centuries and is currently in control of several sanctuaries all across the world.

The Silent Quire

The Silent Quire are essential leaders/managers of the infamous organization of favorably skilled assassins known commonly as participants of the Cell. Probationers only become full-fledged members once they have proven their overall worth, leaving the quire to make the final decision. These leaders consult the chosen members of the organization to carry out their desired tasks, mostly concerning the death of a victim.

~ List of management members below ~


Lyn the Bat

Assistant Manager

Edgar Van Cercueil the Seedrian

Cell Affiliations

the Dark Carnival

Known Members of the Cell

There are a large variety of Cell members but the only currently known ones are...

Faith the Hedgehog (Code Name) "Romanov"

Shadyricon the Hedgehog (Code Name) "Black Crow"

Red the hedgehog (Code Name) "Deadly Inferno"

Milo the hedgehog (Code Name) "Searing Flamewave"

Lerion the Chameleon (Code Name) "Discord"

Iron The Hedgehog (Code Name) "Blazing Darkness"

Michael the Fox (Code Name) "Shadow Kitsune"

Kaeldyr and Shaldyr (Code Names) "Hailstorm and Blackice"

Cell Enemies

Darkthrone "Frost" the Hedgehog

Serena the Cat


Uteria Syve

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