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Name: Christian

Powers: None

Weapons: His XG

Age: 18

Species: Raven

Trait: Fly

Groups: Chun-nan City Racers(racer, leader), ARK Organization(former member)

Relationships: Zak the Chameleon(best friend, adopted brother, teammate), Tempest the Cat(acquaintance), Scythe the Bat(enemy), Dolly Lamas(friend, former teammate), Nicholas the Hedgehog(enemy, former teammate)


Growing up in the slums of Chun-nan, Christian and Dolly met a young chameleon named Zak. Creating his own Extreme Gear, the Spirit Blade, Christian entered and won race after race to earn money to help sustain Dolly, Zak, and himself.

One night, Dolly mysteriously vanished, causing problems for Zak and Christian, because all races had to be in teams of three. They quickly ran out of money and food, untill they ran into a hedgehog named Nicholase, who took pity and joined there team. The Chun-nan City Racers quickly regained there winning streek.

Soon after Nicholase joined the team, Christian saw Dolly running from what looked like a bat with two C-shaped swords in his hands. After pulling Dolly into an alley to hide her, Christian took her back to there home

. When they got there, they found Nicholas talking to the bat who was chasing Dolly, and Zak was bound, gagged, and thrown into one corner.

Nicholas and the bat tried to grab Dolly, but Christian hit them with the Spirit Blade, breaking it in the process. Dolly ran over to help Zak while Christian held off Nicholas and the bat. After Dolly and Zak escaped, Christian jumped out of a newly broken window and met them in the alley that Christian pulled Dolly into.

Christian asked Dolly why they were chasing her, but she wouldn't answer. So they set off, entering XG races and earning money wherever they could. Not stopping. Never staying...


Christian is a quick-thinker, and as long as he has enough time to make a basic won't-get-us-killed plan, he's generally calm, cool and collected.


Christian is afriad of falling, which is why he always has his feet straped to his XG board.


Screen shot 2012-12-07 at 3.49.41 PM

Christian while he's racing

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