Ceres The Chinchilla that i drew with my tablet

(Had this character sitting around for a while now decided to make a page for her)




Full Name: Ceresley (Seriously)

Nickname: Ceres (Series)

Age: 6 (Mentally 20)

Sex: Female

Alignment: Neutral

Hair Color: Yellow

Eye Color: Pink

Likes: Screams of Pain, Pleads for Help, Big Guns, People that dont see her as a little kid.

Dislikes: People that see her as a little kid (they usually die horribly), People that see her as a badass kid Cliche, people, and movies directed by Catherine Hardwicke, and Prissy Guns, Windows Vista.

Weapons and Defense: Really doesnt have much defense except for being fast, uses a Shotgun mostly but if the gun is big she will murder with it.

Personality: Hot headed, Wants to be older, and Villainous

Distinguished Features: Bright Yellow Fur w/ Orange Decor, Black Sandals, Pink Skirt, Black Shirt w/ a Flower.

Sibling/ Family: Lazzey The Cat, Lazzerus The Cat, Lessey The Cat

Friend: Klav The Wolf, Calill The Chameleon & Family.

Love Interest: (Shes 6 if i put something here i would sound i'll put one down anyway) Lucifer The Chameleon

Powers: None
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Ceres The Chinchilla Paper Drawing (Color)


Fun Facts? I dunno

  • She was originally made to be one of Korps's kids but she looked nothing like them so i changed it.
  • She uses a double barrel shotgun (Orly?)