Dani's House

This is where Dani grew up and lives when she's not at school.

Her house itself is pretty small,it has 3 bedrooms,one for her parents,one for her and there's a room her brother:Jaden and sister:Felicia share.

It also has a garden in which Dani grows flowers for her friends.

Plus a pool,a bounce house and a mysterious tool shed that no-one but Dani has ever seen the inside of.

In the backyard:

As mentioned she has a bounce house,mysterious tool shed and garden.But that's not all.

She also has a dueling arena,Pokemon Center,Portal to the Digital Word,a well that goes to Fuedal Japan,and a rocket that instantly beams her to London on Earth.

Out front:

Out in her front-yard she has several bushes of flowers and a bird bath.

and,finally,her room:

No-one outside her family,past or current boy-friend has ever seen the inside and lived to tell the tale,but it's said that the room is more intresting and unknown than what Dani is thinking most of the time.

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