Corrumpitur anima by 1feellikeamonster-d5rczbt-2

Corrumpitur Anima

Corrumpitur Anima is one of Hamaveck the Hateful's seven Remnants and represents his manipulativeness and devious ability to control others.


Corrumpitur is by far the most devious and subtly controlling of all the Remnants. Having been created from Hamaveck's manipulative tendencies, she has the power to bend others to her will, both with her powers and with her words. 

She can, quite appropriately, be described as like a wild snake in nature, cold, patient, and ready to strike at any time. She toys with her "prey" as she calls them and attacks without warning, psychologically, emotionally and physically, leaving her prize open for claiming.


Corrumpitur Anima's name literally means "Corrupted Soul" in Latin.

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