Charlotte, who prefers to be called Char was a Shadow Clone created by the same scientist who created Nammi (throughout his life he remained anomynous)


Name: Charlotte, "Char"

Age: Agless (Physically 12 but has been alive for only 3 years)

Gender: Female

Spieces: Rabbit

Relatives: Shadow (considered brother)

Theme: Perfect Enemy by tAtU

Alingment: Neutral


"Whatever..." Her most common phrase

"Why would I work with a robot who's programmed to kill, or at least permamently damage my biological brother? Hes like a father to me" When being confronted by Nammi

"He simply got some of Shadows DNA, and since hes more o an idiot then a scientist he managed to get rabbit DNA in me. Im not obsessed with Shadow." Explaining to Sonic why she looks like Shadow

"Since he couldnt get Shadow and robotize him, so that he could use his powers to work with Nammi, he created me. But of course I went on Shadows side."

"Screw you"