Daniel Douglas

Full Name

Daniel August Douglas










When in a fight, Daniel wields a bow and arrow that can transform into a lance


March 31st, so he's an Aries


Daniel is very opinionated and intelligent, but he's also short-tempered and pretty stubborn.

Sexual Preference

Daniel is bisexual. even so, he doesn't like to admit it

Voice Actor

English: Matthew Mercer


Daniel wears a white t-shirt with the symbol of a gear on his back along with a pair of white jeans and white sneakers with grey laces. He also wears a pair of black glasses with tape in the center to hold them together.

Hair Color: Pink.

Hair Style: Messy.

Skin Color: Tan.

Eye Color: Blue-grey.

Height:5' 9"

Weight:134 Lbs.

Daniel's Family

Lindsay: Mother. Daniel's mother works as an agent for The Bounty Hunter's Guild and therefore is rarely at home. Daniel sometimes feels neglected by her and thus started to study electronics and machines in order to get her attention.

Halstrom: Father. While his wife is at work for bounty hunter's, Daniel's father is actually a news reporter for the local station. And so, they actually get to see each other a lot. Daniel is close to his father and really enjoys the time they get to spend together.


Lover: Morris. Daniel's lion lover. While the two have faced threats due to this, the two are still in love. In order to contrast Daniel's dry humor and very annoyed being, Morris is actually pretty silly and fun loving. 

Friends: Anchel. A friend from summer camp and often Daniel's partner in crime. The two love to discuss what new item to invent and how to benefit the planet. And, Rosie: Daniel's classmate and a flirt. She finds Daniel and his lover to be a cute couple so she teases them both with plans of various events for the two to go to.

Rival: Aniki. Daniel's rival since Junior High, the two are actually the best of their class and have been competing for the coveted top student status. 


Abilities: Daniel is a whiz when it comes to creating gadgets and upgrading old machines. He also has a high IQ of 215 and puts it to use every chance he gets. He also has a knack for cooking and loves baking sweets and junk food. 

Special Abilities: Daniel can tap into his brain's power and summon force-fields whenever he needs to. He can also summon small meteors to crash into the ground in order to daze or hurt someone.

Weaknesses: Water, it gets his machines wet and makes them malfunction. Fire, it actually melts his machines and ghosts: it's not so much a fear. but rather he can't explain them.