Commander Oli The Lynx

Oli Child Sketch

Quick Sketch of Oli as a Child watching as the Great Mobian army Marched through Daggery (Would of made the shadows of the soldiers marching but i did this in my Graphic Design class with a crappy tablet :3)

I really need to draw more of this too :I

Basic Info~

Name: Laramoire Puqui Oli

Nickname: Oli "Commander Oli"

Species: Lynx

Sex: Female

Hair Color: Almond

Eye Color: Orange

Alignment: Neutral

Personality: Ruthless, Great choice maker, great leader

Clothing: Grey and Orange Iron/Chain Mail armor.


She is the first female Commander (General or whatever you wanna call it) of the Epoch Brach of the Grand Mobian Army

She was born in (A town that i just made up :3) Daggery where she saw the Great Mobian Army march trough her town for the first time. After then she wished that she would be able to command such an army. Well she did.....eventually

(More Will Come)

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