Cyclone is a hurricane hedgehog from another dimension,simply called "The Dimension of Hurricanes". Cyclone lived there peacefully,untill one horrid day,the efficacious Dr.Eggman stole some items called the "Gem of Typhoons". He plotted to use them to finally destroy Sonic and Co.,but Cyclone then followed him,sending him to South Island,where he then warned Sonic and friends about the ultimate destruction that would come to them if they don't recollect the gems. SO of course,Cyclone,Sonic & Friends teamed up to stop the Egg-Head and ruin his plans. Thought instead of returning the gems,they entered his body,making him even stronger than before. Cyclone never found his way back home to his dimension,so he lived in South Island and travels between dimensions and is known in them as the "Hero of Winds". Then one day he met Jenny whom would change his life forever.



Full Name:Cyclone

Relatives:Typhoon (brother)

Friends: (unknown amount)

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