Chris the Hedgehog

Chris the Hedgehog, is the Sonic-World counterpart of Chris from WiiRikeToPray, and the leader of Team WRTP.


He is a 20 year old, red hedgehog with white tipped quills. His quills are similar to Sonic's, except that there are more of them, they're longer, and they go all the way down his back instead of stopping at his head.


He takes the role of the team leader due to his leadership skills and upbeat personality.


He is a lightning ability type, making him both a fairly fast and powerful attacker.


He sometimes orders everyone else around needlessly,


WiiRikeToPray (WRTP) is a small group of friends who enjoy playing video games and, ultimately, want to share their fun experience with others. They have done "Let's Play" (LP) videos since 17th November 2009.

VERY Notables Quotes:

"Whats up Wiirdos?" (@ the start of every episode)

"Im Chris!" (1st to introduce himself)

"SPENCER!!" (When Spence effs something up)

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