Miles William "Tails" Prower (2089-) is the main protagonist of the science fiction/alternate universe series Immortality Protocol Cy-Fox.


Early life

Born on October 19th, 2089 to Mobian Air Force general Amadeus Prower and his wife Rosemary in Mobotropolis, the first thing that would set him apart from other Mobians would be the presence of a second functional tail, a benign but rarely seen genetic mutation. As a young kit, he would distinguish himself by being an early bloomer and also showing an intense intellect. While this spoke well for him as an individual, it made him a social outcast, coupled with the authoritarian parenting of his father, who was his sole parent after Miles' mother died when he was eight. Striking out against both his social stigma and his father's set plans for him to go into the technology industry, Miles finished his initial education at the age of sixteen and then transitioned to the Mobian Space Navy as an officer cadet/pilot through a special direct-entry program the next year.

Naval service

Graduating at the top of his class at the Naval Orbital Academy, Tails was commissioned as an ensign on board the Mobian flagship, the Massive class battlecarrier Hyperion and ended up in its fighter wing, starting out in Pyro Squadron, alongside Ensign Cyril Wohler, an unnamed junior-grade lieutenant and full Lieutenant RJ Glasswing. When Glasswing was promoted to Lieutenant Commander from a transfer to the medical staff and the other lieutenant transferred to another squadron, Tails was promoted to Lieutenant (junior-grade) to fill the position of squadron CO. By 2109, he was considered to be in the running for promotion to full Lieutenant soon, with Ensign James Rakasta filling out their three man squadron.