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Sonic Team VS. Archie Team Portrayal: Sonic Team Portrayal

Name: Claire Lilac the Hedgehog

Nickname(s): Honey-Bunches (By Silver), "That Lavender Hedgehog (By Eggman), Witch, Lavvy

Name Meaning: French: "Bright"

Age: 15

Species: Mobian/Hedgehog/Witch/Werehog

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Straight

Height: 3',4' (12'5 Feet Whilst In Mytherian Form)

IQ: 160-220 - Maximized Intelligence

Maritial Status: Dating Silver the Hedgehog

DOB: 2/14

Birthplace: Unknown

Residence: Crisis City, New Mobotropolis, Spagonia

Occupation: Witch, Hairdresser, Singer

Social Class: Shy/Kind Outcast

Alignment: Hero

Top Speed: 200 MPH Gifted Runner

Basic Stats: (1 = Weak / 10 = Strong)

> Agility: 1

> Speed: 8

> Strength: 1

> Defense: 3

> Evasiveness: 5

> Dexterity: 5

> Intelligence: 10

> Skill: 3

> Special Attacks: 10

Abilities: Medium Magic, Klutzy Super-Speed, Medium Mind-Reading, Maximized Technopathology, Minimum Healing, Minimum Opening Portals

*Side Note*: IF Claire uses to much magic it tires her quickly and leaves her drained. She has to rest to build up her strength. If she over uses her powers she will faint and remain unconscious for at least three days.


> Super Claire: Her "Super" form

Achilles Heel: Right Hip

Hobbies: Baking, Styling Hair, Shopping, Hanging Out With Friends, Practicing Magic, Dancing, Playing With Dogs

Talents: Singing, Gifted Keyboardist, Magic, Mind-Reading

Weaknesses: Darkness, Evil Magic, Over-Using her Magic in Times of Stress

Friends: Silver the Hedgehog, Adela the Vampire-Cat, Silende the Hedgehog, Shadow the Hedgehog, Sarin the Hegdehog, Sonic the Hedgehog, Rife the Hedgehog, Mike the Hedgehog, Lexia the Hedgehog, Diablo the Hedgehog/Wolf, Saris the Hedgehog

Rivals: Scourge the Hedgehog, Paralyzer the Hedgehog, Pyromania the Hegdehog

Enemies: Valafore, Death, Dr. Eggman

Known Alter Ego's: Claire the Hedgehog, Mystique the Wolf, Clairhianna the Hedgehog

Anti: Clairhianna the Hedgehog

Known Relatives: Silver the Hedgehog (Future Husband), Destiny the Hedgehog (Future Daughter), Delanci the Hedgehog (Future Daughter)

Likes: Ice-Cream Friends, Music, Dancing, Babies, Stuffed Dolls, Rollar Coasters, Cotton Candy, Sunshine, Mountains, Hiking, Candles, Fudge

Dislikes: Being Alone, Spiders, Snakes, Blood

Favorite Activities: Song Writing, Reading, Making Funny Movies, Telling Jokes, Candle-Making, Making Fudge

Least Favorite Activities:

Gourmet of Choice: Home-made Fudge

Beverage of Choice: Eggnog

Favorite Colors: Lavender, Lilac, Orchid, Dark Purple, Pink, Gold, Indigo, Green

Chaos: Myst the Magic Chao

Theme Songs:

> “Halloween” by Aqua (Main Theme)

> “Blush” by Plumb (Romantic Theme)

> “Its On" by Superchik (Battle Theme)

> "Wolf Girl" by Hatsune Miku (Werehog Theme 01)

> "Little Red Riding Hood" by A-Moe (Werehog Theme 02)

Personality: Kind, Helpful, Loyal, Sweet, Talkitive, Embarrassed easily, Happy, Caring

Personality Flaws: Passive Aggressive, Jelous, Easily Angered, Possesive

Physical Appearance:

Fur Color: Lavender

Skin Color: Peach

Eye Color: Blue-Green (Mostly Blue)


> Length: Medium

> Color: Dark Lavender

> Style: Wavy

> Bangs: Medium Long

Nose: Pink and Medium sized

Ears: Large, Slightly Rounded Triangle Shaped

Tail: Medium Length and Lavender

Other Bodily Features: Freckles on her muzzle, Scar in the shape of a crescent moon on the front of her left hand


> Claires feet, stomach and armpits are extremely ticklish.

> Claire likes to read and watch anime/manga.

> Claire gets lonely very quickly.

> Claikre sleepwalks.

> Claire snuggles things in her sleep.

> Claire usually accidentally scares people by communicating through mind communication.

> Claires magic becomes out of hand when she is in true danger.

> She witnessed her mothers own death.

> Claire had her future revealed to her once, and she is constantly trying to prevent all the bad things from happening to her, even though it hasn't worked yet.

> Claire is very self consious.

> Claire is good at comforting others but she herself is hard to comfort.

> Claire tends to be brutally honest which often gets her in trouble.

> Claire can't lie very well. Or at all. Its instantly noticable when she is lying.

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