Lady Courtney the fox is the Twenty years later counterpart of Courtney the fox. Ever since her retirement from bounty hunting, she became a librarian at the local library and became a mother to a young fox named Sam.


Courtney maintains a young appearance, but attire-wise she has changed drastically since her younger years. She now wears a beige sweater as opposed to her iconic dark grey sweater, purple pants and blue jogging shoes. Her eyesight has become very poor as she also wears spectacles to help her see and still has her ponytail tied with a red hairband.


Despite her age, Courtney is still a powerhouse, able to punch through a brick wall without sustaining any physical injuries to her fist. She's also as durable as she was when she was younger.


Courtney, in the future, is very motherly and very compassionate towards others, even towards people she barely met. Her job as a librarian has also made her very quiet, to the point where no one can hear her. She also doesn't seem to have a bad temper like Skye does, even when disciplining her only child. She's also a tad overbearing towards her son, shown when she forced him to hold her hand walking into a store, to the former's chagrin. When speaking to Skye again, she seemed excited to reform Team Bounty all over again.


Raising a family

Sometime after Team Bounty disbanded, Courtney met another fox roughly around her age and soon fell pregnant with their child. After giving birth to Sam, she quietly promised him that she would give him the childhood she missed out on. Ironically though, she became very possessive and very protective of Sam to the point where he couldn't go to the playground without her being there watching him, just so she could be one hundred percent sure he's safe. When Sam turned five, he was ready to begin kindergarten and woke Courtney up from a dead sleep and the two went to the store to get school supplies and she bumped into Amber who had become a mother to a young lynx named Jasmine. After the day finally came when Sam started school, she became furious when she learned Sam was attending a charter school across town, believing that all charter schools were full of rich, snobbish children who would only tease Sam and stormed off to retrieve him, but not before calling Amber by her old nickname and telling her not to tell her to calm down.