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Name: Connor the Hedgehog.

Full name: Connor McGregor Death.

Age: 17.

Job: Bounty Hunter.

Species: Hedgehog, Cyborg.

Powers: Fire, dark, Close to being faster than sonic, can fly and float in air for long periods of time. He can also create a blast of energy called Star blast that will possibly destroy galaxy's not to mention people, but this takes a while to charge so he will need to charge up for possibly 20 to 30mins which once the blast has been given he falls into a state of having an overload which causes him to go unconsious

Abilities: Able to go super, hyper and dark. He can also use the rare ability Chaos Split, allowing him to split into a dark and a light form nK4QqhegMvPY6RkeozTEuyufiiV4tMiq7c4QuardBm-zuLxaJnuyTE3NsrRsRgVh5ZmOKEByFkfd0PV7nwXGtmmkZ5Ijv315KeTN4RYxqtidasXimlGmI5M1DaCKM2aY6qclHmWW2C5JwuLTi-Y3-I6-zg=w338-h435-nc.png called Light speed Connor and Dark power Connor. Both his speed and power forms also have different personalities. Speed is more polite and his katana also turns into a golden handled rapier with a silver blade. Power is more arrogant and his katana turns into a claymores that forms a purple black flames around it. Able to create fire and dark energy in multiple ways.Devises that allow him to turn invisible and lower his body temperature for short periods of time.He also wields duel 44.Magnum revolvers that he can channel his energy through and charge the bullets with energy making them much more powerful.And his bionics also have many gadgets and run off of his natural energy so emps only stun them not short them out.He also has to have a built in inhibitors with 3 levels with one level off he gets a boost in power at the cost of some control at 2 levels off he can get an even bigger boost but if he does not turn it back on he runs the risk of overloading himself and with all levels off he only can fight for about 30-60 minutes or his body will start degrading.

Weaknesses: Someone changing his cyborg coding, Connor cannot move properly in cold and his powers mess up when the Sol Emeralds are near him but Sol Emeralds also make his fire powers grow stronger. He is also somewhat afraid of heights. Water and ice do weaken his powers and if to much chaos energy is used on him he will overload becoming unconscious and afterwords he cannot use his powers for a long time.

Friends: Shadow the Hedgehog

Allies: Anyone that Pays 1000 credits or 7 Chaos Emeralds. Tends to help when the earth need saving exept when chaos is trying to destroy the world.

Enemies: Everyone.

Favorite food: Pizza and Chocolate.

Favorite drink: Coke

Talents: Fighting & Video Games.

Home: A laboratory secretly hidden somewhere in a secluded area.

Family: Death JR. the Chao/pet dog.


Description: He was born on Angel Island and is told he never met his parents or any relatives. He was injured and has a robot arm and leg hidden under fake fur. He was made using D.N.A. from Knuckles, Shadow, Silver, and Blaze only for small fire powers. He was trained by Knuckles on Angel Island as he was growing up. Since knuckles was the first person that he met, he is like a father to Connor. But when Robotnik changed Connor's coding to go after knuckles he was banished from Angel island and to never come back.

All D.N.A. is self explanatory but Knuckles' gave Connor enhanced natural fighting skills.

Connor's Chaos Knight Armor

Connor can use the power of the 7 chaos emeralds to shatter them and turn them into shards which latch onto him and grow creating indestructible armor that looks similar to Excalibur Sonic but its colour slowly varies from each colour of the chaos emeralds and his blade also has the same colour effect also a shard connects to the blade and rapidly grows turning it into a chaos blade witch is indestructible and larger than normal and his speed gets a massive boost faster, much faster than normal and his strength gets large boost making him able to beat most of Robotniks machines with no more than one punch.

Connor's Starshot attack

A unique attack to Connor where he fire blast of white energy by charging a ball in each hand and they split fire large amounts of small blast from the large balls.

Connor's starshot attack
Connor's starshot attack

Chaos Cannon

Connor can also use the power of the 7 chaos emerald to create a cannon of energy able to fire it 10 times in one use it is powerful enough to destroy a large city in one full power shot but is also weakens Connor alot and he can not defend while using it*

Conner Tiberius Death

Connor's Sonic and black knight counter part is Conner Tiberius Death. He is the Blacksmith's assistant  and his left eye was blinded but heal by work of black magic it turned into a grey flame with a purple purple when in his speed it turns white with blue purple and power is Black and red purple.He uses duel mini crossbows and his katana

Random Pictures and gifs

Pycho Connor
Pycho connor 2 the pychoing (2)
Vegeta Connor Cosplay

This is just random pictures and gifs i made of Connor

Vegeta Connor Cosplay

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