Cassic Aggron

Name:classic Aggron



Story of his life

When he was born, he was in Dr. Eggman's spaceship! He stayed there until he was thirteen years old, when he eventually managed to escape. Now, he is getting his revenge on Dr. Eggman, after his first attempt to kill him when he was only ten years old. But Eggman flew away with his spaceship so now Aggron the hedgehog is following the spaceship in order to fufill his destiny and kill the evil Dr. Eggman once and for all. When he does kill Dr. Eggman he will kill metal Sonic, another one of his many enemies, and a part of his destiny.when he does eventually kill them, he will kill the methalies and finally be free. So far he has travelled over many lands, seen many species of creatures and met lots of interesting people in his search for Dr. Eggman's spaceship.


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