Basic Information


Name: Crystalline (Mostly goes Crystal or Chrys)

Age: 20

Species: Mobian/Hedgehog

Alignment: Neutral Evil


Color: Violet with a hint of red

Eye Color: Silver/Grey

Height: 3' 2"

Apparel: Light blue jumpsuit.


Overall, she isn't much of a fighter and prefers working with technology in the background. In times of need, she is more than willing to step up and fight.

Combat Style: Relies mostly on defense. She doesn't have much strength or speed so she relies mostly on her defensive abilities and agility.

Weaponry: Her weapon of choice is a custom umbrella with an electromagnetic force field that covers the canopy. It can function as a shield and an offensive weapon. The machinery for the forcefield is built into and can be controlled through the handle. The umbrella can function as a normal umbrella and is easy and light to carry around.

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