Crudalis anamal by 1feellikeamonster-d5rebuj-2

Crudalis Anamal

Crudalis Anamal is a Remnant of the ancient creature Hamaveck the Hateful and represents his animalistic ferocity. Along with his fellow Remnants, Crudalis was created when Hamaveck was supposedly destroyed by the blast from the Ecplise Cannon on the ARK.


Crudalis represents all of Hamaveck's animalistic tendencies and so acts entirely like a wild beast with no sense of intelligence and simply seems to exist to cause havoc and mayhem. Due to having been created from a creature like Hamaveck, Crudalis is very agile and only ever runs on all fours, showing his animal nature and is also incapable of speech, preferring to growl and claw and bite.

Because Crudalis was made entirely to be an animal, he also has the weaknesses of one. He can be easily hunted or caught in traps as shown when Laina and the Freedom Fighters managed it.


Crudalis' name roughly translates into Latin as meaning "Savage Animal" which reflects his savagery and animal ferocity.

Powers and Abilities

Crudalis possesses the same standard abilities as all other Remnants, such as telepathic communication with his "brothers and sisters" yet he does not possess all the qualities as his whole personality Hamaveck. Yet he does have certain abilities akin to Hamaveck's.

  • Superhuman Agility - Crudalis shares this ability with Risus Demens however not in the same league. While Risus is capable of astounding and inhuman abilities of flexibility, Crudalis can only use his agility as an animal would, running on all fours at astonishing speed and being able to use the environment to his advantage.
  • Freerunning - Crudalis has the profound abilities of freerunning that Hamaveck had learnt. However, Crudalis is more prone to use these abilities in forests and woodland areas rather than in cities. Crudalis can use the trees and woodland around him to escape and enemy and also use it as a cover for a stealth attack.
  • Animal instinct - Crudalis has all the instinct and direction of a wild wolf and as a consequence, has a greater range of senses than the average Mobian. He can smell, hear, taste and feel his surroundings better than most other Mobians and uses this to his advantage when he needs it. He can sense his enemy close by and retaliate faster than them then make a quick escape.