"Hmph, I'll take you down, Dark Hedgehog style."

Dark Iron The Hedgehog
" Do I have to solve problems with such Violence...?"


Dark Powered Hedgehog

Formed by

Iron using the Dark Emeralds

Games He Appears in

Mostly Any game Iron stars in.

Created by

The Dark Emeralds

Theme Song

Cities In Dust - Everlove


About a year ago when Iron was 15, He never had this form or any Chaos Abilities

But that changed when he accidently went into the entrance of Labyrinth Zone

He had slid down slides, when he got into a room.. it had emeralds.. but nothing from Hyper Emeralds, or Chaos Emeralds.. These were Pure Dark Emeralds containing Negative Energy.. Iron read the description of what the Emeralds are about.  " When The Chosen one from their ancestors who have controlled these Emeralds appear, They will be granted great power." Iron laughed, doubting he was a desendant, He put his hand ontop of the Emeralds causing a bright flash, The Emeralds had dissappeared when Iron opened his eyes, He saw himself with black and red fur. The Flash had caused Labyrinth zone to start collapsing, Dark Iron Flew up to the top bursting through Debris

When Iron got outside he wondered.. What just happened?

TRIVIA Fun Ish Facts!

* Dark Iron was the Villian/ Evil Counterpart for Iron before he was replaced by Obsidian, he is now Iron's Dark form.

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