Cheri the hedgehog by stonetheechidna18-d5m3hff

Cheri the Hedgehog

: Cheri Annette Echidna

Species: Hedgehog

Gender: Female

Family: Husband- Larry the Echidna, Sons- Stone the Echidna and Connor the Hedgehog

Theme Song: Bruno Mars- It Will RainThe Song

Personality: Caring, Believing, Responsible

Favorite Color: Orange and Pink

Age: 40

Fur Color: Orange

Hair Color: Brown

Clothing: White dress with an orange stripe through the middle of the side. Pink sleeves and pink braclets. Orange and white heels and white gloves with a pink headband.

Eye Color: Blue

Picture: Cheri the Hedgehog


Cheri is an orange hedgehog that was born in West Mobius. She was raised by her parents, Julie the Hedgehog and Ed the Hedgehog, who are currently divorced. She would spend most of her time with her grandmother and learn how to cook, clean, and help the injured, so that she is prepared when she grows up. Years later she met a blue echidna who is 11 years older than she is at a pool. Later she found out that his name was Larry he was (at the time) 31 and was flirting with her. A couple years later they had their first and second child and married.

File:Cheri and larry by stonetheechidna18-d5m3h8z.png

Current Life

Cheri is currently married to Larry the Echidna, and has 2 children, Stone the Echidna, the oldest, and Connor the Hedgehog, the youngest. She has 2 jobs, one is working at a gym, and one is cleaning houses (she is not a maid though). She is 40 years old and her birthday is on April 11th.

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